Chapter 1468: Scheme

Chapter 1468: Scheme

“Abyss Creator!”

The crowd cried out in astonishment. Their eyes on Qin Lie grew hotter and hotter.

Ji Yao, Hua Anyang, and Gan Feipeng had all battled in the Frost Desolation Abyss before.

Maybe another person wouldn’t be informed on the power structure of the Abyss, but they weren’t one of them. They had all heard of the “Abyss Creators” from the mouths of some Abyss Devils.

An Abyss Creator was the master and origin of an Abyss level. The effect they had on an Abyss level was practically unimaginable.

Although they all knew that Qin Lie wielded a certain level of power in the Abyss, and that he was secretly affiliated with the Great Lord of Frost Desolation Abyss, Dawson, none of them could’ve imagined that Qin Lie would become the creator of an Abyss level!

He was only at rank eight God Race bloodline and in the Imperishable Realm, but a whole new Abyss level was born because of him!


But the declaration had come from the Ice Emperor himself, sage of the human race!

Recently, they had all learned that the Ice Emperor had ventured deep into the galaxy. They also knew that he had operated in the Abyss before.

This meant that the Ice Emperor had a deep understanding of the situation in the Abyss, and that he wasn’t speaking drivel.

They had no choice but to believe him!

The more they came to realize the extent of Qin Lie’s achievements, the more shocked they became.

They finally realized that Qin Lie’s current standing might be even higher than the Qin Family itself.

Qin Lie looked unaffected as he walked towards Qin Shan and the Ice Emperor.

Every expert in the hall was staring at him with unspeakable passion.

In this moment, Qin Lie was undoubtedly the star of the show.

Qin Shan wore a calm look at the front of the Procedural Hall, but he couldn’t hide the happiness residing behind his eyes.

He was very glad to see the Ice Emperor himself acknowledging Qin Lie’s achievements, and his grandchild becoming the center of attention.

Looking back, his decision to stay his hand and let Qin Lie handle all the difficult decisions was right.

Qin Lie’s current strength, bearing and power had all been won by his own two hands.

He hadn’t gotten any support from the Qin Family at all.

The current Qin Lie was capable of winning everyone’s hearts and shut up all the Qin Family members or followers who might’ve questioned his rule.

The current Qin Lie was also perfectly capable of carrying the Qin Family to greater heights after Qin Hao!

Qin Shan was certain that no one in the family or the vassal forces would question Qin Lie’s abilities ever again.

This was the outcome he had hoped to see all this time!

Qin Lie stopped in front of his betters before saluting respectfully. “Senior Ice Emperor, Grandpa, Grandpa Ji, Grandpa Hua.”

Hua Tianqiong nodded admiringly at Qin Lie while laughing. “Well done, boy, well done!”

Ji Dan was smiling and nodding as well.

The Ice Emperor returned a smile before saying, “We’ve discussed many things as of late, but in general it is about how the land of Spirit Realm is going to be divided among the races, how to deal with Pei Dehong and his forces, and how to clear Shattered Ice Realm.”

“It probably won’t be easy to take out Shattered Ice Realm’s forces,” Qin Lie said suddenly.

Ice Emperor narrowed his eyes and grew a little serious. He seemed to know that Qin Lie wasn’t the type to speak words lightly. “What do you mean?”

“Shattered Ice Realm’s Profound Ice Family members had set up all kinds of barriers inside Shattered Ice Realm. They’re also supported by two large starships. I estimate that our losses will be at least five times bigger than theirs at minimum if we were to take Shattered Ice Realm and kill all the Profound Ice Family members that are entrenched there,” Qin Lie said seriously. Then, he lowered his voice suddenly so that only a few people could hear him and repeated, “At least five times…”

The Ice Emperor’s face looked heavy.

Qin Shan, Ji Dan, and Hua Tianqiong were frowning deeply as well.

Dealing with the God Race of Shattered Ice Realm was one of the main points that was brought up frequently during their discussions.

Originally, their plan was to destroy Shattered Ice Realm with sheer numbers. They didn’t think it would be that difficult to kill all the Profound Ice Family members there considering that they outnumbered them a lot.

However, none of them had predicted their expected losses to be five times bigger than the enemy’s, at minimum.

“Are you sure about this?” Hua Tianqiong asked in a low tone.

Qin Lie nodded. “There should be no mistake.”

The Ice Emperor fell silent for a moment before making an eye gesture at Qin Shan.

Qin Shan, Ji Dan, and Hua Tianqiong immediately ordered the martial practitioners inside the Procedural Hall to leave for the moment.

They were all leaders of a Gold rank force respectively, so every martial practitioner inside the hall started leaving in an orderly manner regardless of the forces they belonged to.

A dozen or so seconds later, the only people left in the Procedural Hall were Qin Lie, the Ice Emperor, and the three old men.

“I had released Mia, the girl from the Profound Ice Family you met earlier, back to her people due to certain reasons,” Qin Lie said honestly. “She was the one who told me quite confidently that it’ll take at least five times the number to take down Shattered Ice Realm and kill all of her clansmen. Moreover, I had run into a few situations back at the Flaming Sun Abyss. From what I gleaned from another God Race clansman’s tone, they didn’t seem particularly worried for the safety of their trapped clansmen.”

Qin Lie sucked in a deep breath before continuing, “I think they’re fearless for a reason.”

The Ice Emperor said in a low, thoughtful tone, “The girl’s words can be trusted. The Thunder Emperor and Flame Emperor had told me that the God Race didn’t seem all that interested about their people at Shattered Ice Realm.”

Qin Shan, Ji Dan, and Hua Tianqiong’s expressions all changed a little.

“The God Race had been unyielding during that negotiation. They had told the Thunder Emperor and Flame Emperor to do whatever they wanted.” The Ice Emperor sighed. “They even said that they would drench Spirit Realm in blood if we really did eliminate every last clansman there is in Shattered Ice Realm two years later when they arrive.”

“That is why the three of us have been hesitating for such a long time.”

“To be honest, we’ve explored the galaxy for twenty thousand years, and we’re well aware just how deep the God Race’s well of power truly is. That is why we aren’t sure that we’d be able to beat the God Race even if we managed to unite all the races of Spirit Realm.”

The Ice Emperor explained in a helpless tone.

“But if we do nothing at all, negotiations with the God Race will only get even more difficult.” Ji Dan spoke up suddenly.

Hua Tianqiong pondered for a moment before saying, “Maybe we should test how powerful the God Race clansmen at Shattered Ice Realm truly are. Of course, we don’t have to do the dirty work ourselves…”

An odd glint flashed across the Ice Emperor’s eyes.

Qin Shan smiled lightly before adding, “We haven’t told anyone that the God Race clansmen at Shattered Ice Realm are actually trapped, have we? That is why Pei Dehong and the rest still think that the God Race’s army would come through Shattered Ice Realm endlessly.”

“But what if we told them that the rank ten bloodline warrior, Bing Hui and even the patriarch of the Profound Ice Family himself are currently away from Shattered Ice Realm? What if we also tell them that it’ll take the God Race at least another two years before they reappear in Spirit Realm? What do you think they would do?”

Ji Dan and Hua Tianqiong’s eyes lit up at once.

They both knew that Pei Dehong and his band loved to prey on easy pickings.

The reason the six great forces hadn’t taken action against Shattered Ice Realm was because they had no way to measure the enemy’s true strength.

They were afraid that the God Race’s giant army would be entrenched somewhere deep inside Shattered Ice Realm. They were afraid of being routed by the God Race.

But if they knew that this Profound Ice Family army was currently trapped in Spirit Realm, and the reason how it all had come to be, then maybe it would be enough to prompt them into action.

It shouldn’t even be too difficult considering that the Profound Ice Family was currently holding a lot of dragons in custody.

Among the captives were a couple of rank ten giant dragons as well.

Qin Shan, Hua Tianqiong, and Ji Dan looked at the Ice Emperor after they had come to a tacit agreement.

They all knew that the Ice Emperor didn’t wish to see a civil war breaking out within the human race right now. They also knew that the Ice Emperor hoped that both sides would make preparations for the great war that was to come in two years instead.

“Someone had to face those fellows at Shattered Ice Realm, and right now it’s either them or us,” Qin Shan said calmly. “We will not hesitate to take action if you truly believe that we are the more suitable choice, senior.”

“Qin Hao is dealing with Terror Devil King and Despair Devil King, isn’t he? I find no reason to make you do all the work,” the Ice Emperor said.

Qin Shan returned a light smile in response.

“Alright.” The Ice Emperor seemed to have come to a decision. “I’ll handle this matter.”

Both Ji Dan and Hua Tianqiong smiled maliciously.

Even Qin Lie was chuckling under his breath.

He knew that the six great forces had no idea how powerful the Profound Ice Family at Shattered Ice Realm really was. It meant that they would be attacking Shattered Ice Realm thinking that it was ripe for the picking, only to lose a great deal more than they had initially expected.

Of course, no one could guess exactly how much they were going to lose until after the battle.

Meanwhile, the Land of Chaos, at the center of Prism Continent where space was distorted.

This place used to be a settlement of the Heaven Ghoul Race. It was also where they had invaded the Land of Chaos from.

After the three great ghoul races had all been killed, this place was sealed off as a forbidden ground.

The distorted spatial energies that were rampaging on this land before had also been sealed off. Things had actually been calm for a couple of years straight.


Suddenly, a giant claw penetrated the seal that was keeping the distorted space in check and tore it apart.

A moment later, a gigantic Soul Beast had crawled into Spirit Realm.

“Is this Spirit Realm?”

The patriarch of the Satorius Family, Narsen, and a prince of the Soul Race flew out after the Soul Beast.

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