Chapter 1462: Familiar Face

Chapter 1462: Familiar Face

The Lizard Progenitor passed through the star door.

“A rank ten bloodline expert!”

Han Qian’s expression changed as she let out an involuntary scream. Suddenly, she had a feeling that the situation had spiraled out of her control.

She didn’t know how the Lizard Progenitor was able to enter Rock Calamity Domain from outside.

But she was at least certain that the decrepit teleportation formation she had hired someone to repair wouldn’t allow any rank ten bloodline expert to go through.

This meant that the Lizard Progenitor and Qin Lie had another way to enter Rock Calamity Domain.

Huang Miao was an early stage Genesis Realm expert, and a rank ten bloodline expert was about as strong as he was. It meant that the situation had become unpredictable.

She was no longer certain that Huang Miao alone could deal with the enemies before her.

Her expression immediately turned serious.

But before she could do anything, Huang Miao’s reaction to the Lizard Progenitor’s arrival made her feel even colder.

“Old lizard!” Huang Miao had shouted, “It’s you?”

“Huang Miao!” The Lizard Progenitor was surprised as well.

The atmosphere of the tension-filled battlefield suddenly took a strange turn after the duo’s exclamation.

“You know him?” Qin Lie frowned.

“Master.” The Lizard Progenitor saluted Qin Lie first before introducing Huang Miao, “Huang Miao is one of the few friends I have. The Lizard Race had never seen eye-to-eye with the human race or other races, and we’d seldom interacted with another race either. Huang Miao is an unaffiliated cultivator who isn’t part of any sect because he has a bad temper. It’s also why he often operates outside space. In the past, he and I had crossed paths with each other due to various reasons, and we’d become good friends since. I… didn’t realize that our enemy had invited him as their foreign delegate.”

“Master?” Huang Miao’s face turned odd when he heard this. “When did you join the Qin Family, old lizard?”

“I haven’t joined the Qin Family.” The Lizard Progenitor snorted before admitting a little reluctantly, “I, I’m currently serving Qin Lie as my master. It has nothing to do with the Qin Family.”

“You’re serving him as your master? Have you gone senile?” Huang Miao taunted.

“I…” The Lizard Progenitor looked like it wanted to say something.

It was true that the circumstances surrounding his conversion into Qin Lie’s soul servant were a little complicated and forceful.

But it couldn’t deny the fact that it had learned plenty of soul secret arts from Qin Lie after it had become a soul servant.

Moreover, as the Lizard Progenitor grew to know Qin Lie more and more, it was starting to realize just how unique his master truly was.

The God Race’s bloodline, the Soul Race’s soul, the Demon Spirit of Space and Time’s bloodline, the ability to connect to the Abyss…

Qin Lie’s secrets were sure to shock the entire world if they were exposed.

The Lizard Progenitor had only started understanding this after he had communicated with Curtis, observed Qin Lie in secret and received some soul energy from his master as a gift.

Every time he learned something new about Qin Lie, it would feel less reluctant about his current status.

In fact, he had already accepted the fact that he was QIn Lie’s soul servant. He no longer thought that his status was something to be ashamed of.

The Lizard Progenitor was even planning to interact with the world beyond and contribute to the welfare of the Lizard Race through Qin Lie.

It was because he now knew exactly what Qin Lie, his master, could give him.

“Elder Huang! What are you doing?” When Han Qian saw that Huang Miao had stopped controlling his Soul Altar, and was even chatting with the giant lizard, she immediately had a bad feeling about the whole thing.

That was why she had urged Huang Miao to act.

“Quiet!” Huang Miao turned around and shot her a cold look, “Shut up while I’m talking with my friend!”

Han Qian was just a one-level Soul Altar expert. She had never been important in his eyes.

In fact, if Han Qian hadn’t possessed the Sea Race bloodline, cultivated the power of water and was affiliated with Ninth Heaven, she would be about as important as a speck of dust in his eyes.

“Remember what you promised me!” Han Qian yelled.

“I told you to stop talking!” Huang Miao said irritatedly.

“Interesting, how very interesting,” Vanessa chuckled to herself.

Qin Lie rubbed his chin while staring back and forth between the Lizard Progenitor and Huang Miao.

In his opinion, the situation was firmly in his control. He was confident that he could deal with anything that Huang Miao could throw at him.

“If you can’t deal with Huang Miao, then I’ll send someone else to deal with him.” He stared lazily at the Lizard Progenitor while sending it a soul message. “You know that Huang Miao will die if he dares to attack me. You also know that I don’t need to borrow the Qin Family’s power to dismantle your friend completely. Banderas of the Giant Race is all I need. And don’t forget that I can summon the Beast Kings of the Ancient Beast Race or the Qin Family experts of Sky Bearing City to Rock Calamity Domain through the star door anytime I wish.”

The Lizard Progenitor’s giant eyeballs twirled.

“I wish to speak with you alone, Huang Miao.” The Lizard Progenitor made an eye signal.

Huang Miao hesitated for a moment before nodding reluctantly. “Try not to put me between a rock and a hard place, old lizard. I did make a promise, you know.”

“A rock and a hard place?” The Lizard Progenitor snorted before taking off to the distance.

Huang Miao swore inwardly before he followed right behind the Lizard Progenitor. They soon stopped above a couple of bald mountains.

The place they were having their conversation was only a hundred kilometer or so away from Qin Lie. Both sides could just barely see one another.

Neither Qin Lie nor Han Qian on her flying spirit artifact had acted rashly after the two powerhouses had left.

Right now, the rank ten Lizard Progenitor and the seven-level Soul Altar Huang Miao were undoubtedly the strongest powers in Rock Calamity Domain.

Their decision could literally decide the fate of this battle.

Therefore, Han Qian had no choice but to restrain herself until either one of them had come to a clear decision. She did not dare provoke Qin Lie until then.

Qin Lie himself was completely unaffected, however. He allowed his gaze to swim up and down Han Qian’s fantastic body, occasionally clicking his tongue in wonder.

Even Vanessa had let out a low chuckle and clung tightly to Qin Lie after seemingly noticing his inner thoughts.

She even rubbed her wholesome breasts against Qin Lie’s shoulders.

Han Qian’s eyes burned with fury as she stared at Qin Lie and her own mother. Gritting her teeth strongly and shouting the word “bitch” inside her head repeatedly, it looked like sheer willpower was the only thing holding Han Qian back from cutting the two eyesores into countless pieces.

Originally, Qin Lie wasn’t planning to do anything to Vanessa. But when he noticed that Han Qian was staring at them like she would swallow them alive, he suddenly decided to change his mind.

He first let out a couple of odd laughs that were directed at Han Qian. Then, he moved his hand downwards and grabbed Vanessa’s round butt.

He could feel Vanessa’s soft body turn stiff all of a sudden.

Qin Lie’s hands stopped moving. He didn’t go further than that.

At first, Vanessa’s body was incredibly stiff, but a while later she started to relax.

She even twisted her waist slightly as if she was encouraging Qin Lie to go further. Her round bum trembled slightly within Qin Lie’s palm.

He was immediately treated to a full experience of her surprisingly bouncy butt.

Qin Lie hesitated for a moment before looking downward at Vanessa. He discovered that she was smiling lovingly at him and seemingly enjoying his gentle touch.

He immediately understood what she was doing and stopped holding himself back. He started touching Vanessa all over her butt and her waist right in front of Han Qian.

From time to time, he would shoot a taunting glance at Han Qian and smile oddly at her.

Han Qian’s face was beet red, and her eyes were burning. She panted heavily as if it was the only thing she could do to keep her anger in check.

She looked like a powder keg that would explode at any moment.

“Both of you will die a horrible death! You will! Bitch! You shameless bitch!” Han Qian swore inside her head.

“Hehe!” Meanwhile, Qin Lie continued to laugh quietly while holding the charming Vanessa, hands working magic in and out her flexible bottom.

Over time, he could feel Vanessa’s body temperature rising bit by bit.

Vanessa herself was chuckling to herself while her daughter was glaring at her with eyes that looked like they could kill. Whatever she was thinking inside her mind, it made her body grow more and more sensitive for some reason.

Qin Lie could clearly feel her intimate parts becoming wet as he continued to work his magic.

At first, Qin Lie was only doing what he was doing to infuriate Han Qian, but when he noticed that Vanessa was responding positively to his teasings, he started to grow a little… distracted.

In fact, his desire had swelled to the point where he couldn’t even muster his concentration anymore.

“Hmm…” Suddenly, Vanessa let out a low cry and bit her lips tightly. Her beautiful face turned so red that it was as if blood would pour out of her pores.

Surprised, Qin Lie pulled out his drenched hands from beneath Vanessa.

His eyes were filled with astonishment.

He never imagined that this woman would… while her daughter was glaring bloody murder at them...

“Shameless bitch!” Han Qian finally lost control of herself and yelled.

At the same time, the Lizard Progenitor and Huang Miao had finally returned from their discussion.

Huang Miao made a slight bow towards Qin Lie before apologizing, “I will leave Rock Calamity Domain right away.”

“I see,” Qin Lie answered indifferently.

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