Chapter 1479: Only Themselves to Blame

Chapter 1479: Only Themselves to Blame

He had arranged for the Ancient Beast Realm to always have an Asura Race clansman stationed there. Therefore, he could communicate with the four Beast Kings anytime he wished.

He followed the soul connection...

There was only one middle-stage Imperishable Realm soul servant cultivating at the Ancient Beast Realm.

The soul servant got up to his feet and headed to where Crimson Blood Ape King was immediately after he had obtained Qin Lie’s order.

At a forest filled with ancient trees, Crimson Blood Ape King was like an immovable mountain as he absorbed and refined the Ancient Beast Realm’s world spirit energy into his bloodline.

When the soul servant had gotten close, the Asura Race clansman bowed respectfully and reported, “My master is currently at Vermillion Bird Realm. He is requesting for you to head to the Vermillion Bird Realm and speak with the Vermillion Bird Race.”

“The Vermillion Bird Realm?” An odd glint flashed across Crimson Blood Ape King’s giant pupils. “What’s there to talk about with those shameless Vermillion Birds?”

“This is my master’s earnest request to you,” the soul servant said while bowing his head.

Crimson Blood Ape King fell silent, seemingly thinking about something for a moment before waving his hands. “Give me some time to talk with those fellows first.”

Then, he got up to his feet and started unleashing ripples of invisible soul energy towards every direction in the Ancient Beast Realm. The soul ripples instantly reached ten thousand kilometers away in an instant.

The Ancient Beast Race wasn’t a race that was well-versed with soul secret arts, but a rank ten Beast King could use a secret art to create a domain that could amplify the range of his soul perception.

Many strange-looking soul towers had been set up inside the Ancient Beast’s domain. All powerful ancient beast clansmen could use them to enhance the range of their soul consciousness.

When Crimson Blood Ape King’s soul consciousness got close to the first soul tower, it immediately started glowing brightly.

Thanks to the tight connection shared between all soul towers, his soul consciousness had instantly traveled to another soul tower set up somewhere else.

Using the soul tower, Crimson Blood Ape King could extend his soul consciousness to the entire Ancient Beast Realm.

This way, he could easily contact any Beast King through the soul in just a short time.

Crimson Blood Ape King narrowed his eyes and communicated with the Beast Kings using their race’s secret language.

Some time later…

Crimson Blood Ape King finally shot a glance at the soul servant before nodding. “Please do your thing.”

“Thank you,” the soul servant said respectfully.

A star door slowly appeared in front of the soul servant, and Qin Lie’s vague outline could be seen behind it.

Crimson Blood Ape King passed through the star door in a flash and appeared on the other side.

His gigantic, mountain-like body instantly appeared at Vermillion Bird Realm.

A terrifying flesh and blood aura blew past everyone’s faces and filled up the entire Vermillion Bird Realm instantly. Everyone including Qin Lie could feel their bloodlines shuddering a little.

A strange feeling suddenly rose inside Qin Lie.

At Crimson Blood Ape King’s level, he could easily retract the violent energy inside his bloodline and arrive peacefully.

However, he did the exact opposite when he appeared in Vermillion Bird Realm. He had let his hands off the reins on purpose…

This was clearly a show of force.

It was equally clear that Qin Lie wasn’t the one Crimson Blood Ape King was trying to intimidate.

Qin Lie immediately figured out that Crimson Blood Ape King and the Vermillion Bird Race were seriously at odds. The Beast King wouldn’t have acted this way otherwise.

“Are you the one who’s seeking me out, Tong Ying?” Crimson Blood Ape King stared at the old woman coldly.

Since Crimson Blood Ape King hadn’t taken on a human form, he currently looked like a giant god who bore the sky on his shoulders. Qin Lie, Tong Yan,Xu Ran and Tong Zhenzhen practically looked like ants compared to him.

The old woman was no exception, of course.

The old woman called Tong Ying was only at rank nine, and she was plagued by a guilty conscience even before Crimson Blood Ape King had shown up. That was why she was feeling less confident with every passing second.

“Lord Crimson Blood, my name is Tong Yan. I hail from Boluo Realm,” Tong Yan said.

Crimson Blood Ape King’s gaze shifted away from Tong Ying and onto Tong Yan.

His eyes turned slightly gentle as he nodded. “You are the only Vermillion Bird in the entire Vermillion Bird Realm that doesn’t disgust me.”

Meanwhile, Tong Ying stared back and forth between Crimson Blood Ape King and the star door next to Qin Lie. Her face was covered in shock.

At the beginning, she had thought that Crimson Blood Ape King had to use the Vermillion Bird Realm’s realm entrance to enter their world…

But she could never imagine that Qin Lie could conjure a “realm entrance” of his own and summon Crimson Blood Ape King over immediately.

This turn of events had completely defied her perception of common sense.

She was deeply afraid of the strange ability Qin Lie had displayed. At this moment, she felt like the Vermillion Bird Realm was completely defenseless.

“Qin Lie, why have you come to the Vermillion Bird Realm? Why are you with the likes of Tong Ying?” Crimson Blood Ape King frowned.

“Er, I was here for other business,” Qin Lie explained himself.

Since Qin Lie was here, Crimson Blood Ape King gave him face and didn’t try to keep up his act any longer than was necessary. His giant body shrank bit by bit until he transformed into a brawny human in the blink of an eye.

He had also withdrawn his violent bloodline aura after he had transformed into a human. He no longer felt intimidating.

However, he was still looking at Tong Ying with disdain. It was clear that whatever grudge he shared with Tong Ying wasn’t a small one.

“What on Spirit Realm is going on?” Qin Lie asked Tong Yan in a soft voice.

Tong Yan rolled her eyes at Tong Ying as her expression cooled. It was only then she said, “Back then, that Blood Soul Beast was causing havoc all over the Ancient Beast Race’s territories at Spirit Realm. It had transformed countless Ancient Beast Race clansmen into its soul servants and devoured even more of them for their flesh and soul. At the time, the Vermillion Bird Race was already living in the Vermillion Bird Realm, and they shared a close relationship with the Ancient Beast Realm.”

“As the Blood Soul Beast grew stronger and stronger, it reached a point where the combined might of the Ancient Beast Race wasn’t enough to stop it. That was why they had thought to move their descendants to somewhere else.”

“After a discussion, the Beast Kings decided to send off some of their lower rank clansmen away from their territory and into the Vermillion Bird Realm.”

“They hoped to ensure the continuation of the Ancient Beast Race bloodline before engaging the Blood Soul Beast in a do-or-die battle.”

Tong Yan explained.

Qin Lie’s expression turned odd. “The Vermillion Bird Race… didn’t agree to the arrangement?”

“The Vermillion Bird Race was worried that the Ancient Beast Race clansmen who were converted into the Blood Soul Beast’s soul servants would seize the opportunity to invade the Vermillion Bird Realm, turning it into its next target.” Tong Yan snorted before continuing. “When the elders had come to a conclusion, they cut off connection with the Ancient Beast Race’s realm entrance at Spirit Realm so as to prevent the low rank Ancient Beast Race clansmen from coming in.”

Qin Lie was absolutely stunned.

He suddenly understood why the Beast King had despised on the Vermillion Bird Race so deeply.

When the Ancient Beast Race was in great danger, the Vermillion Bird Race—a subrace that was originally a part of the Ancient Beast Race itself—had a choice to lend a hand to the Ancient Beast Race and ensure that their bloodline would survive. It wasn’t even a particularly difficult task since they had settled down in Vermillion Bird Realm since a long time ago.

However, the Vermillion Bird Race had cut off all connections to the Ancient Beast Race’s realm entrance at Spirit Realm for the sake of their own interest.

It was no wonder that the Beast Kings hated them so much.

“Not all Vermillion Birds are this foolish, however,” Tong Yan said sadly while bowing her head. “The Vermillion Birds under my father’s leadership had wanted to welcome his kin from Spirit Realm. He had even tried to restart the realm connection to Spirit Realm.”

“Unfortunately, they were exposed before they were able to succeed in their attempt, and every Vermillion Bird who was complicit in the attempt was exiled out of the Vermillion Bird Realm.”

“Helpless, my father and his Vermillion Birds had no choice but to travel for a long, long time through space to Boluo Realm to survive.”

“On the way, my father had suffered grievous injuries in order to protect the younglings from being harmed by the harmful environment of space.”

“Not long after he had escorted us to Boluo Realm, he passed away because his bloodline had been permeated by a corrosive substance when travelling through the void..”

“This is why I hate my heartless kin at Vermillion Bird Realm to the bone!”

“It is also why the entire Ancient Beast Race despises the Vermillion Bird Race. Soon after the God Race had arrived at Spirit Realm and sent their experts to kill the Blood Soul Beast, the Ancient Beast Race discovered the Ancient Beast Realm and moved to their new homes.”

“That was also the last time the Ancient Beast Race had ever had any contact with the Vermillion Bird Race!”

“The Vermillion Bird Race had become isolated since.”

Crimson Blood Ape King sneered, “Twenty thousand years ago, a rank ten Vermillion Bird was born when the Hundred Races were working together to fight back against the God Race. At the time, we had even extended them an olive branch and invited them to join us so that our relationship could be repaired. However, the Vermillion Bird Race had once again rejected us because they were afraid that they would suffer heavy casualties if they participated in the war.”

“Luckily, the human race had risen to power at the right moment, united the Hundred Races and ultimately succeeded in driving out the God Race.”

“After that, ever race of Spirit Realm had heard of the cowardice of the Vermillion Bird Race and despised them for it. Also, the human race’s Gold rank forces had dropped their masks after they had become truly powerful.”

“Six Ways Alliance rode on the momentum and invaded the Vermillion Bird Realm soon after.”

“The one rank ten Vermillion Bird they had was killed directly by the hands of Six Ways Alliance’s Genesis Realm experts!”

“Every one of us Beast Kings had heard of the attack when Six Ways Alliance had invaded Vermillion Bird Realm. None of us were willing to lend them a hand.”

“It was because they only have themselves to blame for everything that had happened to them!”

Crimson Blood Ape King ridiculed the Vermillion Bird Race mercilessly.

Tong Ying looked incredibly discomfited.

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