Chapter 1484: Tempering the Body

Chapter 1484: Tempering the Body

At the bottom of the volcano.

Qin Lie’s Soul Altar and the meteor were still stuck to each other like two magnets, exchanging the laws of fire. The young man was still losing soul energy.

The fire spirit, still in its incorporeal form had transformed into Qin Lie’s eye so that he could observe the minute changes that were happening inside the natural furnace of fire.

Suddenly, an odd activity came from inside his Soul Altar.

It was releasing ripples of secret fiery patterns and looked like it was about to fuse with this burning land.

At the same time, Qin Lie’s Soul Altar was calling out to his own flesh and blood body.

The Vermillion Bird Tong Yan had been watching over his true body. Then, the Blaze Family bloodline inside his veins suddenly boiled up!


Caught by surprise, Tong Yan stared at Qin Lie’s true body curiously. She didn’t know what was going on.

“What’s wrong?” Crimson Blood Ape King asked loudly.

“His body’s trying to move somewhere,” Tong Yan replied urgently.

Then, the Flame Emperor shot Qin Lie a glance before replying with equal urgency, “Let him!”

Tong Yan immediately let go of Qin Lie.

The second she did so, Qin Lie’s body flew out of Tong Yan’s arms and reentered the volcano once more.

His body was instantly flooded by burning lava and liquid fire.

But contrary to their expectations, Qin Lie’s body hadn’t dove all the way to the heart of the volcano.

It was simply floating up and down the pool of lava beneath them.

Suddenly, brilliant belts of fire flew out from the bottom of the volcano like ribbons and wrapped around Qin Lie’s body tightly.

Many strange God Race characters started surfacing all over Qin Lie’s skin. At first glance, it almost looked like Qin Lie was tattooed by billions of runes from head to toe.

His body had also become as red as hot iron.

“This mysterious energy that had gushed out from the heart of this place is tempering his body.” The Flame Emperor thumbed his chin while looking a little surprised. “His Soul Altar is missing, and his body is submerged in lava, but somehow his body is being tempered all the same. Even his Blaze Family bloodline hasn’t stopped circulating all this time. How strange…”

“This guy really is an oddball.”  Crimson Blood Ape King could completely understand the Flame Emperor’s feelings.

“Haha, that’s the kind of extraordinary person he is!” It was at this moment the Ice Emperor flew over from the distance while laughing.

He landed next to the Flame Emperor in a flash before giving him a wink. Then, he said, “I told you that the Qin boy is unlike any other human genius we know of, and that not even his father can compare. His emergence is epoch-making to all the races of Spirit Realm!”

The Flame Emperor narrowed his eyes and nodded, smiling. “Now I believe you.”

While they were still speaking to each other, Curtis had suddenly walked out of the Vermillion Bird Realm’s realm entrance situated far away from the volcano they were currently at.

Curtis had already reached rank ten bloodline, but he hadn’t had time to build the seventh level of his Soul Altar. Upon arrival, he rushed to the volcano as quickly as he could.

“You are?” The Ice Emperor didn’t know Curtis.

Curtis bowed respectfully towards the Flame Emperor, Ice Emperor, and Crimson Blood Ape King before explaining himself, “Qin Lie is my master.”

Both the Flame Emperor and the Ice Emperor nodded in understanding, but Crimson Blood Ape King was surprised by his answer. “You’ve already entered the Genesis Realm, and the only thing you still lack is the seventh level of your Soul Altar. How are you a servant of Qin Lie?”

“I was just a late stage Void Realm martial practitioner some time ago,” Curtis explained before moving on with the subject. “I have come here under my master’s orders.”

“You mean Qin Lie had told you to come here? From down there?” The Ice Emperor was the first to realize what was going on. “Let me guess, he won’t be able to leave this place for a while, will he?”

Curtis nodded. “My master had discovered something down there, and he believes that it’ll take him some time to study its secrets, explore its depths, and temper his true body. I’m here to protect him from danger while he completes his study. The Lizard Progenitor will also be joining me shortly as well.”

“So… what in the world is hidden down there?” the Flame Emperor asked curiously.

Curtis hesitated for a moment before answering, “It’s a meteor imprinted with the truths of the power of flames.”

“Is it all natural?” The Flame Emperor was surprised.

“That seems to be the case,” Curtis replied affirmatively.

The Flame Emperor and the Ice Emperor exchanged a glance with each other, taking note of the astonishment in each other’s eyes. Both of them seemed to know a little about meteors with the truths of nature engraved in them.

“What an enviable boy.” The Ice Emperor sighed.

“I guess he really won’t be returning to us soon.” The Flame Emperor finally caught up and sighed a little regretfully. “I guess I’ll have to wait until he comes out before I can inquire him about the details.”

The Lizard Progenitor had actually arrived at Vermillion Bird Realm already while they were conversing with each other. 

But instead of heading to the mouth of the volcano immediately, he sought out the Ice Phoenix Lin Liang’er first and apologized on behalf of his master. “My master will be cultivating in Vermillion Bird Realm for a while. It’s possible that he won’t be able to protect you at Ice Phoenix Realm later.”

“It’s okay, the Ice Emperor had already promised me to demand and take back the Ice Phoenix Realm from Six Ways Alliance on behalf of the Ice Phoenix Race,” Lin Liang’er replied.

“Thank you for your understanding, miss.” It was only then the Lizard Progenitor made his way towards Curtis.

“Tong Ying, you and your Vermillion Bird Race had better take good care of Qin Lie and his subordinates,” Crimson Blood Ape King instructed.

Tong Ying hurriedly agreed, “Don’t worry. For as long as the Vermillion Bird Race is still present, we will not allow anyone to hurt Young Master Qin’s true body.”

“There is no need. We will do our best to ensure our master’s safety,” Curtis said expressionlessly.

“How about this.” The Ice Emperor thought for a moment before looking at the Flame Emperor. “Spirit Realm had changed a lot since your last return, so you should head back and take a look with your own eyes. Also, trouble may be brewing at Sky Bearing City right now, so please take care of it if you can. I won’t be around because Little Liang’er and I will be making a trip to the Ice Phoenix Realm later and demand the Six Ways Alliance martial practitioners garrisoned there to move out immediately. After all is said and done, I’ll return to Sky Bearing City as soon as I can and meet with the leaders of the six great forces for a talk.”

“Acceptable.” The Flame Emperor nodded.

The Ice Emperor and the Flame Emperor flew away from the mouth of the volcano after they had come to an agreement. It wasn’t long before they vanished from view.

“I’ll be taking my leave as well.” Crimson Blood Ape King shot a glance at Tong Ying before saying, “Once I’d returned to the Ancient Beast Realm, I will restore communications with the Vermillion Bird Realm. From hereon, the Ancient Beast Race will embrace the Vermillion Bird Race back into our fold once more.”

“Thank you for your kindness and magnanimity, Crimson Blood Ape King,” Tong Ying replied hurriedly.

“What about you?” The Crimson Blood Ape King turned to look at Tong Yan.

“I’ll wait for Qin Lie to come out,” Tong Yan’s eyes looked a little strange. “I have a feeling that the changes occurring throughout Vermillion Bird Realm haven’t ended yet. I think I would like to study these changes and learn more about the secrets of fire.”

“Alright then.” Crimson Blood Ape King stopped talking and left just like that.

Soon, the only people left at the mouth of the volcano were the three Vermillion Birds, Curtis, and the Lizard Progenitor.

After the Ice Emperor, the Flame Emperor, and Crimson Blood Ape King had vanished from view, every nearby volcano started spewing hot flames and lava all of a sudden.

Since the lava and the flames contained a rich amount of fire energy, every Vermillion Bird in Vermillion Bird Realm was overjoyed by this turn of events.

At the same time.

A terrible earthquake was happening near the Origin Sea of the Flaming Sun Abyss.

It was because taupe-colored mountains and hills were rising from the ground like burning pillars.

“Rrrmb! Rrrrrmb!”

The taupe-colored mountains slowly turned crimson while the earthquake was still ongoing.

Lava and fire started appearing at the bottom of the Flaming Sun Abyss after the earthquake had begun.

The sky near across the entire Origin Sea had taken on a burning red color, and there were other unnoticeable changes happening to the mysterious laws of the world.

The figure of Qin Lie, creator of the Flaming Sun Abyss, slowly appeared beneath the red sky like a giant.

He looked like a giant flame demon overseeing the violently shaking earth of the Flaming Sun Abyss.

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