Chapter 1477: Vermillion Bird Realm

Chapter 1477: Vermillion Bird Realm

In the next few days, Qin Lie toured around Sky Bearing City with Lin Liang’er.

Qin Lie asked about Lin Liang'er's recent situation since they had not met for a long time. He learned that she had been with Tong Yan all this time, sometimes in the Frost Desolation Abyss, sometimes in Boluo Realm, and they would occasionally go to the Frost Island in the Ruined Lands.

Having learned that the Ice Emperor had appeared, she came to meet her senior.

However, the Ice Emperor had left a few days earlier, and she couldn’t meet him in the end.

Even Qin Lie did not know when the Ice Emperor would return to Sky Bearing City.

He took Lin Liang'er and roamed around Sky Bearing City for a few days. Discovering the Ice Emperor was still absent, Lin Liang'er was the first to lose patience.

"How about we go to Ice Phoenix Realm?" Lin Liang'er said.

"How do we get there?" Qin Lie was surprised.

Ice Phoenix Realm was under the control of Six Ways Alliance. Obviously, they would need to go through their realm entrance.

Otherwise, they would need many years to fly to Ice Phoenix Realm.

"There is a simple method," Lin Liang'er said confidently. "We can go through Vermillion Bird Realm. These two realms are not that far apart. We can quickly reach Ice Phoenix Realm that way."

Qin Lie glared at her and said, "You have not reached rank nine bloodline. Recklessly traveling through space is a not a good idea."

"No problem, I invited other people," Lin Liang'er said with a smile.

"Who else?" Qin Lie asked curiously.

"You will know if you go," Lin Liang'er said, raising an eyebrow.

"Alright." Qin Lie nodded.

Under Lin Liang'er's arrangements, his main body first followed Lin Liang'er back to Boluo Realm.

Boluo Realm had a realm entrance to the realms of the Ancient Beast Race.

The Vermillion Bird Tong Yan, and Terminator Sect's Tong Zhenzhen and Xu Ran were waiting.

"Uncle Xu, Aunt Tong, congratulations," Qin Lie said with a smile.

He immediately saw that Xu Ran had built a four-level Soul Altar and reached the early stage of the Void Realm.

Tong Zhenzhen had reached a rank nine Vermillion Bird bloodline.

The leader of the Vermillion Birds in Boluo Realm, Tong Yan, had peak rank nine bloodline, and was only a step away from rank ten.

After several years, Xu Ran, Tong Zhenzhen, Tong Yan, and Lin Liang'er's cultivation and bloodline ranks had all increased by various degrees.

Obviously, his own bloodline reached rank eight, and the power of his one-level Soul Altar even surpassed that of two level and three-level Soul Altar experts.

Not to mention his Soul Beast avatars, and the soul servants that granted him extra power.

"Haha, we have been fighting in the Frost Desolation Abyss all these years and experienced much hardship." Xu Ran smiled coolly. “To survive in that kind of environment, our cultivations would increase even if we didn’t want to!”

Qin Lie thought for a moment, nodded and said, "True."

In these years, the foreign races of Boluo Realm, and the Silver rank forces’ experts of the Land of Chaos had moved into the Frost Desolation Abyss to fight.

The Abyss Devils were powerful and savage. Many of the human forces had been torn up and eaten by the Abyss Devils.

The martial practitioners who were able to adjust to the cruelty of the Abyss, and survive under the attacks of those Abyss Devils, had undergone transformation.

Qin Lie believed that Xu Ran and his wife were far stronger than other martial practitioners of their rank!

"I heard that when one's bloodline reaches rank ten in the Frost Desolation Abyss, they will have to face the challenge from the level’s Great Lord of the Abyss?" Tong Yan had a serious expression. "I heard Banderas say if you hadn't stopped Dawson, even if he managed to reach a rank ten bloodline in the Frost Desolation Abyss, he would not be able to leave the Frost Desolation Abyss alive."

Qin Lie thought a moment and said, "Are you going to break through soon?"

"Yes, I have a feeling my bloodline is going to experience a breakthrough. That’s why I came out of the Frost Desolation Abyss early. If I wasn’t lucky enough to have you help me, wouldn’t I die there? I don’t want to take that risk." Tong Yan shook her head and said.

"You just have to remember to return immediately to Boluo Realm if your bloodline reaches rank ten." Qin Lie smiled and said, "I have an agreement with Dawson."

Tong Yan had a strange expression and asked curiously, "How did you form such a relationship with Dawson?

She did not know the mysteries of Qin Lie's bloodline, so she drew a blank.

Qin Lie only smiled mysteriously at her question and naturally would not explain.

Luckily, Tong Yan did not continue asking and said, "Let's go to Vermillion Bird Realm first!"

"Alright," Lin Liang'er said.

Qin Lie also nodded.

Tong Yan knew the spatial coordinates of Vermillion Bird Realm. She manipulated the realm entrance and led the way.

Qin Lie and Lin Liang'er followed Xu Ran and his wife, swiftly arriving at their destination.

Vermillion Bird Realm was hotter and harder to tolerate than the daytime of Boluo Realm!

Qin Lie walked out of the realm entrance, waves of heat hitting him. He stood in a vast stone plaza, the realm entrance behind him.

He looked around and saw tongues of sprouting flames.

Lava flowed in streams around him and released astounding heat.

He looked up and saw a burning sun hanging low in the sky.

Vermillion Bird Realm only had one sun, but it was extremely close to the realm, as though it could be touched.

Inhaling the burning air of Vermillion Bird Realm, Qin Lie grinned and said, "Even hotter than the Extreme Flame Abyss."

He released his soul consciousness and found that Vermillion Bird Realm might be hotter than the Extreme Flame Abyss but its area... was much smaller.

"Vermillion Bird Realm is only a small realm, not even as large as the Land of Chaos," Tong Zhenzhen explained.

"Miss has returned!"

A rank six Vermillion Bird who did not have the ability to change into human form flapped its red wings and chirped in the air.

Qin Lie, who had many rare bloodlines in his body, could speak the Ancient Beast Race language, so he understood the bird’s shout.

He examined the Vermillion Bird curiously.

The rank six Vermillion Bird flew happily to land on Tong Zhenzhen's shoulder and then picked Tong Zhenzhen's cheek.

Tong Zhenzhen giggled and said, "Qin Lie, it is rare for you to come to Vermillion Bird Realm. How about staying a few days?"

Qin Lie shrugged and said uncaringly, "Up to her."

He looked at Lin Liang'er.

As a member of the Ice Phoenix Race, Lin Liang'er was unaccustomed to the environment of Vermillion Bird Realm, even though the two races’ realms were close, and so were the races..

However, their previous interactions had been amid the stars, in the void between Vermillion Bird Realm and Ice Phoenix Realm, not in the realms themselves.

As a result, Vermillion Birds had a hard time adjusting to the cold environment of the Ice Phoenix Realm.

"Qin Lie, do you know the Flame Emperor?" Tong Zhenzhen asked.

"No." Qin Lie shook his head.

"Actually, Flame Emperor came to Vermillion Bird Realm before. Cai Can and the others of Blue Flame Manor were not wrong in thinking they could get the inheritance of the Flame Emperor from Vermillion Bird Realm," Tong Zhenzhen said with a smile.

Qin Lie's eyes flashed with light. His interest in the Vermillion Bird Realm has been piqued a bit..


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