Chapter 1469: Chaos is Coming

Chapter 1469: Chaos is Coming

At Ninth Heaven, the leaders of the six great Gold rank forces led by Pei Dehong gathered for a meeting yet again.

The news that their forces at Rock Calamity Domain had been wiped out had already spread from the Central World. The realm entrance at Ninth Heaven could no longer link up with the realm entrance at Rock Calamity Domain either.

They immediately knew what had happened.

However, the leaders of the six great forces hadn’t gathered today due to Rock Calamity Domain.

After all, Rock Calamity Domain was just a small realm. It wasn’t even a particularly outstanding one among the plethora of vassal realms Ninth Heaven possessed.

Moreover, the guardian of Rock Calamity Domain, Han Qian, was just an Imperishable Realm martial practitioner despite her extraordinary talents.

After the Han Family had been annihilated, and the Sea Race of Blue Snake Sea had been wiped clean by the enemy, there was no power left behind Han Qian.

Alone, Han Qian simply wasn’t important enough to urge them into action at such a time. 

Moreover, they had a vague notion that Qin Family was looking for war. This was especially obvious after they had acquired the support of the Ancient Beast Race, the Demon Dragon Race, the Ji Family, Sky Mender Palace, and the Ice Emperor himself.

On the surface, the Qin Family’s power wasn’t inferior to theirs in the slightest.

Moreover, they had also heard news from Asura Realm that Qin Hao had created his nine-level Soul Altar. He was now so powerful that he was able to fight the two great Devil Kings that had entered Spirit Realm to a standstill.

The power Qin Hao had displayed frightened them greatly. It was why they had completely lost the will to fight the Qin Family head on recently, not to mention that the Ice Emperor was also on their side.

In their opinion, the defeat of Rock Calamity Domain and Han Qian’s disappearance were all an attempt to goad them into taking action.

Right now, they had no confidence that they could beat the Qin Family at their current level. That was why they had chosen to hold their hand and endure the slight.

Today, they had gathered here to talk about the Profound Ice Family of Shattered Ice Realm.

“Are we sure that the news is true? Those Profound Ice Family members really had lost contact with the God Race? The Profound Ice Family’s patriarch and a powerful rank ten bloodline warrior really are missing from their ranks?” Hong Ju asked in a solemn tone.

Pei Dehong nodded before smiling mysteriously. “Don’t ask me who my source is. All you need to know is that my information is absolutely correct.”

Hong Ju’s eyes lit up. “Dammit, if only we knew that those numbers were all the God Race had at Shattered Ice Realm back then!”

The news had also excited Zu Yang. “If that is all the forces they have, then we can definitely take them on!”

“The God Race is also holding the rank ten giant dragons captive, which means that we have a righteous cause to launch our attack.” Hong Ju smiled. “We should try to spread news about this upcoming engagement as much as possible. Once those Profound Ice Family bastards are dead, our fame will skyrocket throughout Spirit Realm. We’ll become the heroes of the human race, or even Spirit Realm itself!”


Pei Dehong was also smiling.

As of late, the second invasion of the God Race had spread to every corner of Spirit Realm.

If they attacked the God Race’s vanguard and successfully destroyed them, their fame would surely skyrocket through the roof. Also, they wouldn’t be at a complete disadvantage in terms of fame if their relationship with the Ice Emperor were to sour one day.

Moreover, success would promote their status in the eyes of the Wood Race, the Sea Race, the Asura Race, and other powerful foreign races.

The rift between their forces and the Giant Dragon Race caused by the unhappy parting at Shattered Ice Realm would be healed as well. They would be able to work together seamlessly with the Giant Dragon Race once more.

Lastly, the two giant Profound Ice Family starships must be hiding a lot of secrets. Victory meant that all the spoils were theirs to enjoy.

There was a chance that they might uncover the God Race’s bloodline secrets or the techniques that created their wonderful artifacts from this battle. It would carry their knowledge of the bloodline, soul and power to a whole new height.

The God Race was one of the four transcendent bloodline races. The wealth of knowledge they possessed could only surpass human race’s by eons.

Twenty thousand years ago, the Hundred Races had only successfully chased the God Race out of Spirit Realm.

They hadn’t been able to capture or kill decent number of God Race clansmen. They hadn’t been able to obtain any real secrets, except for some superficial hints.

The opportunity before their eyes held many benefits. It was obvious that no one was willing to let it pass by.

“Brother Pei, are you sure your info is absolutely correct? Are you sure that the Profound Ice Family only has this one army at Shattered Ice Realm right now, and that both their patriarch and their strongest warrior are missing? Are you sure that they wouldn’t be able to return at first notice?” Zu Yang confirmed one last time.

“I told you that my info is absolutely correct!” Pei Dehong said with a displeased look.

“Then all is fine.” Zu Yang let out a dry laugh before explaining, “This is a matter of great importance. I’d rather be safe than sorry.”

“No one has any objections to offer, right?” Pei Dehong asked loudly.

“We have none.” The group nodded their heads.

“Then let’s get to work,” he said in a low tone.

The Void Realm and Genesis Realm experts of the six great Gold rank forces started to get busy.

A whole new realm entrance was quickly built at the edge of Shattered Ice Realm.

Not long after, a huge amount of human experts poured through the realm entrance.

Before this, the patriarch of the Giant Dragon Race, Affleck, had completely lost confidence in Pei Dehong and his group. But when he noticed that a huge number of human experts had suddenly poured into Shattered Ice Realm again, he decided to join their forces once more.

At Sky Bearing City.

Qin Lie’s Dark Soul Beast avatar had returned to Sky Bearing City after killing and devouring the souls of all Ninth Heaven martial practitioners at Rock Calamity Domain.

The rank nine Dark Soul Beast now possessed many soul slaves. The rank ten Lizard Progenitor had been growing stronger at a tremendous rate as well.

After devouring so many Void Realm martial practitioners’ flesh, blood, and souls at Rock Calamity Domain, the Dark Soul Beast avatar had planned to return to the underground palace at Sky Bearing City and cultivate its bloodline to rank ten.

In fact, the avatar was just about to lay low for a while after it had arrived at the underground palace under Qin Lie’s order.

However, the avatar suddenly picked up something while it was refining a soul with the Soul Race’s secret arts.

“I’m sensing one, no, more than one kin in Spirit Realm!”

Anything the avatar felt, the main body knew too. Qin Lie immediately went to the Ice Emperor and his grandfather, Qin Shan.

“A couple of Soul Race clansmen appeared in Spirit Realm!”

“The Soul Race!” The Ice Emperor’s expression abruptly changed.

The news caused Qin Shan to turn serious as well.

“Back at the abyss passageway, I had run into two rank ten Soul Race clansmen. They were already trying to enter Spirit Realm at the time. Unfortunately for them, I destroyed the black hole that linked Spirit Realm to the abyss passageway, so they weren’t able to pass through to Spirit Realm back then,” Qin Lie explained. “It had been some time since our last meeting, and it is possible that they had ultimately found another way to enter Spirit Realm. Both those two Soul Race clansmen seem to be sons of the Imperial Soul Monarch and princes of the Soul Race.”

“Two rank ten Soul Race clansmen!” Even the Ice Emperor was feeling some pressure now.

“What troubled times we’re in.” Qin Shan sighed while shaking his head.

“They may also be accompanied by the Satorius Family’s patriarch Narsen and his Spirit Race faction’s clansmen,” Qin Lie added.

The Ice Emperor’s expression changed yet again. A while later, he got up and declared, “I think it’s time to tell those two to return home.”

The two fellows he was referring to were the other two sages of the human race, Thunder Emperor and the Flame Emperor.

“Chaos is coming,” Qin Shan muttered.

“What must come, must come,” the Ice Emperor said.

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