Chapter 1467: The Star

Chapter 1467: The Star

Qin Lie brought Mia to the Flaming Sun Abyss so that she could return to her home through the abyss passageway. After Mia’s back had fully vanished from view, he then opened a star door and left the Abyss.

Some time later, Qin Lie returned to Sky Bearing City and was greeted by the sight of countless flying spirit artifacts floating in the sky.

Many of the forces who once served the Qin Family had returned from the outer realms, flying back to their former territories.

As for the Ji Family, Sky Mender Palace, and some of the forces who had good relations with the Qin Family, they instead made a beeline towards Sky Bearing City.

There were people traveling in and out of the city. As a result, the sky quickly became crowded with flying spirit artifacts.

In the past, the Yuan Family was one of the Qin Family’s vassal forces. When the Qin Family was forced to move out of Spirit Realm, they had joined up with Sky Mender Palace temporarily.

Now that the Qin Family had returned, it was an obvious time to part ways with Sky Mender Palace and meet with the Qin Family’s old patriarch at Sky Bearing City.

There were a couple more forces just like the Yuan Family who emerged from seclusion after hearing the Qin Family had returned.

On another note, the Ice Emperor of the human race hadn’t left Sky Bearing City even once after his return.

Everyone knew that the Ice Emperor was discussing something important with the Qin Family, Ji Family, and Sky Mender Palace.

The Ice Emperor seemed to be declaring to the entire world that he was accepting of the Qin Family’s return through his actions.

The Ice Emperor represented the Three Emperors of the human race, so him being at Sky Bearing City meant that the Qin Family was supported by the Three Emperors themselves.

In fact, the city’s great protective formation hadn’t activated once since the Ice Emperor had arrived.

Countless human forces had surged into Sky Bearing City bearing various purposes.

After three hundred years of desolation, Sky Bearing City was finally bustling with noise and excitement again.

Qin Lie immediately noticed that the city’s atmosphere had largely changed even though only several days had passed.

“A pity that the Profound Ice Family is still encamped at Shattered Ice Realm, not to mention that the God Race’s invasion hasn’t been thwarted yet. There are also the Spirit Race and the Soul Race…”

Qin Lie sighed in his head before walking straight for the Qin Family’s Procedural Hall.

He was just about to inform the council about the information he had acquired from Mia before Qin Ye saw him.

“Where have you been, boy?” Qin Ye hurriedly caught up with Qin Lie. “The Ice Emperor was just looking for you.”

“I’ve been to Rock Calamity Domain with Hua Yuchi.” Qin Lie smiled.

“Rock Calamity Domain?” Qin Ye immediately realized what Qin Lie meant. “You mean the realm where that girl from the Han Family is hiding? What were you doing there? Are you hurt?”

Qin Ye’s face suddenly turned tensed.

Last time, Qin Lie had died and brought the Qin Family down with him because he had fallen for Han Qian’s machinations.

Up until recently, Qin Ye couldn’t even recall Qin Lie’s “death” without feeling a painful twinge in his heart.

That was why the memories had resurfaced, and why he was worried when he heard that Qin Lie had gone to see Han Qian again.

Qin Lie felt warmed by Qin Ye’s caring expression. He smiled. “I wouldn’t have what I have today if I was the same person as before.”

Qin Lie’s words woke Qin Ye back to reality.

His nephew was right. His experience, his mental strength, his combat strength and his allies were all completely different from before.

If Qin Lie still fell for Han Qian’s scheme after all the praises the Ice Emperor had lavished him with, then it would only prove that they had all been blind to reality.

“So? How did it go?” Qin Ye’s eyes slowly brightened.

Qin Lie withdrew his smile and sneered, “Rock Calamity Domain is now a river of blood. Every martial practitioner who was affiliated with Han Qian or Ninth Heaven had been slaughtered to the last.”

Qin Ye laughed madly and said “good” three times in a row before he yelled spiritedly, “A good kill! What a good kill that is! That is how it should be!” He seemed extraordinarily excited.

“And what about Han Qian?” he asked hurriedly.

Qin Lie grinned in reply. “She is in captivity right now. I will play with her slowly.”

“Hahaha!” Qin Ye gave Qin Lie a heavy slap to the shoulder. It seemed like he had put all his strength into the slap because Qin Lie felt a bit of pain even with his constitution. “Well done! This is the best news I’ve heard in three hundred years!”

His laugh was suddenly cut off by a series of violent coughs. The light in his eyes turned dim all of a sudden.

Qin Ye hurriedly poured out a couple of life replenishing pills to his hand and swallowed them all. Then, he grabbed Qin Lie’s hand and pulled him into the Procedural Hall.

Qin Yun, Ji Yuan, Ji Yao, Miao Yizi, Chen Lin, Hua Anyang, and all the second generation commanders standing at the edge of the Procedural Hall were all staring at Qin Ye in astonishment.

It was because Qin Ye very seldomly lost himself in public like this.

“Our boy has just flattened Rock Calamity Domain!” Qin Ye shouted.

Many second generation martial practitioners stared at Qin Lie with bright eyes.

In fact, every single one of them was smiling from the bottom of their hearts. They all seemed to think that this was the way it should be.

Qin Lie should wash away the shame Han Qian had poured on him himself. And the fact was that Qin Lie had successfully annihilated the entire Han Family, the Sea Race of Blue Snake Sea, and now their enemies at Rock Calamity Domain. Without borrowing any of their forces.

None of them thought that Qin Lie was wrong for wiping out Rock Calamity Domain and killing Han Qian despite the sensitive timing.

In fact, they all thought this was something Qin Lie, considering his current power and fame, should be doing!

Maybe they had all secretly hoped that Qin Lie could take a blade to their enemies.

The vassal forces and the Qin Family members who had been forced to leave Spirit Realm because of that incident felt even more pleased on the inside.

It was the outcome they had all wished to see!


Qin Lie looked past his second generation seniors and towards Qin Shan. His grandfather was currently speaking with the Ice Emperor at the foremost area of the hall.

Qin Shan smiled as if he knew what Qin Lie was trying to say. “It’s just Rock Calamity Domain and Han Qian. You may do whatever you wish.”

Qin Lie smiled when he heard that.

Qin Shan even added, “To be frank, we were all hoping that Pei Dehong and the rest would lose control and fight us. It’s going to be another two years before the God Race shows their faces anyway. If the six great forces wish to play during this period, then we will happily indulge them to their hearts’ content.”

“Haha!” Hua Tianqiong laughed without restraint. “Well done, boy! We were just wondering how to piss them off best!”

The Ji Family’s ancestor was smiling as well.

Everyone was looking like they were in full confidence.

As for the Ice Emperor, he simply smiled once and revealed no other reaction. It was as if Qin Lie’s act of destroying a Rock Calamity Domain and killing a Han Qian was nothing more but a trivial matter to him.

He thought that Qin Lie was simply acting out of youth and didn’t pay it any heed.

After all, who hadn’t been young in their lives?

It was nothing worth mentioning compared to the things Qin Lie was doing for the entire Spirit Realm, and the effect he would bring to the human race in the future.

“You’ve come at just the right time. We were just about to demand the six great forces return our former territories and those that used to belong to our vassal forces.” Qin Shan beckoned him over to his side before declaring right in front of everyone, “You are the reason why the Ancient Beast Race is siding with us right now, so I need you to inform the Beast Kings about our plan so we can demand their territory back from the six great forces as well.”

“Oh right.” Qin Shan clapped his own head before saying, “The Demon Dragon Race also wishes to enter the Dragon Realm. They are a part of the Dragon Race after all.”

“Ah! You’re saying that the Ancient Beast Race is siding with us because they’re giving face to Qin Lie?” Ji Rui asked.

“So that’s why,” someone from Sky Mender Palace exclaimed.

The martial practitioners inside the hall were at minimum Void Realm experts. They were all second generation commanders.

Most of them only knew of the Qin Lie of the past. Although they had heard of Qin Lie’s recent change, many of them didn’t know its scale.

But thanks to Qin Shan’s declaration, they finally realized that Qin Lie was important even to a powerful foreign race like the Ancient Beast Race.

More importantly, this race was affiliated with Qin Lie, and not the power supporting him, Qin Family.

Everyone’s view on Qin Lie was refreshed as a result.

“Qin Lie is also the reason why the Demon Dragon Race had become our ally,” Chen Lin said.

The people’s eyes lit up yet again.

“In the future, please speak with Qin Lie if you wish to do battle in the Abyss.” Ji Yao laughed once before saying, “All I know is that the route to the Abyss lies in Qin Lie’s hands, not the Qin Family’s.”


“He’s the one who holds the way to the Abyss? Not the Qin Family?”

“So that’s how it is.”

Some of the leaders who had come from distant lands were shocked to hear this.

None of these leaders were part of the Ji Family, Qin Family, or Sky Mender Palace. The reason they had rushed all the way here was because they wished to come to an agreement after hearing some rumors.

All these people had strong belief in the Qin Family’s chances. They all believed that the Qin Family could suppress, or even defeat the six great forces single-handedly.

That was why they had rushed to Sky Bearing City.

Of course, some of them were supporting the Qin Family due to the Ice Emperor. They didn’t think that it was possible for the Qin Family to lose with the Ice Emperor on their side.

It wasn’t like they hadn’t heard of Qin Lie. In fact, they had been hearing more and more about him as of late.

However, they had all thought that the Qin Family’s secret support was the main reason behind everything Qin Lie possessed today.

They also thought that the way to the Abyss was in the Qin Family’s hands, not Qin Lie’s.

It was only after Qin Shan and Chen Lin had spoken that they realized the truth.

“Qin Lie doesn’t just control the way to the Abyss, he himself is a creator of an Abyss level.” The Ice Emperor smiled.

The Ice Emperor’s statement caused an even bigger commotion. Even some of Ji Family and Sky Mender Palace’s experts were stunned by the revelation.

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