Chapter 1463: Collapse

Chapter 1463: Collapse 

“What did you say? Huang Miao! What did you just say?”

Han Qian immediately lost control after Huang Miao had announced his departure.

She wasn’t even addressing him as “Elder Huang” anymore. She was calling him by his name directly.

Huang Miao was the powerful ally she had sacrificed much to hire. Not all was lost as long as he had remained by her side.

But without Huang Miao, her side would be destroyed in an instant.

After all, no one else was capable of fighting the Lizard Progenitor. It was extremely unlikely that her forces’ combined strength was enough to beat the giant lizard, not to mention that it wasn’t alone.

This meant that Huang Miao was her only shot at victory!

“I said that I’ll be leaving Rock Calamity Domain right away,” Huang Miao said while turning around to look at her.

However, he was no longer looking at her with lust.

Due to the Lizard Progenitor’s advice, Huang Miao now realized that Qin Lie could take his life anytime he wished. The revelation had stunned and terrified him greatly.

He even had a feeling that the only reason he was allowed to leave with his life was because Qin Lie had decided to give face to the Lizard Progenitor.

He was a Genesis Realm expert who had lived for a couple thousand years. His attitude had taken a hundred and eighty degrees turn the second the reality of the situation had hit him.

Apprehensive and afraid, Huang Miao didn’t even dare take a glance at Vanessa. Whatever plans he had for Han Qian were completely wiped out of his mind either.

“Our agreement is invalid from now on!” he declared coldly before taking off to the depths of Rock Calamity Domain without another word.

“Master, there’s another realm entrance in Rock Calamity Domain made by Ninth Heaven. That is where Huang Miao will be leaving through. Should I guard that realm entrance, or should I just destroy it?” the Lizard Progenitor asked.

“Destroy it,” Qin Lie answered.

“Understood.” The Lizard Progenitor hurriedly follow after Huang Miao.

After that, Qin Lie ordered casually and coolly, “It’s time to take out our enemies in Rock Calamity Domain, Curtis.”

His Dark Soul Beast avatar withdrew its gigantic white bone scythe after Huang Miao had submitted.

Then, the sinister-looking creature flew straight towards Han Qian’s phoenix-shaped flying spirit artifact.

“Huang Miao has escaped without fighting!”

“What should we do if even Huang Miao is gone?”

“We’ve all been swindled by that bitch Han Qian!”

All the Void Realm martial practitioners Han Qian had recruited started panicking in this moment.

They had crumbled away like dust when they saw the Dark Soul Beast and the Asura Race clansmen charging towards them.

“Sweep through Rock Calamity Domain after you’ve killed them all. No martial practitioner affiliated with Ninth Heaven is to be left alive,” Qin Lie instructed.

“Understood,” Curtis replied.

Suddenly, the only people left beside Qin Lie were Vanessa and Hua Yuchi, who was hovering slightly further away from the duo.

Hua Yuchi started laughing without warning until he was swaying back and forth on his feet. He then pointed a finger at a pale-faced Han Qian before shouting, “Didn’t think this day would come, did you bitch!”

Meanwhile, Han Qian had suffered a complete mental breakdown. The light in her eyes was fading bit by bit.

Behind her, the subordinates that had served her loyally for many years and the Void Realm martial practitioners she had recruited from other realms were being hunted down by the Dark Soul Beast and the Asura Race clansmen.

A young martial practitioner who was infatuated with her and had served her for many years was stomped into bits by the Dark Soul Soul Beast.

Behind him, the old servant who had served her loyally was torn to shreds as well.

The Dark Soul Beast had swallowed the Han Family old servant’s body straight down its gullet. It hadn’t even bothered to chew.

Curtis and the rest of the Asura Race clansmen were busy cutting off the heads of the aides she had personally raised as well.

A one-sided slaughter was happening behind her. It was a bloody and cruel scene.

The so-called experts she had invited from the outer realms might share the same realm as Curtis, but they were completely powerless before the Asura Race clansman.

Although they were all middle stage Void Realm experts, they were no match for the seasoned veterans of the Frost Desolation Abyss. Curtis and his group swiftly dealt with them, their screams filling the sky.

The Asura Race clansmen were powerful warriors who dared to challenge a Lord of the Abyss. Tempered by the Abyss, their strength was far beyond an average fighter at the same cultivation rank.

Their experience was the foundation of their strength.

When these people noticed that they were no match for the Asura Race clansmen, they immediately started screaming and running away.

In an instant, the helpers she had spent much effort to gather had turned into frightful mice.

In just a short time, all life had vanished from behind her.

Unsurprisingly, Qin Lie’s Dark Soul Beast avatar and the Asura Race clansmen had purposely avoided Han Qian.

No one had so much as disturbed the dazed girl.

Broken, Han Qian stood blankly on the phoenix flying spirit artifact as if she had been isolated.

Qin Lie narrowed his eyes and flew towards Han Qian after noting that the time was ripe.

Vanessa had been clinging closely to Qin Lie before, but she chose this moment to move away from him.

The woman had fallen silent completely instead of laughing like she was doing earlier. She followed wordlessly behind Qin Lie’s back.

Originally, Hua Yuchi was planning to shoot a couple more scathing remarks at Han Qian, but when he saw how broken she had become, he let out a cold snort and fell silent as well.

An odd light glinting in his eyes, Hua Yuchi shot a glance at Han Qian and Vanessa in succession.

A moment of hesitation later, he let out a soft cough before saying, “I leave this to you.”

Then, he wisely left the area and vanished out of sight.

“I won’t let you go even if I’m dead!”

Suddenly, Han Qian broke out of her trance and noticed that Qin Lie and Vanessa had moved right in front of her.

She produced a thin, long sword and stabbed it straight towards her glabella.

Behind her glabella was her one-level Soul Altar. Her soul would perish if she destroyed her own Soul Altar.

Han Qian knew that she was no match for either Qin Lie or Vanessa. She knew that there was no hope for her to take revenge either. That was why she had tried to commit suicide in order to avoid further humiliation.

Qin Lie flicked a finger at her, and a bloody light cut through the air in the blink of an eye.


Han Qian’s sword was knocked aside before it could penetrate her own head.

Her face turning white, Han Qian tried to detonate her own Soul Altar.

But a layer of water flew out of Vanessa’s hands and wrapped around Han Qian completely.

Vanessa was a peak rank nine bloodline expert, one step away from reaching rank ten. She could do anything to Han Qian, and there was nothing the latter could do to stop her.

An instant later, Han Qian discovered that the power she had gathered to detonate her own Soul Altar had been locked behind a layer of water.

Han Qian could do nothing except moving her limbs and speak.

The girl glared at Vanessa hatefully like she was her mortal enemy. “What the hell are you trying to do, bitch?!”

The last traces of a smile vanished from Vanessa’s face.

She simply stared blankly at Han Qian as if she couldn’t hear the hateful curses Han Qian was uttering.

Qin Lie suddenly frowned a little at her.

It was at this moment Vanessa suddenly knelt towards Qin Lie and bowed her head. “Young Master Qin, I beg you to spare her life. If she lives, I promise to serve you as your humble servant. I will do everything in my power to become patriarch of the Sea Race and do my utmost to serve you afterwards. If necessary, I can give you my body and everything I have to you as well.”

“I can even give you her. I’m willing to serve you with my daughter by my side. All I ask is for you to spare her life.”

“I beg you, please.”

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