Chapter 1482: Imprinting Each Other

Chapter 1482: Imprinting Each Other

Deep in the heart of the volcano.

Qin Lie’s one-level Soul Altar had finally crashed into a hard object after sinking an unknown amount of distance.

Two ancient characters of the Abyss “Flaming Sun” had suddenly jumped out of the Soul Altar looking like two pieces of hot iron. The latter that had turned bright red due to being submerged in lava and fire.

“Sizzle! Sizzle!”

The two characters then imprinted themselves on the object beneath the Soul Altar!

Qin Lie’s main soul resided inside his Soul Altar, so he had the ability to detect its surroundings.

Also due to his mysterious connection to the fire spirit, he knew that his Soul Altar wasn’t just submerged at the bottom of a volcano.

He had probably reached as far as the heart of Vermillion Bird Realm!

“Yiya, yiya yiya!”

The fire spirit’s soul voice resounded inside his soul, telling him what kind of situation he was in and where his Soul Altar currently was.

After that, he tried stretching his soul and perception power to his surroundings…

Suddenly, he felt like he had grown a couple of extra eyes. The facets of his Soul Altar had suddenly become his eyes all at once.

The fire spirit itself had become an eyeball hanging above his Soul Altar and the object.

An instant later, he was finally able to see everything around him clearly.

His Soul Altar was in a place were even lava was evaporating. It looked like one giant furnace of fire.

Tongues of flames, exploding lava and boiling liquid stretched as far as his “eyes” could see.

The object beneath his Soul Altar at the bottom of this giant furnace was a crimson meteor.

The red hot meteor looked like a giant door panel that was attached to the bottom of the furnace.

The meteor’s surface was inscribed with countless mysterious patterns. They looked like they had taken form naturally.

The fiery patterns wriggled slowly on the surface. They almost looked like they had a life of their own.

These fiery patterns were the culprit behind the terrible heat and the mysterious powers that affected the laws of the world itself.

In fact, it seemed like the burning hot temperature that enveloped the entire Vermillion Bird Realm, the terrific fire energy and the eternally active volcanoes were all caused by these fiery patterns.

When Qin Lie started examining the fiery patterns on the meteor through his soul and the fire spirit, the Blaze Family bloodline in his true body—now standing at the mouth of the volcano—suddenly started to surge violently.

“It’s a direct manifestation of the laws of fire!”

His was shocked by his discovery.

The fiery patterns on the meteor clearly contained the true essence of fire!

Any expert who cultivated a fire spirit art or was well-versed in the power of fire, or foreigner who possessed an unusual bloodline would notice the power behind the fiery patterns!

“Sizzle! Sizzle!”

The Soul Altar he had refined out of an Origin Crystal was currently sticking close to the meteor. The two characters “Flaming Sun” had surfaced from the bottom of his Soul Altar and imprinted itself onto the meteor.

Suddenly, he was surprised to find that his Soul Altar was losing a massive amount of soul energy!

At the same time, he could clearly sense the fiery patterns on the meteor wriggling as if they were imprinting themselves on his Soul Altar as well, albeit slowly.

In an instant, countless unknown fiery dots and threads started flashing inside his head like shooting stars.

As he lost more and more soul energy, his consciousness also grew blurry.

Due to the vision provided by the fire spirit, he could see the “Flaming Sun” characters were slowly imprinting themselves onto the meteor.

Similarly, the fiery patterns on the meteor were imprinting themselves onto his Soul Altar, almost like it was an exchange of some sort.

Throughout the process, countless fiery sparks were generated inside his head.

Countless flame tongues could be seen swimming and intertwining inside his Soul Altar as well. They eventually transformed many laws of fire that he couldn’t understand yet.

Before he knew it, the secrets had all become fused with his Soul Altar.

His consciousness blurry, he felt like a mysterious link had been established between Vermillion Bird Realm and Flaming Sun Abyss...

Vermillion Bird Realm suddenly felt as familiar as “home” all of a sudden.


The fire spirit sounded extremely excited and happy for whatever was happening with his Soul Altar and the meteor. It cheerily congratulated Qin Lie through its soul voice.

The wear-in process between the Soul Altar and the meteor was still ongoing.

At the mouth of the volcano.

Qin Lie’s body had slowly floated up to the surface.

When the Vermillion Bird Tong Yan saw his body on top of the lava, she hurriedly rushed into the sea of fire and grabbed him.

The second the two bodies came into contact, Tong Yan knew that Qin Lie’s Soul Altar had left his body and ventured deep into the underground.

Crimson Blood Ape King and Tong Zhenzhen were unaware of the truth. Shocked and thinking that something had befallen Qin Lie, they flew over in a hurry to check his condition.

“He’s fine, it’s just that his Soul Altar has left his body,” Tong Yan explained.

Tong Zhenzhen and Crimson Blood Ape King immediately relaxed upon hearing that.

“I wonder what’s going on down there,” Tong Yan said while a strange sparkle filled her eyes completely. “I can’t explain why, but… I have a feeling that the Vermillion Bird Realm is undergoing a tiny change?”

“So you noticed it as well?” Crimson Blood Ape King asked curiously.

“Do you sense it too, Lord Crimson Blood?” Tong Yan shook when she heard his answer. “I thought it was just my senses playing tricks on me, but if you had sensed it too then it has to be real!”

“I feel that Vermillion Bird Realm’s fire spirit energy seems to have grown a little thicker. It’s just a tiny change, but it’s definitely there.” Crimson Blood Ape King fell silent and perceived the world around him for another moment. Finally, he added, “Also… I feel that Vermillion Bird Realm had become even livelier than before.”

The eyes of every Vermillion Bird within the hearing range lit up in excitement when they heard this.

Suddenly, a fiery meteor fell down from the sky.

It landed directly on the mouth of the volcano where the group was gathered.

“What powerful aura!” The Crimson Blood Ape King’s expression changed.

Tong Yan and Tong Zhenzhen were caught off guard as well.

The old woman Tong Ying was the only one who didn’t look surprised by the newcomer’s arrival. She said in a respectful tone after checking the newcomer’s face for a moment, “Greetings, Flame Emperor of the human race!”

“The Flame Emperor!” Tong Yan and Tong Zhenzhen exclaimed in unison.

Crimson Blood Ape King relaxed visibly after Tong Ying had revealed the newcomer’s identity, and he himself had given the Flame Emperor a careful look.

“Long time no see,” he said loudly to the Flame Emperor.

“It really has been a long time. It’s almost been twenty thousand years since we last met, hasn’t it? I didn’t expect to see you at the Vermillion Bird Realm though.” The Flame Emperor laughed for a long time.

It was clear that he was aware of the grudge between the Ancient Beast Race’s Beast Kings and the Vermillion Bird Race.

The Flame Emperor wasn’t the only one who had descended on Vermillion Bird Realm though. A dazzling ray of ice was flying towards a different corner of the Vermillion Bird Realm.

Tong Ying glanced at the direction of the icy light worriedly.

“Relax, it’s the Ice Emperor,” the Flame Emperor chuckled. “He’s heading over there to meet with your fellow Ice Phoenix because they share a past. He wasn’t expecting to run into her at the Vermillion Bird Realm, but now that we’re here, why not, right?”

The group immediately relaxed when they heard that that ray of ice was the Ice Emperor. They also recalled the Ice Emperor was the one who had named Lin Liang’er in the first place.

The Flame Emperor had a rough-looking countenance and messy hair. Surprisingly, both his appearance and his behavior were somewhat similar to the “Flame Demon” of the Land of Chaos, Tang Beidou.

“Your senses are correct, Crimson Blood. The Vermillion Bird Realm is changing.” The Flame Emperor glanced down the interior of the volcano before asking, “Who’s down there?”

“Qin Lie,” Crimson Blood Ape King answered.

“Oh, that’s a surprise,” the Flame Emperor exclaimed in a curious tone.

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