Chapter 1465: At Least Fivefold

Chapter 1465: At Least Fivefold


The last thread of ice cold crystal thread flew out of Mia's eyes like a nimble white snake.

Qin Lie's one-level Soul Altar released bone-aching cold and absorbed that last thread of crystalline ice.

Inside the Soul Altar, that Frost Concept Diagram became more complete.

Qin Lie took a deep breath and used his True Soul inside the Soul Altar to feel the wonders of the Frost Concept Diagram.

The complicated and mysterious laws of frost appeared in his mind like complicated spirit lines.

Large amount of knowledge, the essence of frost power, and its understanding flowed into his soul and memories.

The arctic power seemed to magically amplify his God Race bloodline.

Yet before he could probe some more, Mia, who had recovered her freedom, suddenly attacked in anger.

A cold ray of icy light, containing her bloodline secret art, stabbed towards his neck.

Qin Lie's eyes flashed with icy intent.


The icy ray hit his neck as if it hit metal.

The ice shattered, and the bloodline power Mia had put in it immediately dissipated.

Before Mia could attack again, Qin Lie charged at her. His hand as fast as lightning, he grabbed her by the neck.

His fingertips produced five ice spikes that flashed with cold light.

"Do you really want to die?" Qin Lie said coldly.

Mia's tall body suddenly froze. She didn't dare move.

She could feel that the five spikes were extremely sharp and imprinted with the laws of ice.

The arctic power contained within them was something that even her Profound Ice Family bloodline could barely withstand.

She suddenly realized that Qin Lie's understanding of cold had deepened after he had awakened the Absolute Zero bloodline latent ability.

She also felt that Qin Lie's strength had exploded again in this while.

She did not know that Qin Lie had experienced bloody battles in the Flaming Sun Abyss. His understanding of all the powers in the world, and his bloodline power had all increased.

She only knew that at present, she... was not a match for Qin Lie.

She was not stupid and didn't want to die, so she immediately quieted.

Taking a deep breath, her chest expanded, and her cold eyes recovered their usual calm.

"You said you are giving someone face, who?" she asked calmly.

Qin Lie did not conceal and answered honestly, "Liu Yang."

"Liu Yang?!" Mia showed obvious surprise. "You know her?"

Qin Lie was silent for a moment and said, "And Gan Xing. I think of Liu Yang and Gan Xing as friends. Even if the God Race invades Spirit Realm in the future, Gan Xing and Liu Yang are still my friends."

Mia looked in shock at him as though she found it strange. "Since you are friends, why do you harm us? Also, you clearly can become a member of the Blaze Family, isn't that better than being part of the human race? The races of Spirit Realm are fated to be defeated by my race. Can you stop or change it?"

"Regardless of whether I can change it, I will have to at least try. If one day, I cannot do anything, maybe... I will admit defeat." Qin Lie slowly loosened his grip on Mia's neck.

He knew that Mia was a smart woman. Since she had calmed down, she would not continue to make a fuss.

"My blood may have the bloodline of the Blaze Family, but I grew up in Spirit Realm. This place is my home, I cannot watch as Spirit Realm is burned down, and all beings have to live in the shadow of the God Race," Qin Lie said coolly.

Mia was unusually silent.

After a while, she said, "You cannot stop it."

Qin Lie frowned.

"I know my race's strength. When the five families finally decide to take down Spirit Realm, unless the Spirit Race and Soul Race interfere, the races of Spirit Realm cannot stop it." Mia paused and said, "Rather than that, it would be better for you to surrender to us early. That way, at least you can protect the people around you."

Qin Lie shook his head.

Mia wanted to continue persuading but Qin Lie interrupted her and said, "I will see you off."

He grabbed Mia's hand.


Mia felt a wave of dizziness and when she recovered, she found she was in a completely unfamiliar world.

This world had thick abyss devil energy.

"The Abyss?" She was surprised.

There was an abyss passageway beside her and the heads of many Abyss Devils.

Those were Abyss Devils that Locke had killed previously.

"This is the Flaming Sun Abyss, the one hundred and ninth level of the Abyss. I am the creator of this level." Qin Lie pointed to where Mia was standing with a calm expression. "Just a while ago, Gan Xing and Liu Yang came and spoke to me, hoping that I would release you."

Mia gave a smile for the first time. "I had not expected Liu Yang to be so loyal."

"I release you because of her, otherwise, you’d be dead," Qin Lie said coolly.

Mia asked interested. "What is your relationship with Liu Yang?"

She did not react greatly towards her potential death, but started to gossip about Liu Yang and Qin Lie's relationship. This surprised Qin Lie greatly.

"Friends, very good friends," Qin Lie answered.

"It shouldn't be so simple?" Mia's eyes flashed with light.

Qin Lie had a strange expression. "Does this have anything to do with you?"

"Just asking. What? Is this something you cannot answer?" Mia sneered.

Qin Lie pointed at the abyss passageway entrance and said, "You can leave through there. I believe that you can last for a while near the abyss passageway with your bloodline rank. You should have a way to contact your father. He also left Shattered Ice Realm. I hope you can tell him and have him and the other family leaders of the God Race ponder the invasion of Spirit Realm because there are still members of your Profound Ice Family trapped in Shattered Ice Realm."

"My father is very stubborn." Mia snorted and said, "Also, I do not feel that the strength of the Spirit Realm races is enough to defeat my family members in Shattered Ice Realm."

"They are just a portion, your father and Bing Hui are also absent. Spirit Realm has so many experts, how can they not kill those people?" Qin Lie asked in disbelief.

"We have modified that place, and there are two starships there." Mia had a proud expression as she said coldly, "Maybe after you test the power of the starships, you will know what price you would pay if you tried to kill my family."

"If they do not attack and stay within Shattered Ice Realm in the starships, your casualties will increase at least fivefold!"

"At least!"

After saying this, Mia ignored Qin Lie's shock and flew into the abyss passageway.

"At least fivefold..." 

After she left, Qin Lie had an ugly expression as he murmured.

He finally understood why the God Race was unwilling to compromise, and why Han Che did not seem to care about the life and death of his family.

It seemed that if the God Race resolved to stand their ground and fight, the Spirit Realm would pay a huge price to take them down.

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