Chapter 1478: Mediate Dispute

Chapter 1478: Mediate Dispute

The endless chains of mountains were all as red as blood. The earth was dry, and one could not see any rivers in the distance.

Vermillion Bird Realm seemed to not have any source of water.

Under Tong Zhenzhen's lead, Qin Lie walked through Vermillion Bird Realm and saw the signs of many volcanoes being mined.

Many ancient beasts with fire-attribute bloodlines were in Vermillion Bird Realm, cultivating and living in peace.

Qin Lie suddenly felt unusual movement from the fire spirit.

He reached out and a dot of flame flew out of the Soul Suppressing Orb in his glabella.

"This is a good realm." The fire spirit appeared in the form of the fire qilin and said excitedly to Qin Lie once it appeared in Vermillion Bird Realm.

"A fire Spirit of Void and Chaos!" A shout came from the distance.

Qin Lie turned around and saw a Vermillion Bird fly over and turn into a wrinkled old woman.

This was also a rank nine Vermillion Bird.

However, she was not like Tong Yan. She had rank nine bloodline, but her lifeforce wasn’t especially potent.

She was clearly very old.

"Grandmother." Tong Zhenzhen smiled and began introductions. "This is Qin Lie, the Spirit of Void and Chaos belongs to him, it will not do anything to Vermillion Bird Realm."

"So the child of the Qin Family." The old woman was shocked and then looked at Tong Yan with a smile. "You should return and live in Vermillion Bird Realm."

Tong Yan snorted. "I still remember how you were when you drove me away. Now you request me to return?"

The old woman smiled awkwardly and said, "The past is in the past."

Qin Lie looked in surprise at Tong Yan.

He knew that Tong Yan fell out with the Vermillion Bird Race and took a group of Vermillion Birds to live in Boluo Realm. She later became the Beast King of the local Ancient Beast Race branch.

At present, the rank nine Tong Yan was the Vermillion Bird with the highest hopes of reaching rank ten.

A few years ago, when the Vermillion Bird Race and Blue Flame Manor fought, Tong Yan had been invited by Tong Zhenzhen to return to Vermillion Bird Realm with her subordinates.

With her help, the scattered Vermillion Bird Race clansmen managed to force Blue Flame Manor out of Vermillion Bird Realm.

However, after she helped the Vermillion Bird Race return to their realm, she refused the old woman’s offer to stay and returned to Boluo Realm.

After that, she went to the Frost Desolation Abyss with Qin Lie's help and fought the Abyss Devils.

This caused her bloodline to grow stronger.

This old woman saw from her bloodline presence and knew that Tong Yan was the strongest Vermillion Bird of their realm.

And also knew that she was the Vermillion Bird most likely to reach rank ten!

At this time, the human race had internal conflict and the God Race was about to invade. If Vermillion Bird Realm gained a rank ten Vermillion Bird, it would be great fortune for the entire Vermillion Bird Race.

Therefore, the old woman mentioned this matter again in hopes that Tong Yan would return to Vermillion Bird Realm and lead the Vermillion Bird Race during this great crisis.

"I will not return to Vermillion Bird Realm." Tong Yan had a cool expression, her eyes slightly disdainful. “Vermillion Bird Realm is too small. After experiencing so much outside, I know my decision to leave Vermillion Bird Realm back then was correct. Since I’ve made the decision to leave, I will not return. I have no reason to!"

In these years, she had been fighting in the Frost Desolation Abyss, a wondrous place outside the realm.

In the Frost Desolation Abyss, she learned of the so-called four transcendent bloodline races through some Abyss Devils.

She knew just how powerful those transcendent bloodline races were!

Other than these four, the Bone Race, the Winged Race, and the other races of the galaxy were also powerful.

She knew that the races of Spirit Realm were not a match for the Abyss Devils, and were even weaker than the Bone and Winged Races.

If one day the four transcendent bloodline races all invaded Spirit Realm, if the Bone and Winged Races came, or some other powerful races, Spirit Realm had no hope of victory.

The small Vermillion Bird Realm would have no ability to fight against those powerful races.

Shew knew how many terrifying beings were hiding in the vast universe. She also had a feeling that following Qin Lie was the hope she and the races of Boluo Realm needed.

She believed in him.

It was her idea for Lin Liang'er to go to Sky Bearing City to find Qin Lie. She thought that Qin Lie only had to lift a finger, and Ice Phoenix Realm would be returned to the Ice Phoenixes..

There was no need for the Ice Emperor.

"Alright, I will not force you. I only hope that you will lend aid like last time when Vermillion Bird Realm was in danger." The old woman sighed.

"Vermillion Bird Race is a branch of the Ancient Beast Race, Why did you not ask for help from the other Beast Kings?" Qin Lie said curiously.

The Ancient Beast Race was among the strongest of the Spirit Realm races. After Vermillion Bird Realm had been taken over by Blue Flame Manor, he did not understand why the Vermillion Bird Race hadn't asked for help from the Beast Kings.

At such words, Tong Yan smirked codly and the old woman appeared more awkward.

"What is it?" Qin Lie looked at Tong Zhenzhen.

Tong Zhenzhen was slightly embarrassed and said, "Because of some matters, we have had some misunderstandings with the Ancient Beast Race, and haven't interacted with them for ten thousand years."

"It’s all on them," Tong Yan said disdainfully.

The old woman had an expression of guilt.

Tong Zhenzhen hesitated and said, "Qin Lie, I heard... you have good relationships with the Beast Kings of the Ancient Beast Race. Could you invite the Beast Kings to come to Vermillion Bird Realm? We admit that we were in the wrong back then. In the future, we are willing to trade with the members of the Ancient Beast Race for the flame ores that Vermillion Bird Realm's mines produce. Do you think this is possible?"

"He knows the four Beast Kings?" The old woman's eyes lit up.

Tong Yan originally had a stiff face. Then she sighed and said, "Qin Lie, this is not an irreconcilable conflict. If you can help, I think..."

"Qin Lie, could you give Uncle Xu some face?" Xu Ran asked.

"Help them." Lin Liang'er pulled the corner of his clothes.

Qin Lie looked in surprise at everyone.

Tong Zhenzhen, Xu Ran, Tong Yan, and Lin Liang'er were his seniors and friends. He could not refuse their request.

Looking at these people, he suddenly felt Xu Ran and his wife had taken him to Vermillion Bird Realm so that he could ease their conflict with the Ancient Beast Race.

He thought for a moment and nodded, saying, "I can try. I do not guarantee the four Beast Kings will come."

The old woman' eyes lit up. She said excitedly, "You really know the four Beast Kings?"

"Grandmother, the Ancient Beast Race was willing to ally with the Qin Family. Do you think he doesn't know the four Beast Kings?" Tong Zhenzhen scolded gently.

After her words, the old woman's wrinkles almost seemed to disappear.

"I will try," Qin Lie said helplessly.

He used his soul to mentally connect with the soul servants over in Ancient Beast Realm and have him contact the Beast Kings.

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