Chapter 1485: Connected

Chapter 1485: Connected

"The two realms connected..."

The flame shadow formed by Qin Lie's soul floated high in the sky above the Flaming Sun Abyss and looked down at the ground as he gave a dreamful murmur.

He saw the sky and earth surrounding the Origin Sea suddenly erupt into mountains, causing a huge earthquake.

Lava and flame flooded out of those mountains and turned them into wild volcanoes.

He felt with his soul and detected that the burning lava seemed to seep from Vermillion Bird Realm into the Flaming Sun Abyss.

The thick abyss devil energy from the Flaming Sun Abyss was also flooding into Vermillion Bird Realm. However, when it reached Vermillion Bird Realm, it seemed to be transformed into pure fire energy.

This caused the fiery presence of Vermillion Bird Realm to gain thick spirit power which could help all beings that cultivated fire spirit arts.

His Soul Altar was in Vermillion Bird Realm. A part of his soul appeared in the Flaming Sun Abyss.

When the meteor and his Soul Altar exchanged marks, he had a feeling—the two realms would connect.

When he saw the volcanoes erupt out in the Flaming Sun Abyss, and felt the thick fire energy fill Vermillion Bird Realm, he knew his feeling was correct.

Vermillion Bird Realm and the Flaming Sun Abyss had merged together in a way that defied his current understanding!

He, as the creator of the Flaming Sun Abyss, felt a wondrous feeling of being at home when his Soul Altar was in Vermillion Bird Realm.

Meanwhile, his soul energy was still spilling away to fuel the process.

His Soul Altar and the meteor slowly started to separate from each other.

All of his soul consciousness once again gathered in his Soul Altar.

Rays of flaming light turned into complicated and mysterious patterns that flashed occasionally in his soul.

He still couldn’t understand them at the moment.

He gradually calmed down. He did not think about the changes in the Flaming Sun Abyss and ignored the changes in Vermillion Bird Realm.

He attempted to understand the meaning hidden in the fiery patterns on his Soul Altar.

At the same time, his Dark Soul Beast avatar and Blood Soul Beast avatar were sending him an endless stream of soul energy.

His muddled soul recovered clarity after being replenished with two streams of soul energy.

He immediately began comprehending the laws of fire.

At the mouth of the volcano, Curtis, the Lizard Progenitor, and some Vermillion Birds were standing guard for him.

Having felt the astounding change of Vermillion Bird Realm, the birds began cultivating in excitement.

They felt no jealousy for Qin Lie going deep into Vermillion Bird Realm's earth and reaping benefits.

In the end, Qin Lie made their realm better.


Sky Bearing City.

The arrival of the Flame Emperor was not as flamboyant as of the Ice Emperor. When he appeared out of a realm entrance, he flashed and went directly towards the hall of the Qin Family.

It had been twenty thousand years since he’s left the world, but when he released some of his aura, his identity was immediately exposed.

Qin Yun and Qin Ye immediately led him to meet Qin Shan after recognizing his identity as the Flame Emperor.

At this time, Ji Dan and Hua Tianqiong came over from the Ji Family and Sky Mender Palace.

They were arranging a meeting with Pei Dehong and the others at Sky Bearing City!

"Greetings, Flame Emperor."

The three old men all bowed in respect to the Flame Emperor.

Among them was Qin Lie's Dark Soul Beast avatar.

After reaching rank ten, the Dark Soul Beast avatar who walked out of the underground palace underneath Sky Bearing City was present in his main body's appearance.

He also bowed to the Flame Emperor.

Flame Emperor glanced at him, grinned and said, "We were unable to meet in Vermillion Bird Realm, I had not expected we would meet in Sky Bearing City in this fashion."

Ji Dan and Hua Tianqiong did not know what had happened in Vermillion Bird Realm and appeared puzzled.

Qin Shan knew but smiled and remained silent, allowing Qin Lie and the Flame Emperor to converse.

Qin Lie stared at the Flame Emperor's face and examined it carefully for a while. Then he exclaimed, "Is your family name Tang?"

"You also know my name?" the Flame Emperor said with a smile.

"No, I was just guessing," Qin Lie answered.

"Then your guess was very accurate." The Flame Emperor was shocked.

"Senior Flame Emperor, I may know one of your descendants." Qin Lie had a serious expression.

The Flame Emperor's eyes narrowed. "Really?"

Qin Lie thought for a moment and said, "Could you give me a bit of time?"

"Naturally." The Flame Emperor nodded.

Qin Lie immediately stopped speaking, closed his eyes, and sent out soul messages to his soul servants.

Sky Bearing City had nine realm entrances, and many large teleportation formations connected to different realms that could connect to any remote place in Spirit Realm which had a teleportation formation.

There was such a large teleportation formation in the Land of Chaos...

An old man with messy red hair appeared in front of Sky Bearing City's realm entrance with a puzzled expression.

"Come with me," Chen Lin, who had been waiting here, said.

He had gone to Boluo Realm and knew Tang Beidou. He knew this old man was who he was waiting for.

Tang Beidou also knew him, so he didn’t feel wary.

After a while, Chen Lin led Tang Beidou to the hall where the Flame Emperor and Qin Lie were in.

When Tang Beidou appeared, Flame Emperor's eyes grew brighter and his expression became excited.

Ji Dan and Hua Tianqiong had strange expressions when they saw Tang Beidou.

They immediately believed Qin Lie's judgement.

Tang Beidou was truly too similar to the Flame Emperor, not just in appearance, but their expressions and minute movements were very similar.

At a glance, they would think that Tang Beidou and the Flame Emperor were blood brothers.

Looking at the pair, anyone would know they were related by blood.

"You, what are you called? Your father, grandfather, great-grandfather, what are they called?" Flame Emperor asked.

When Tang Beidou entered, he looked at Flame Emperor, his expression turning dark. He merely snorted, ignoring Flame Emperor’s question.

Looking at his expression, it was clear to all to see that he knew the old man’s identity.

The Flame Emperor saw Tang Beidou's cold expression and lack of response. He was overjoyed rather than angered.

The more Tang Beidou was like this, the more he believed that this person was one of his descendants.

"You are the high and honored Flame Emperor, I wouldn’t dare imply we are related," Tang Beidou said coldly in disdain. Then he said to Qin Lie, “Boy, I do not want to see this person. If there are no other matters, I’ll be leaving first."

Not waiting for Qin Lie's response, Tang Beidou turned to leave, not having stayed for even a minute.

Everyone immediately turned to the Flame Emperor.

The Flame Emperor laughed awkwardly, scratched his head and said embarrassedly, "Yes, he should be a descendant from my grandson's generation. I’ve been busy with cultivation and neglected my family. I didn’t even tell them that I’m leaving Spirit Realm, which caused them to misunderstand that I had died." He was almost certain of Tang Beidou's identity.

"So, what’s his name, and what is he doing nowadays?" the Flame Emperor asked Qin Lie.

"He goes by the name ‘Flame Demon’ in the Land of Chaos. Currently… he is an elder of the Flaming Sun Island." Qin Lie thought for a moment and said, "There’s also a girl called Tang Siqi. She currently resides in Boluo Realm. She should also belong to your Tang Family. She cultivate fire spirit art, but her true passion is artifact forging."

When mentioning Tang Siqi, his eyes flashed and he seemed hesitant.

All men in the hall were wily old foxes. From his minute expressions, they could guess that he and Tang Siqi did not have an ordinary relationship.

The Flame Emperor didn’t let this slip either.

"Well, seems like I might have to resolve my private matters first." He thought and said, "Tell me when the Soul Race and the Spirit Race reach Sky Bearing City. Oh, the Curse Progenitor is also here. If he informs me, I will surely make it back in time."

Not letting people hold him there any longer, he nodded at Qin Lie and left.

He was in a hurry to take care of his family matters.

Ji Dan and Hua Tianqiong looked strangely at Qin Lie. Hua Tianqiong shouted, "Boy, why do you have so many strange connections? A few days ago, I heard an Ice Phoenix that the Ice Emperor named came to Sky Bearing City to find you. In a flash, you are also closely connected to the descendants of the Flame Emperor?"

Ji Dan smiled slightly and said, "His main spirit art is Thunder Emperor's Heavenly Thunder Eradication. It appears he has connections with all of the Three Emperors."

"Yes." Hua Tianqiong hit his head and glared at Qin Shan. He said, "Old man, did you secretly arrange all this?"

"I’ve had nothing to do with the Ice Emperor and the Flame Emperor. Such is the fickleness of karma and fate," Qin Shan said with a smile.

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