Chapter 1486: Terrible Situation

Chapter 1486: Terrible Situation

"Boy, has there been any movement from the two Soul Race clansmen recently?"

Hua Tianqiong frowned and said, "The Flame Emperor came because of them. Based on your previous observation, they were headed for Sky Bearing City?"

Ji Dan also turned serious.

They were very wary of the two princes of the Soul Race and Narsen of the Satorius Family.

They considered these people more of a threat than the Profound Ice Family members in Shattered Ice Realm.

They had come for the geocentric motherlode of Spirit Realm. Once they seized it, Spirit Realm, the super-sized realm, would die.

Once Spirit Realm "died”, all the beings that lived in Spirit Realm would face misfortune.

Humans that could cultivate and some foreign races would have other options.

But what about those mortals that didn't know how to cultivate?

Spirit Realm dying would mean all things would wither. The natural resources that the races relied on would all disappear.

The plants would wither, the beasts would die, the races... would face extinction.

Unless they could leave Spirit Realm.

Spirit Realm, as a super-sized realm, was important for many nearby realms. Once Spirit Realm died, Dragon Realm, Asura Realm, and the realms of the Sea Race would all be greatly affected.

Those realms might also encounter unexpected accidents...

Hua Tianqiong and Ji Dan worried about Spirit Realm because they knew the special meaning Spirit Realm had in this region of space. They knew that once they left Spirit Realm, the beings of Spirit Realm would be tested cruelly.

"No, for some reason, I have not felt their existence recently," Qin Lie answered.

Qin Shan had a strange expression. "You can’t feel their presence?"

Qin Lie nodded. "There is a special resonance between Soul Race clansmen, but seems like it can be prevented if one side isn’t willing"

"What does this mean?" Hua Tianqiong said angrily.

"Previously, my Soul Race avatar was at the crucial time of breaking into rank ten bloodline. at that time, my control of the soul wasn't as precise as usual, so they could sense my presence." Qin Lie thought and then explained in detail, "At the time, they deliberately released their presence. In the end, I could feel them, and they could feel me. However, they did not come to Sky Bearing City to search for me, and concealed their soul presence to hide. I have no way of knowing their location."

"You lost their location?" Ji Dan said in surprise.

"If they’ve come for the geocentric motherlode, they will definitely come to Sky Bearing City," Qin Shan said coolly.

"Other than the geocentric motherlode, there is something else over where my main body is that they would also desire.” Qin Lie smiled and said, “They will definitely come to Sky Bearing City. We just have to wait.”

Having said this, Ji Dan and Hua Tianqiong were slightly reassured.

Then, they started to discuss how to talk with Pei Dehong and the others and how to force the six forces to return the lands belonging to the Qin Family and the Ancient Beast Race.

Qin Lie was not skilled in this particular area, so he paid the conversation little attention.

He listened for a bit before deciding he didn’t care how they would force Pei Dehong to agree and cut off his hearing, probing his soul to comprehend Soul Race secret arts his avatar had received after its breakthrough.

A long time later.

Ji Yao hurriedly flew in, and bowed to the three men, saying," Something has occurred in the lands between the Ji Family and the Ao Family."

Ji Dan was slightly shocked. "What happened?"

"Please come and see." Ji Yao hesitated and then looked at Qin Lie's Soul Beast avatar. He said, "Qin Lie, you probably should also come and see."

Qin Lie said curiously, "What happened?"

"You will see when you get there. I just received the news. I... do not know the details." Ji Yao’s expression was grave.

Qin Lie nodded and said, "Alright."

"I must stay in Sky Bearing City," Qin Shan said.

"Yes, I will also go," Hua Tianqiong said.

Under Ji Yao's lead, Qin Lie, Ji Yuan, Hua Tianqiong, Chen Lin, Miao Yizi, Ji Yuan, and the others entered the large teleportation formation above Sky Bearing City.


Rays of light came out of the teleportation formation and swallowed the group.

After turbulent trip, Qin Lie appeared in a secret room inside a dragon-shaped flying artifact.

He, Ji Dan, Hua Tianqiong, and the others ascended to the deck.

The enormous flying artifact was a hundred meters over the ground. They looked down.

Below were three closeby cities, and their wide streets and elegant buildings did not have any presence of souls.

But on the streets, inside the shops, within the plazas were filled with corpses lying askew.

Those corpses were mostly humans and some were foreign races’ clansmen. They had no marks on their bodies, but their faces and open eyes showed great terror.

They seemed to have been terrified right before dying.

"These three cities belong to a vassal faction of Sky Mender Palace, Holy Light Hall. Three hundred thousand martial practitioners and mortals lived in these three cities." Ji Yao had a dark expression as he directed the flying artifact to roam around the three cities. He explained, "Based on the news, all the beings in these three cities seemed to have lost their souls over the night."

Qin Lie's expression changed slightly.

He focused and looked down, releasing threads of his souls. Second later, he sighed and said, "The two Soul Race princes did this."

"Are you sure?" Hua Tianqiong shouted.

Qin Lie nodded.

Ji Dan also nodded and said, "When the three Soul Beasts rampaged through the nearby realms, they had been doing similar things."

Qin Lie thought for a moment and explained, "The Soul Beasts that the Soul Race clansmen control have a soul devouring bloodline ability. Soul devouring allows them to consume many souls to replenish the soul power of the Soul Beast and enhance its strength, eventually leading to a breakthrough. Obviously, then Soul Race clansmen would turn even more powerful beings into their soul servants."

"Be more clear," Hua Tianqiong said.

"In short, the souls from these three cities were only enough to replenish the power of their puppet, which caused their bloodline to become stronger." Qin Lie thought and then said, "The Soul Race clansmen rely on their soul servants to reach higher bloodline ranks. If they have enough of strong servants, their main soul benefit and they eventually break through ."

"These three cities of martial practitioners and mortals must not have had many strong people. They were just used as refreshment."

For some inexplicable reason, he did not have many special feelings seeing these three hundred thousand souls being consumed by the Soul Beasts of the two Soul Race princes.

Maybe because this avatar of his was an actual Soul Race clansman and possessed a Soul Beast avatar.

Because his main body was not here, he felt numb looking at the scene before his eyes.

He did not feel any pity or anger.

But he knew all the Ji Family members, including Ji Dan, were unusually angry.

Three cities, three hundred thousand martial practitioners and mortals were dead from their souls being consumed.

They had known some of the people, and seen them at the Ji Family.

Those were fighters who were loyal to them, trusted them, and followed them for many years!

The deaths of those people made the Ji Family members depressed, their faces downcast.

"It wasn’t just Holy Light Hall." Ji Yao hesitated. He first sent an order to the person controlling this spirit artifact and then said, "This has also occurred over at the Ao Family’s territory, and... it seems to be even worse."

As he spoke, the dragon-shaped flying artifact headed towards the Ao Family.

An hour later.

The flying artifact appeared in the lands of the Ao Family. Once they entered, some of the Ao Family experts charged over in fury.

A member of the Ao Family roared, "Did you do this? A battle of Gold rank forces should not include mortals! What have you done?!"

They thought that this massacre had been Sky Mender Palace’s doing. Their anger reached levels of madness.

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