Chapter 1480: The Fire Spirit’s Discovery

Chapter 1480: The Fire Spirit’s Discovery

“I see,” Qin Lie said indifferently.

Even he was starting to despise the Vermillion Bird Race on the inside.

When the Ancient Beast Race at Spirit Realm was being ravaged by Blood Soul Beast and was hoping to send some of their weaker clansmen to the Vermillion Bird Realm, the Vermillion Bird Race chose to protect themselves and cut off all contact with them.

When Tong Yan’s father tried to help the Ancient Beast Race and was discovered, he was chased out of the Vermillion Bird Realm.

Her father died tragically because of the exposure he had suffered while traveling amid the stars.

Some time after that, the God Race invaded Spirit Realm, and the Hundred Races did their best to resist their advances. In hopes of borrowing the Vermillion Bird Race’s strength, the Beast Kings of the Ancient Beast Race had extended them an olive branch yet again.

However, the Vermillion Bird Race turned them down again because they were afraid of the God Race’s power.

In the end, the bad karma the Vermillion Bird Race had sown themselves had driven the Beast Kings to do nothing even though they knew that Six Ways Alliance was going to invade the Vermillion Bird Realm.

The Vermillion Bird Race had only themselves to blame.

After learning the ins and outs of the whole situation, Qin Lie suddenly felt embarrassed for having called Crimson Blood Ape King over. He didn’t realize just how much face Crimson Blood Ape King was giving him until now.

“Say…” Qin Lie smiled awkwardly before saying, “I hadn’t heard about this until just now. If I did, I wouldn’t have asked you to come through my soul servant.”

“It’s fine. I wanted to see how they’re going to face us anyway,” Crimson Blood Ape King stated.

Tong Ying looked troubled and unsure as to how she should continue the conversation. She shot a glance at Tong Zhenzhen.

Tong Zhenzhen herself looked a little afraid before Crimson Blood Ape King. She gave him a respectful bow before starting. “The Vermillion Bird Race wishes to return to the Ancient Beast Race. We also wish for Lord Tong Yan to become the matriarch of the Vermillion Bird Race. My grandmother promises to surrender all of her power and resign herself from all worldly matters. The Vermillion Birds who had made those unwise decisions in the past had nearly all been killed by Six Ways Alliance during the invasion, including the rank ten Vermillion Bird.”

“Therefore, it is my belief that whatever grudge used to exist between our races has died with them.”

“The Vermillion Bird Race did use to be a part of the Ancient Beast Race. I sincerely wish that you can forgive us for our past fault’s, my lord,” Tong Zhenzhen begged.

“You wish to make Tong Yan matriarch of the Vermillion Bird Race?” Crimson Blood Ape King turned to look at the person in question.

“I’m used to life in Boluo Realm now. I don’t think that Boluo Realm is in any way lousier than the Vermillion Bird Realm.” Tong Yan snorted frigidly. “Also, I’m not interested in becoming the matriarch of the Vermillion Bird Race.”

“You don’t have to stay permanently in Vermillion Bird Realm. If you promise to become matriarch of the Vermillion Bird Race, you are free to stay at Boluo Realm or even Frost Desolation Abyss as you wish,” Tong Zhenzhen said urgently.

But Tong Yan’s features remained as tensed as ever. It looked like her hatred toward the Vermillion Bird Race hadn’t completely dissolved yet.

Surprisingly, it was Crimson Blood Ape King who looked slightly more interested than before when he heard that they were willing to surrender everything to Tong Yan.

“Your father should’ve been patriarch of the Vermillion Bird Race to begin with… but he perished. All because he wanted to help our race.” Crimson Blood Ape King sighed. “In a way, you can say that he died because of us. Therefore, if you’re willing to lead the Vermilion Bird Race, we will agree to accept the Vermillion Bird Race back to our fold once more. In fact, we will only accept them if you’re the matriarch, and no one else.”

“Tong Yan, we’re willing to agree to anything as long as you accept our proposal!” Tong Ying exclaimed.

“Anything, you say?” Tong Yan snorted coldly.

“That’s right.”

“Then I wish to transfer my father’s remains back to the Vermillion Bird Realm’s ancestral shrine. I also want those old bastards who’re still alive to this day to kneel before my father’s remains for three days and three nights!” Tong Yan declared.

Tong Ying thought for a moment before nodding. “We accept!”

Surprised by her agreement, Tong Yan shot her a deep look before finally saying, “In that case, I agree with your proposal.”

“Tong Yan, we will reconnect our realm entrance to the Vermillion Bird Realm once you’d officially become matriarch of the Vermillion Bird Race!” Crimson Blood Ape King said.

“Thank you, Lord Crimson Blood,” Tong Yan replied.

“No, you shouldn’t thank me for this. This is what you and your father deserve.” Crimson Blood Ape King shook his head.


Suddenly, Qin Lie received a soul message from the fire spirit, his brows furrowing.

The fire spirit had vanished from sight after it had flown out of the Soul Suppressing Orb. Even Qin Lie didn’t know where it currently was until that moment.

Earlier, Qin Lie had instructed it not to act carelessly without permission. He didn’t want to incite any misunderstandings during his stay.

The fire spirit seemed to have found something at the Vermillion Bird Realm, and just as promised it hadn’t acted until Qin Lie had given it permission.

But right now, the fire spirit was calling out to Qin Lie...

As a rank eight Spirit of Void and Chaos, the fire spirit was special in many ways.

The fire spirit was one of the strangest creatures in the entire world, and the Vermillion Bird Realm… was a world that was famous for its blazing flames.

“What’s wrong?” Tong Yan asked.

“The fire spirit has discovered something,” Qin Lie said.

Every Vermillion Bird turned nervous when they heard his remark.

They knew what the Spirit of Void and Chaos was. They also knew that the fire spirit was a literal nightmare to any fire-attribute realm once it had reached a certain level of strength.

It was rumored that a rank ten fire spirit was capable of devouring and absorbing an entire realm’s worth of fire energy.

It was why the Vermillion Birds had turned pale when they first saw the fire spirit. They were all afraid that the fire spirit would feed on the Vermillion Bird Realm.

“Don’t worry, the fire spirit will not act without my permission,” Qin Lie said comfortingly.

“Should we head over and take a look together?” Tong Yan asked.

Qin Lie nodded in response. “Alright.”

Qin Lie started following his connection to the fire spirit and flew down a certain direction. Everyone else, including Crimson Blood Ape King, followed behind him quietly.


Some time later, a gigantic volcano spouting a huge amount of lava and shaking the earth beneath them entered everyone’s view.

The area was covered in huge, deep ravines that were flowing with lava.

These live volcanoes were among the hottest in the entire Vermillion Bird Realm. Endless number of flame tongues spouted into the air.

“I’m staying here,” Lin Liang’er declared before they even made it to the volcano cluster.  “I… can’t stand the aura of that place.”

She was an Ice Phoenix, so she had never liked hot places to begin with. Even staying at the Vermillion Bird Realm for a prolonged period was a test to her endurance and patience already, not to mention that the place they were heading to was tens of times hotter than anywhere else on Vermillion Bird Realm. It just wasn’t possible for her to head over.

“It’s okay, just wait for us at the outskirts, okay?” Qin Lie replied understandingly.

“Where is the fire spirit?” Tong Yan asked.

Qin Lie pointed at volcano that was gushing with lava. “It’s right inside there.”

Tong Ying and Tong Zhenzhen turned slightly pale when they heard this.

Even Tong Yan’s expression was starting to look a little unnatural. “What’s it doing there?”

“What’s so special about that place?” Qin Lie asked in surprise.

“Our ancestral shrine is inside that volcano. Since the Vermillion Bird Race had come to this place, that volcano had never stopped spouting heat and fire to this day. It was as if it would never stop until the end of time. No one really knows what is going on with it,” Tong Yan said.

Qin Lie was surprised. “Haven’t you gone inside to explore before?”

“The temperature inside that volcano is so high that even a rank ten Vermillion Bird cannot quite withstand it,” Tong Ying explained.

Qin Lie replied in astonishment, “Really?”

Tong Ying and Tong Yan nodded in unison.

“That is strange,” Qin Lie remarked in astonishment.

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