Chapter 1473: Geocentric Motherlode

Chapter 1473: Geocentric Motherlode

"Soul Race?"

Chen Lin was alarmed, his expression becoming serious. He clearly knew the severity of the matter.

The group of people who had just been rejoicing at the six forces’ misfortune put away their smiles when they heard these words.

Everyone knew the terror of the Soul Race which was not any inferior to the God Race.

Thirty thousand years ago, just three Soul Race clansmen caused Ancient Beast Realm, Asura Realm, and Nether Realm to fall into despair.

If the God Race hadn't killed those Soul Race clansmen, Ancient Beast Realm, Nether Realm, and Asura Realm would have fallen long ago.

The arrival of the God Race and the Soul Race meant that Spirit Realm became more and more unsafe.

At the same time.

The green eyes of Qin Lie's Soul Beast avatar deep under Sky Bearing City shone with stunning light.

A memory which had been sealed for a long time suddenly appeared when his Soul Beast reached rank ten.

His main body shook.

"What is it? "Chen Lin asked perceptively.

"Nothing." He shook his head and looked with a complicated gaze at the ground. He asked, "Where is Grandpa?"

"Old Master is in the hall," Chen Lin said.

"I want to meet him immediately," Qin Lie said.

Then he ignored the puzzled gazes of Chen Lin, Miao Yizi, and the others to head into the hall.

A storm brewed inside him.

"Little Lie, how is your Soul Beast avatar right now?" Qin Shan saw him enter and asked with a smile. "Your news is correct. When Pei Dehong and the others attacked Shattered Ice Realm, they suffered great losses," he said with joy.

For many years, he thought of the six forces as enemies and desired to return to Spirit Realm to get revenge on Pei Dehong and the others.

After all, these were the people who once plotted against his grandson and caused him to die.

His son's Soul Altar exploded because of Pei Dehong and the others, and the man had only recently managed to recover.

How could he not hate Pei Dehong and the others?

Hearing Pei Dehong and the others encountered a painful attack from the Profound Ice Family in Shattered Ice Realm, he still felt pleased, even facing the threat of the God Race.

"Where is Grandfather Ji and Grandfather Hua?" Qin Lie asked.

Qin Shan was the only person in the hall. The Ice Emperor, Hua Tianqiong, and Ji Dan were all absent.

"Oh, those old men went back to prepare. They will return to Sky Bearing City in a few days," Qin Shan said with a slight smile.

Qin Lie inhaled and suddenly said, "Is there a geocentric motherlode deep in Spirit Realm?"

Qin Shan's expression immediately grew serious.

Qin Shan was silent for a long moment as he gazed at Qin Lie. He then said, "How did you know?"

"My subsoul reached rank ten," Qin Lie said.

"No wonder." Qin Shan nodded gently and then said, "Yes, Spirit Realm is a super-sized realm, and there is a geocentric motherlode deep within Spirit Realm. The reason why the Soul Race clansmen invaded thirty thousand years ago, and why the God Race followed soon after was precisely the geocentric motherlode."

Qin Lie had a bitter expression. "This time, the God Race, the Soul Race, and the Satorius Family of the Spirit Race are also here for the geocentric motherlode?"

"Most likely." Qin Shan sighed.

Qin Lie's expression grew serious.

After his subsoul from the Soul Race had reached rank ten, he awakened some memories hidden even deeper in his soulline.

He came to know a few secrets.

Deep within some super-sized realms, geocentric motherlodes might exist. It was the soul of a super-sized realm.

The existence of a geocentric motherlode could cause a super-sized realm to gain an ability to birth all kinds of beings, make plants grow, and make the world have power.

As long as the geocentric motherlode was present, the super-sized realm could absorb the power roaming in space, and maintain the constant flow of energy, causing the beings of the super-sized realm to grow.

Spirit Realm was able to constantly absorb scattered power from outside because of the geocentric motherlode.

The geocentric motherlode was even more mysterious and valuable than the Origin Sea of the Abyss. It supposedly contained the final secrets of life and the soul.

Not all super-sized realms were like Spirit Realm and had a geocentric motherlode deep underground.

Only a third of super-sized realms could form a geocentric motherlode.

They were the ultimate treasures of the world.

Based on the memories he had just obtained, the geocentric motherlode could turn a small realm into a super-sized realm if it was moved.

This was a wondrous ability of the geocentric motherlode.

The Spirit Race, the God Race, the Soul Race, and other races could choose any realm in their possession and develop it into a super-sized realm.

Also, they could merge the geocentric motherlode into the super-sized realm that they lived in.

Two geocentric motherlodes could merge.

If Spirit Realm's geocentric motherlode merged with the God Race's geocentric motherlode, the God Realm where the God Race lived would undergo a transformation.

The power around God Realm would skyrocket.

All fauna and flora of the God Realm, as well as the God Race clansmen there, would benefit tremendously from this.

The transformation of the God Realm could speed up the bloodline breakthroughs of the God Race!

Each God Race clansman would be stronger at birth.

This was a magical treasure that could level up an entire realm.

Other than this, the rumors said if a transcendent bloodline race clansman with peak rank ten bloodline was able to merge the geocentric motherlode into their body, they could solve the final secret of the bloodline and break the limit of rank ten.

The peak rank ten experts of the four transcendent bloodline races all desired to break through that limit.

The geocentric motherlode was a plausible method.

With the geocentric motherlode in their soul and flesh, a peak rank ten with the ultimate bloodline would immediately become the strongest in the universe.

This was an irresistible temptation.

Through the memories he just obtained, he learned that the Soul Progenitor had been overjoyed when he led his three Soul Race generals and found the super-sized Spirit Realm.

Their main goal in Spirit Realm was to obtain the geocentric motherlode deep underground and separate it from Spirit Realm.

The Soul Progenitor seemed to want to take away the geocentric motherlode and give it in tribute to his father, the Imperial Soul Monarch.

Later, the God Race's Blaze Darkness Families tried to steal the geocentric motherlode from the bottom of Spirit Realm after conquering it, but they failed due to all kinds of accidents.

If the geocentric motherlode of Spirit Realm was separated, all the plants of Spirit Realm would die immediately. Then, the oceans would dry up, earthquakes would occur constantly and lives would die out.

Soon afterwards, all of Spirit Realm would collapse due to the disappearance of the geocentric motherlode.

Without the geocentric motherlode, the super-sized Spirit Realm would “die” in a few short decades.

The races of Spirit Realm either had to leave beforehand or die along with it.

For a realm, the geocentric motherlode was akin to the Soul Altar of a martial practitioner.

The Soul Altar experts of the human race would become moving corpses if they lost their Soul Altar.

If Spirit Realm lost the geocentric motherlode, it would be akin to death.

The Soul Race and the God Race came to Spirit Realm many times for the geocentric motherlode.

"The progenitor of the Qin Family learned of the geocentric motherlode through assimilating the memories of the Soul Progenitor." Qin Shan saw that he knew the truth and did not conceal anything. He explained, "The land where Sky Bearing City is belonged to the Blaze Family of the God Race twenty thousand years ago. They have explored the underground for many years and attempted to extract the geocentric motherlode. Their mine and the entire setup are still underground. After the God Race had been driven away, and the Qin Family grew strong, and we finally took over this land."

"We were able to take this land because up until now, the people led by Pei Dehong do not know Spirit Realm has something like the geocentric motherlode."

"They do not know why the God Race keeps coming."

"Since they didn’t know the true value of this land, Qin Family was able to claim it without much resistance."

"Then, I spent considerable effort to create Sky Bearing City to protect it, as well as the entire Spirit Realm."

"Here is the entrance leading deep underground, which had been made by the God Race."

"However, as long as Sky Bearing City exists, as long as the Qin Family does not fall, we will always protect Spirit Realm and that secret."

Qin Shan said powerfully.

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