Chapter 1471: How Could This Be?

Chapter 1471: How Could This Be?

At an unknown island in the Land of Chaos.

The Satorius Family members led by Narsen were staring at the two Soul Race princes in surprise.

It was because the princes’ souls were currently floating above their Soul Beasts like two dark clouds.

The soul clouds surged intensely for a moment, letting out violent soul tremors from time to time.

“It’s big brother’s presence!”

“You’re right, it is big brother’s presence!”

Inside the soul cloud, the two Soul Race princes were extending their soul perception throughout the entire Spirit Realm, starting from the Land of Chaos.

Their soul energy had even extended all the way to Sky Bearing City itself!

It didn’t take them long to sense exactly where Qin Lie was.

After that, the soul clouds dropped back into their Soul Beasts and took control of them again.

“We are in Spirit Realm. We shouldn’t expose ourselves too soon,” Narsen said in a low tone.

The two Soul Race princes accepted his advice and slowly transformed their Soul Beast avatars. Dozens of seconds later, they had transformed into two brawny middle-aged humans.

“The rest of you should do the same as well.” Narsen turned around and looked at his own clansmen.

All Spirit Race clansmen had blue eyes and blue hair. They heeded Narsen’s advice and started altering their bloodline power as well.

A while later, their eyes and hair had all turned to black. There was no way anyone could identify them as a Spirit Race clansman based on appearance alone.

“What’s wrong?” It was only then Narsen asked the two Soul Race princes about their earlier activity.

“We had sensed our big brother’s presence,” the Second Prince replied before staring coldly toward the direction where the Central World lay. “Our race’s holy artifact is down that direction as well.”

Narsen thought for a moment before asking, “In that case, should we head over there right now?”


Having identified their direction, the group of transcendent bloodline experts left the Land of Chaos and took off straight for the Central World.

They were all rank nine and rank ten bloodline experts, and they had their own special flying methods. That was why it only took them the blink of an eye to vanish from this sea region completely.


Beneath Sky Bearing City.

Qin Lie sat quietly as he watched his Soul Race subsoul undergoing a new cycle of growth in the shape of a Soul Tree.


A tremor coursed through his soul all of a sudden, and the corner of his lips started curling upward. He couldn’t stop himself from chuckling in pleasant surprise.

“Curtis’s bloodline has officially ascended to rank ten!”

He was aware that his avatar’s slow breakthrough had been somewhat restrictive to Curtis and several soul servants.

But now that his avatar had was finally reaching the end of its evolution, his soul servants were free to ascend to rank ten anytime they wished.

He could also sense his Asura Race clansmen gaining a huge amount of soul knowledge from him.

He was certain that the number of rank ten Asura Race clansmen in his possession would only grow bigger and bigger in the future.

It meant that the power he possessed had grown even bigger than before!

Curtis and the Asura Race clansmen had been fighting in the Frost Desolation Abyss for many years.

Not only had they fought against the Abyss Devils constantly, they had consumed a lot Abyss Devils during this period. This meant that their combat strength would exceed the Lizard Progenitor’s the moment they reached rank ten!

In the future, Curtis’s group would become the strongest power he currently possessed!

He was deeply excited for the future.


Suddenly, Qin Lie’s God Race bloodline started turning active.

His eyes lit up in joy all of a sudden.

A star door abruptly opened right next to Qin Lie, and the eight god generals who were cultivating around Boluo Realm walked out of the portal one by one.

Qin Lie pressed a hand to his own chest the moment the eight god generals had appeared.

The Blaze Family’s Flesh Filling Tombstone had slowly emerged as well. A rich amount of flesh and blood aura was emanating from it.

Flesh Filling Tombstone released godly light that connected itself with the god generals’ belly button.

“Glug glug!”

Then, the flesh and blood aura flowed through the godly light and into the god generals’ body.

Unexpectedly, the eight god generals of the Titan Race had gained an unexpected amount of refined soul energy while his Soul Beast avatar’s soulline was ascending to rank ten.

Combined with the flesh and blood energy they were absorbing from the Flesh Filling Tombstone, the eight god generals started growing at a tremendous rate.


Qin Lie was overjoyed by this.

All of his soul servants had obtained a large amount of soul secret arts because his subsoul had reached rank ten soulline.

Not only had his soul servants lost their shackles completely, their understanding of the soul was deepening with every passing moment.

Qin Lie knew that it was only a matter of time before his soul servants got stronger and bolstered his forces even further.

Even the eight god generals had gotten a lot of benefits from his subsoul and the Flesh Filling Tombstone.

Qin Lie was certain that the eight god generals would become much stronger after this.

There was nothing more gladdening and invigorating than his power growing right before the God Race and a time of turmoil was about to descend on Spirit Realm.


At Shattered Ice Realm.

The human army led by Pei Dehong, Affleck the giant dragon, and a couple more giant dragons finally could wait no longer as they advanced towards the Profound Ice Family’s base.

They marched straight toward the two giant starships.

“We are the denizens of Spirit Realm! We view the God Race’s presence in Spirit Realm twenty thousand years later as a challenge to all of us!”

Hong Ju was clearly in high morale as he made his announcement on his nine-level fire Soul Altar.

“Today, we will return the injustice you had done to us twenty thousand years ago!”

The six great forces’ martial practitioners and the giant dragons roared loudly in response.


“Kill them!”

“Kill them all!”

Both humans and giant dragons howled as they charged towards the Profound Ice Family’s starships.

Everyone’s eyes was burning with passion!

The enemy in front of them was the vanguard of the Profound Ice Family that had lost both their patriarch and their strongest bloodline warrior.

No matter how strong the God Race might be, everyone believed that they shouldn’t pose too much of a threat.

The stream of martial practitioners and giant dragons flew towards the God Race’s starships like swords.

“Swoosh swoosh swoosh!”

But suddenly, the two starships exploded into a million rays of icy light.

In an instant, the world became filled with icicles, ice beams, ice swords, and ice storms all at the same time.

The icy mountains where the six great forces’ combined army was at instantly shattered under the attack.

It was as if the very world they knew had collapsed all around them as a terrible frost force field suddenly gripped every living being within the area.

“Frost Light!”

The two starships fired hundreds and thousands of icy light at their enemy from every corner.

Any Void Realm Soul Altar present in the area was as fragile as tofu before the attack.

The icy light instantly penetrated their Soul Altars!

A single volley was all it took to puncture countless holes in their Soul Altars.


“That icy volley is too strong!”

“Our Soul Altars couldn’t even take a single hit!”

“They’re too powerful!”

For a time, the screams of the human race’s Void Realm and Genesis Realm experts filled the air.

Even the two rank nine giant dragons who were charging at the front had been cut down like ribbons in a single blow!

“How could this be? How could this be!?”

Blood drained away from Pei Dehong’s face as he froze where he stood. He couldn’t believe what was happening before his eyes.

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