Chapter 1466: God Realm

Chapter 1466: God Realm

In a place deep in the galaxy.

God Realm.

This super-sized realm had six burning suns during daytime, and twelve shining moons when night came.

Under the cover of night, bathing in clean moonlight were enormous ancient palaces that stretched out endlessly like tall mountains.

At the top of one of the giant palaces ten thousand meters tall, there was an enormous realm entrance. It shone even brighter than the moons.

The palace was so tall it seemed to stretch into the clouds, and so did the mist shrouding it.

Flying spirit artifacts and starships hundreds and thousands of meters long floated like giant beasts in the clouds.

Those were the flying artifacts of the God Race families.

At this time, the God Race leaders, as well as some elders, came from all over the God Realm and gathered in the grand palace.

Spatial vibrations suddenly came from the realm entrance at the top. Then a tall figure flew out.


Another white shadow suddenly flashed and then turned into the patriarch of the Profound Ice Family, Han Che.

"Father." Mia's eyes turned red.

"I’m so glad you’re alive." Han Che smiled and said, "Did the boy do anything to you?"

Mia shook her head. "Only trapped me for a while."

"At least he is tactful. Otherwise, even if the elders wanted to protect him, I would not spare him!" Han Che snorted and said, "Go, those old fogeys are waiting for you, and want to know your situation."

Han Che reached out and pulled Mia, disappearing.

Inside an enormous hall, there were a dozen of enormous hundred-meter-tall statues. They appeared to be the most renowned clansmen of the God Race’s history.

They had made great contributions to the God Race. After they passed away, they qualified to have their statues placed in the hall.

The later generations would then come to the hall and try to comprehend the mysteries hidden in the statues’ presence. The more lucky ones could even boost their bloodline and its abilities.

This place was called the Temple of Gods, and was one of the most important places in the God Realm. Many of the major matters of the race were discussed there.

As Han Che's daughter, Mia had the good fortune of staying half a month in the Temple of Gods when her bloodline reached rank eight.

In that fortnight, Mia stayed around the statues and comprehended a bloodline secret art of an ancestor of the Profound Ice Family.

It was of great benefit to her.

This was her second time.

Following Han Che, she went to the front of the Temple of Gods, and saw the God Race clansmen standing by the enormous statues.

Those old people were the elders of the God Race, and had once dominated the galaxies.

Right now, many of them did not have their peak bloodline power because of serious injuries, but their intelligence was still present.

They still protected the future of the God Race, and provide precious experience and suggestions on the major matters.

They were the wealth of the God Race.

"You finally came," Gan Xing said with a smile.

He and a red-haired old person stood under an enormous statue as he greeted her immediately.

The old person next to him was once a rank ten bloodline warrior of the Blaze Family. Tens of thousands years ago, when the Blaze Family had been fighting in the Abyss, he killed a Great Lord of the Abyss. Alas, it was a hard fight, and his God Race heart shattered.

Even a powerful God Race clansman would need endless time to recover from a shattered heart.

Even now, his bloodline had only recovered to rank nine, and it would be difficult to return to his peak.

Gan Xing could be counted as a bloodline descendant from his great grandchildrens’ generation. Because Gan Xing and Qin Lie had once been in contact, the Blaze Family youth had been allowed entry.

"You also came?" Mia stilled and said, "Where's Liu Yang?"

"She isn't here," Gan Xing said with a smile.

Mia hesitated and said, "After you see her, thank her for me, and you..."

Gan Xing said with a nod, "I will."

Han Che looked at the old person of the Blaze Family and bowed slightly, saying gratefully, "Without Gan Xing and Liu Yang's request, Mia would not have been able to return."

The God Race old person was called Lieyan Ge. He had a wrinkled face, and his skin was an unhealthy red. His neck and forehead were covered with old age marks.

He snickered and said hoarsely, "As long as you remember Qin Lie is still a part of the Blaze Family. No matter what he does now, and no matter what he does in the future, the blood in him comes from the Blaze Family, and is the bloodline of my nephew, Lieyan Yuan." 

Even the last patriarch of the Blaze Family, Lieyan Yuan, was a descendant of this old injured man.

Ever since he learned of Qin Lie's special traits, he constantly told the God Race that Qin Lie was a member of the Blaze Family.

Qin Lie's bloodline, even if it formed Perfect Blood later, originated from the Blaze Family.

Lieyan Ge was proud of this.

He thought that the bloodline of the Blaze Family was the strongest and most special among the five families!

Due to this, he had been fighting everyday with the elders of the other families.

His evidence was Qin Lie who had formed Perfect Blood.

While he had never met Qin Lie, in his eyes, Qin Lie was a member of the Blaze Family.

"Old man! He awakened the Profound Ice Family bloodline, and has Absolute Zero. I think that deep down, his bloodline stems from the Profound Ice Family!"

An old member of the Profound Ice Family immediately shouted from nearby before Han Che could answer.

There were several other members of the Profound Ice Family over there that shouted. They all said that since Qin Lie awakened Absolute Zero bloodline ability, his greatest bloodline secrets came from their family.

The nearby Blaze Family elders around Gan Xing immediately flushed red.

These old monsters that were on average over fifty thousand years old rolled up their sleeves and started to fight fiercely with red faces.

It appeared they would immediately start fighting once they had a disagreement.

They did not care this was the Temple of Gods, and that the statues around them were of the greatest of the race.

They did not fear that they would destroy the Temple of Gods and those statues if they fought.

Han Che looked at the shouting old people with helplessness.

As of late, these elders, renowned throughout the realms and wise beyond measure, were arguing every single day like children. In the holiest place of the God Race, no less.

Sometimes, they fought physically, and there were no incidents only because the younger generation stopped them.

Han Che looked to the front.

Kuang Jue of the Bloodthirst Family, Yu Xi of the Light Family, and An Hao of the Darkness Family all wore deep frowns.

They exchanged a look. They felt they had to be faster.

If they could reestablish spatial connection with the Profound Ice Family members in Shattered Ice Realm, they could mount an invasion and make Qin Lie submit.

"Mia, speak of the boy."

At the front of the Temple of Gods, the elder of the Light Family dressed in white priest robes said harmoniously.

After he finished speaking to Mia, he glanced at the noisy old people and snorted.

The two old people tangled together laughed awkwardly and patted each other's shoulders under his gaze as though nothing had happened.

The two immediately returned to their positions.

Mia immediately knelt and told everyone about her encounter with Qin Lie, her head low. 

She also spoke of the Ice Emperor of the human race, and the feeling of the ice cold crystalline thread within her body used to restrain her power.

The God Race clansmen slowly quieted as she spoke.

When she finished, the old person of the Light Family said in surprise, "It appears we have underestimated the human race of the Spirit Realm slightly."

"Based on her words, that human called 'Ice Emperor' should not be weak," Lieyan Ge said.

Han Che had a solemn expression and said, "He is my match."

Pausing, he added, "Of course, ultimately I would be the victor."

The God Race clansmen were slightly shocked and had a new opinion of the strength of the human race in Spirit Realm.

"How many of people like this are in the human race?" the old person of the Light Family asked.

An Hao answered, "No more than five."

"That is good." The old person nodded and said, "As long as it’s not like the Abyss, with one hundred and ei- no, one hundred and nine levels, three to five of such monsters in each."

"So Spirit Realm appears to be very easy to deal with. Our only question is, can we reach them in a shorter time?"

Everyone nodded.

“We will put all our power into making a spatial passageway and reach our clansmen in Shattered Ice Realm."


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