Chapter 147: Step Aside!

Chapter 147: Step Aside!

Mo Hai’s name was so influential that even an ignorant person like Qin Lie had heard about him before.

“The most creative artificer in Armament Sect!”

“The most powerful refinement master!”

“The next Armament Sect sect master!”

There were countless titles that were added onto Mo Hai’s head, and while not many people were familiar with Armament Sect’s sect master, Ying Xingran, they had all heard of Mo Hai.

Mo Hai was a lowborn. His parents were just common people, and none of his clansmen cultivated the martial way.

According to them, Mo Hai’s father was a blacksmith, and he had learned how to smith from his father since he was young.

One of the three great reverends of Armament Sect, Fang Qi, was looking for spirit materials in the outside world when he just happened to stop by the small town Mo Hai’s family was in. He accidentally saw Mo Hai smithing and was immediately shocked down to his core and thereby brought Mo Hai into Armament Sect.

From the moment Mo Hai entered Armament Sect, he had expressed a terrifying amount of talent in artifact forging. Not only was his way of forging artifacts unique, he had even triggered a change in a spirit pattern pillar and learned the wonders of the spirit diagram within.

During the years after that, Mo Hai grew up with tremendous speed, and he was always able to forge spirit artifacts that were praised worldwide.

Every spirit artifact he forged was priceless and would rile people up, causing them to fight over them.

The Blue Leaf Sword Nebula Pavilion’s Du Haitian used was a spirit artifact forged by Mo Hai while he was just starting out, and Du Haitian had spent a tremendous amount of spirit stones before he had finally bought it from Pan Jueming’s hands. He had always treated it like his own life and would always show off with it, saying that the Blue Leaf Sword was forged by Mo Hai himself.

For the past few years Mo Hai had rarely forged artifacts on his own accord. It would be people like the great hall masters of Dark Asura Hall, the top dogs of Dark Shadow Tower, Purple Mist Sea and Cloud Sky Mountain carrying all sorts of rare spirit materials and spending large sums just to request him to forge artifacts for them.

But even then, Mo Hai might not necessarily agree. It depended on his state of mind, whether it fit his taste, whether he was interested in forging that particular artifact himself...

One could say that Mo Hai was the person every powerful man and woman of the surrounding forces was trying to please, that he was the most honored artificer.

Naturally, Qin Lie held awe and reverence towards such an astounding artificer as well. Even his movements had turned prudent as well.

Tang Siqi also advised him again and again, “Elder Mo Hai's skills in artifact forging, perhaps are even more brilliant than the sect master. Ever since that one time when sect master failed his artifact forging and injured his psyche, it has already been a long time since he last forged an artifact that dazzled one's eyes. But Elder Mo Hai is different. For the past ten years, every spirit artifact that he made was at least Profound Grade Six!”

Qin Lie was secretly shocked on the inside.

“And today, Elder Mo Hai is a Profound Seventh Rank artificer! Recently, he was shoot for the Earth Rank, and his outing this time was also to gather specific spirit materials in the attempt to forge a spirit artifact that would reach the Earth Grade.” Tang Siqi’s beautiful face was also flowing with admiration. “I am only a Profound Second Rank artificer, and I’m five ranks away from Elder Mo Hai. It is extremely difficult for an artificer to achieve their next rank. I wonder how long I will take before I can reach Elder Mo Hai’s rank.”

Yao Tai was only a Common Fourth Rank artificer. Even Great Master Lu from Dark Asura Hall was only a Profound Second Rank artificer.

Great Master Lu was an artificer Dark Asura Hall had spent endless amounts of sweat and blood to raise. He could use any spirit material within Dark Asura Hall and was deeply respected by every hall master in Dark Asura Hall. His status was extraordinary in Dark Asura Hall.

But even he was only a Profound Second Rank artificer.

In Armament Sect, the inner sect disciple, Tang Siqi, was already a Profound Second Rank artificer. Even better, Mo Hai was a Profound Seventh Rank, and the moment he ascended he, would step into the level of Earth Rank artificers!

What was an Earth Rank artificer?

An Earth Grade spirit artifact was specifically created for Fulfillment and Fragmentation Realm martial practitioners. Hence an artificer who could forge Earth Grade spirit artifacts would be highly regarded by martial practitioners in the Fulfillment and Fragmentation Realm!

Fulfillment and Fragmentation Realm practitioners only exist among Copper forces!

There were only two Copper forces in the entire Scarlet Tide Continent. They were also the true monsters of this continent!

The other Black Iron forces like Dark Asura Hall, Seven Fiends Valley, Dark Shadow Tower, Purple Mist Sea, and Cloud Sky Mountain were only the vassals of these two humongous Copper forces. Out of all five Black Iron forces, even the strongest warrior was only at the latter stage of the Netherpassage Realm. No one had been able to step into the Fulfillment Realm.

Those who could step into the Fulfillment Realm had long been pocketed by the two great Copper rank forces, and they have long since went to the true Copper rank forces to cultivate.

“The sect master had planned to retire a long time ago and let Elder Mo Hai become the new sect master.” Tang Siqi explained softly, “But Elder Mo Hai’s ambition does not lie here. He has expressed a long time ago that if he did forge an Earth Grade spirit artifact, then he would leave Armament Sect and journey abroad.”

“He refuses even the position of sect master?” Qin Lie was shocked.

“Yeah. Since he does not want to inherit the position of sect master, left with no choice, the sect master came to discuss the matter with me and hoped that I would be able to take over in the future.” Tang Siqi nodded and continued saying, “Originally, I was the only candidate, but now there is another, Liang Shaoyang, and he’s a male as well. If his talent is truly great, then he may be an even more suitable candidate than me.”

When she said this, Tang Siqi’s eyes were filled with mixed emotions. She didn’t know whether to feel lucky or worried about this.

While the duo talked as they walked along, they soon arrived at the back of Flame Volcano. The back of the mountain had beautiful scenery, craggy rocks, and cliffs like swords.

A few elegant bamboo buildings were located beside a gushing waterfall at the back of the mountain. There were a number of herb gardens at the front of the bamboo buildings, and there were many spirit herbs grown inside.

An average-looking, but quiet and elegant matron was gathering herbs inside the herb garden.

The matron looked about forty years old and appeared kind and benign. The corner of her lips were curled into a thin smile, and when she saw Tang Siqi and Qin Lie walking over, she asked smilingly, “Oh, it’s Siqi. Are you here for A’Hai?”

“Yeah.” Tang Siqi smiled sweetly, “Auntie, is the Great Elder free right now?”

“A’Hai is helping Shaoyang by explaining the path of artifact forging. He left me here to stop visitors.” The matron smiled lightly and pointed at a few bamboo chairs. “Go there and rest for a bit. It’ll be done in two to four hours.”

“Okay.” Tang Siqi nodded obediently before bringing Qin Lie to the bamboo chair beside an herb garden and sat down.

“Liang Shaoyang…”

Qin Lie’s eyebrows were locked with each other. He coldly gazed at the bamboo building and thought that enemies do meet on a narrow road.

“Don’t clash with him. Right now, he has the high regard of the sect master and three great reverends. Forget that you’re an outer sect disciple, even if you were an inner sect disciple, you would still be the one to run out of luck if you have a dispute with him,” Tang Siqi reminded with a soft voice.

Qin Lie kept his cold expression and stayed quiet.

It was only after a full four hours that Liang Shaoyang finally walked out of the bamboo building. After greeting the matron, he walked outside the herb garden and saw Qin Lie and Tang Siqi at first glance.

Liang Shaoyang was wearing a luxurious artificer robe. There were a lot of gold patterns sewn into it, and the arrogance in his eyes was even stronger than before. When he saw Qin Lie, his expression had darkened and his gaze became chilly, but when he saw Tang Siqi beside him, he then withdrew his arrogance and said respectfully, “Greetings, Senior Sister Tang.”

Tang Siqi only nodded slightly, barely a sign that she had returned the courtesy.

Since she learned of this man’s character, knowing that he had plotted against Qin Lie from the shadow and murdered Yin Hao, Tang Siqi had lost all traces of good will towards him. When she saw him Tang Siqi could only feel disgust.

That was why nodding her head in return was her limit already.

“Senior Sister Tang, both Sect Master and Elder Mo Hai have said that your talents are extraordinary and that I should learn more from you in the future.” Staring directly into Tang Siqi’s eyes, he said very impudently, “May Senior Sister Tang not hesitate to enlighten me in the future!”

“I can’t teach you anything.” Tang Siqi frowned and impatiently said, “With Sect Master and Great Elder assisting you, there is no need at all for you to learn from anyone else. Alright, please step aside, I have business with Great Elder.”

The small path leading towards the bamboo building was not wide. With Liang Shaoyang blocking the way, it would not be easy for either Qin Lie or Tang Siqi to pass through.

—Unless they stepped on the spirit herbs of course.

That matron had called Mo Hai “A’Hai.” She obviously shared an extraordinary relationship with Mo Hai. Qin Lie knew this, and he also knew that the spirit herbs were planted by her, so naturally, he wouldn’t be stupid enough to irk her.

“Senior Sister Tang, my entrance was slightly late and I am not too familiar with the sect rules of the inner sect. May you please guide me!” He stared straight into Tang Siqi’s eyes.

“I’m busy.” Tang Siqi grew angry on the inside and said again, “Step aside!”

“You have time to help an outer sect disciple but not me?” Liang Shaoyang glanced once at Qin Lie before saying lightly, “Is it really worth it for Senior Sister Tang to bother with a talentless outer sect disciple? In my opinion, Senior Sister Tang is merely wasting time on him. You may as well spend some time on me. I will not disappoint you, Senior Sister Tang.”

“Step aside!”

Qin Lie took one step forward, leaned his shoulder, and abruptly rammed it into Liang Shaoyang’s right side.

Liang Shaoyang laughed instead of getting angry. “Reckless fool!”

He channeled his strength internally as layers of gray, curtain-like spirit energy waves gushed out from the right side of his body.

“Illusory Shroud Seven Layered Force!” Liang Shaoyang yelled coldly.

Seven overlapping spirit energy waves, that were like the sky, pushed against each other to increase their strength before they abruptly burst out of Liang Shaoyang’s shoulder.

Qin Lie remained unmoved. Thin layers of ice suddenly formed on his shoulder, whereas the inner section of his bones roared with thunder and tightly intersecting lightning.

“Qin Bing! Don’t be reckless!” Tang Siqi cried out.

Liang Shaoyang was at the latter stage of the Natal Opening Realm with nine Natal Palaces that were full of energy. Qin Lie was only at the early stage and yet he was about to forcefully clash Liang Shaoyang. Was he not staring at his own death?


The moment the two men’s shoulders clashed, a dull and turbulent wave exploded out. Shockwaves of spirit energy shot out and caused the surrounding spirit herbs in the herb garden to splinter.

Amazingly, Liang Shaoyang actually backed off a few steps all the sudden and retreated all the way back to the little square in front of the bamboo building.

Qin Lie’s body actually stood firm and still like a steel mountain. After Liang Shaoyang had retreated, he passed through the small path with a cold expression and stood at the little square in front of the bamboo building as well.

Tang Siqi covered her mouth with shock written all over her beautiful face.

The middle-aged matron in the herb garden beside them also appeared to be very shocked. She looked at Qin Lie with sudden amazement, staring at his shoulder and praised him on the inside, “What a powerful physique!”

The hard clash earlier was too quick and sudden, and Liang Shaoyang had stepped out to withstand it in a hurry. He had no way to channel the energies of all nine of his Natal Palaces in such a short period of time.

On the other hand, Qin Lie had come prepared, and when he took a step forward the frost, thunder, and lightning energy had activated all at once from the three Natal Palaces inside his body!

His thoroughly tempered physique was also far stronger than Liang Shaoyang’s. He didn’t need to summon his energy at all as they would come forth at any time he wanted. He could instantly unleash his explosive power!

Liang Shaoyang could not unleash all of the energy of his Natal Palaces in time, and his physique was nothing amazing either. So he had suffered a huge loss instead after a forced clash. At this time, the bones of the right side of body felt like they had fallen apart, and the frost energy spread out like a bone eroding poison causing his right arm to gradually turn stiff.

“You can come over now, Senior Sister Tang.” Qin Lie turned his head.

Tang Siqi finally reacted. She looked a little confounded, and after a quick “Oh,” she hurriedly passed through the small path at the center of the herb garden and arrived beside Qin Lie in a panic.

alyschu: Yes, A'Hai is Mo Hai. A' is also a Chinese endearment.

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