Chapter 1474: Li Xin

Chapter 1474: Li Xin

Frost Desolation Abyss.

Qin Lie's Blood Soul Beast avatar tore apart a rank nine Lord of the Abyss and consumed their Abyss Devil heart.

The soul of the rank nine Abyss Devil turned into a cloud that it slowly refined.

This Blood Soul Beast avatar was slowly recovering its strength through constant battles in the Frost Desolation Abyss.

Up to now, it had recovered to rank nine.


The enormous Blood Soul Beast slowly transformed and appeared in the shape of a human.

He moved toward the lands that used to belong to Cadak.

Soon later, the Blood Soul Beast, transformed into Qin Lie, made its way to the area filled with enormous ice pillars.

Inside, the pillars had many Corpse Demons frozen. Each Corpse Demon had been refined by Miao Fengtian and Jiang Zhuzhe and possessed great power.

"Master," Miao Fengtian said respectfully.

Jiang An and Xue Li were also present.

Their eyes shone with excitement and their smiles showed their happiness.

"You all benefited from the breakthrough of the soul master?" Qin Lie said with a smile.

"When Master's soul reached rank ten, we also received much knowledge about the soul from the Soul Tree just like Curtis and the others." Miao Fengtian grinned. "The unique soul secrets of the Soul Altar have let my understanding of the soul reach a new height. My merge with the Soul Altar of the Corpse Progenitor is even more harmonious. I can use up to the fifth level of the Soul Altar in power."

"I am about the same." Xue Li laughed strangely.

"I’m no different," Jiang An said.

The bodies of the Corpse Progenitor, Blood Progenitor, and Voodoo Progenitor had been refined in the Soul Suppressing Orb previously.

The Soul Altars of the three had been inscribed with strange ancient diagrams.

The Soul Suppressing Orb was the relic of the Soul Race. Qin Lie was its master. He became the soul master of Miao Fengtian, Jiang An, and Xue Li after they merged with the blood and flesh of the three progenitors.

Miao Fengtian and the others were also Qin Lie's soul servants.

Due to this, when his subsoul reached rank ten, they also received knowledge about the soul through the Soul Tree like Curtis did.

They grew closer to the Soul Altar, and could use more of its power.

"What is the situation? I heard that the God Race clansmen are setting up camp in Spirit Realm?" Xue Li asked.

After many years, he did not think of himself as Qin Lie's teacher. When he accepted the body of the Blood Progenitor, he knew his relationship with Qin Lie had unknowingly changed.

He accepted his new status.

"Spirit Realm will not be troubled by the God Race in the short term." Qin Lie did not hide the secret and said, "But the Soul Race clansmen, and a family from the Spirit Race will be active in Spirit Realm. However, the Thunder Emperor and the Flame Emperor will be returning. When they are back and protecting Spirit Realm, we should not have to fear the guests from the Soul Race and Spirit Race."

“The return of the Three Emperors is a blessing for Spirit Realm and the human race.” Xue Li sighed.

"Where is Jiang Zhuzhe?" Qin Lie asked.

"I contacted him. He should return soon," Miao Fengtian said.

"Hm!" Xue Li was startled and shouted, "Such thick bloody presence!"

Even Miao Fengtian and Jiang An detected a bloody presence at this time.

Qin Lie's Blood Soul Beast avatar narrowed its eyes and said, "Jiang Zhuzhe's presence shouldn’t have reached this level."

"It isn't Jiang Zhuzhe!" Xue Li said confidently.

Everyone looked in shock outside.

Among the ice pillars, the red-eyed Jiang Zhuzhe and a tall and thin old man walked slowly towards the group.

The old man wore a tattered robe, had strange features, and crimson red eyes.

Jiang Zhuzhe followed behind him, his expression reverent and awed as though he knew his own lowly status.

Xue Li looked at the old man. His eyes suddenly widened and he said excitedly, "You, you are..."

The old man smiled faintly and looked deeply at him, saying, "Should I call you progenitor, or Xue Li? If I call you Xue Li, you are my junior, but if you have completely merged with the Blood Progenitor's Soul Altar and body, I am your junior."

"Xue Li greets Sect Master!" Xue Li said respectfully.

Qin Lie was started.

From the crimson red eyes of the old man, he saw at a glance this old man was an elder of Blood Fiend Sect.

The bloody presence of the old man was so pure and thick, infinitely similar to aura of Xue Li and Jiang Zhuzhe.

This supported his guess.

"He is Qin Lie." Jiang Zhuzhe pointed at him, introducing to the old man and then he said, "He also cultivates the Blood Spirit Art, but..."

The old man said, "I know this is not his main body."

Jiang Zhuzhe did not explain further and introduced the old man to Qin Lie. "This is the first sect master of Blood Fiend Sect, Li Xin, and also... your grandfather's follower."

"Li Xin?!" Qin Lie was startled at the words.

He finally understood why Xue Li and Jiang Zhuzhe were so respectful and humble in front of the old man.

Li Xins was the founder of Blood Fiend Sect in the Land of Chaos. His era was the strongest and most prosperous time for Blood Fiend Sect.

The Blood Fiend Sect he led back then was the strongest sect in the Land of Chaos and no one dared to fight him.

However, the rumors said he went mad and died due to cultivating the Blood Spirit Art.

Qin Lie thought he had died long ago.

He had not expected Li Xin appear in the Frost Desolation Abyss after so many years. This surprised him.

"I was saved by Master. Then, I left Spirit Realm and lived in a secret realm outside," Li Xin explained.

His master was the former patriarch of the Blaze Family, Lieyan Yuan, a famed Blaze Family member.

Lieyan Yuan would be able to solve any of Li Xin's problems in cultivating the Blood Spirit Art, regardless of how serious it was.

"I came on Old Master's orders. I have brought you the Ancient Life Tree for you to merge into your main body's bloodline." Li Xin looked at Qin Lie and said.

"Ancient Life Tree?" Qin Lie's brow furrowed.

"To help perfect your bloodline," Li Xin answered.

"I can’t feel it. What great flaw is there in my bloodline?" Qin Lie asked.

"This is because you have not reached rank nine. Otherwise, you would have felt it a long time ago." Li Xin smiled slightly. "Rank nine bloodline is a barrier to many races. Once Abyss Devils reach rank nine, they become Lords of the Abyss, and other races awaken their core bloodline latent abilities at rank nine. Once your bloodline reaches rank nine, the imperfect part of the Perfect Blood will show its shortcomings and weakness."

"The Ancient Life Tree can repair that flaw."

"This is why I’ve come."

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