Chapter 1461: Mother and Daughter

Chapter 1461: Mother and Daughter

"Han Qian, long time no see!"

Vanessa giggled, laughing with a pleased expression.

Her body was pressed close to Qin Lie like a full-bodied beautiful snake.

As she laughed, she gently rubbed her body against Qin Lie.

Any person, at a glance, would imagine her relationship with Qin Lie was not ordinary.


Huang Miao, the Genesis Realm expert with a seven-level Soul Altar Han Qian had invited, seemed to find something new when he saw Vanessa.

Huang Miao's dark eyes suddenly grew heated. He looked at Vanessa and then at Han Qian. He laughed. "Wonderful, wonderful! A sister pair!"

"Oi, Han Qian, will you not introduce her to me?" His interests were aroused. "Is this your elder sister?"

He clapped and cheered.

Vanessa was very similar to Han Qian in appearance. Anyone with eyes could see the blood relationship between them.

Back in Blue Snake Sea, Vanessa had sucked all of Anya's energy, soul power, and vitality.

Her bloodline power reached the peak of rank nine, and she was a thread from rank ten bloodline.

After the great advancement, Vanessa looked decades younger, and she appeared like Han Qian's elder sister at a glance.

Also, with her pure Sea Race bloodline, she was more attractive than Han Qian.

"I am her mother." Vanessa giggled insanely with intentions of stirring up trouble. She threw a flirty glance at Huang Miao. "What? Are you together with my daughter?"

When the beautiful and dignified Vanessa showed herself, no one could resist her charisma.

Huang Miao looked as if his soul had been pulled out of his body.

"Mother and daughter, mother and daughter..." Huang Miao murmured soulessly.

He was suddenly enchanted by Vanessa.

"Whore! How can you be so shameless? You are together with Qin Family?!" Han Qian screamed. "Do you know that he destroyed the Han Family?! He killed my father, your husband! Your son, Han Lei because of him! You shameless whore! How can you face the ancestors of the Han Family?!"

She exploded like a snake who had its tail stepped on. She pointed at Vanessa and cursed ruthlessly.

Clearly, in her mind, she never thought of this woman as her mother.

Looking at her angry state, cursed words and bellowing chest, Qin Lie suddenly realized.

He finally understood why Vanessa was happy to come to Rock Calamity Domain and help humiliate her daughter.

Han Qian never treated Vanessa like her mother.

Also, Han Qian clearly felt humiliated at having Vanessa as a mother.

"Yes, I have always been a shameless woman." Vanessa laughed lightly. However, she had no mirth in her eyes.

She continued to rub against Qin Lie's shoulder with her heavy breasts as she said with a smile, "This man you harmed three centuries ago went to Blue Snake Sea because I led him there."

"I’ve contributed greatly to the death of your Han Family."

"Your father, grandfather, and uncles were either killed by him under my eyes, or... I cut their heads off myself!"

"I felt happy and satisfied seeing their heads roll."

"The destruction of the Han Family, the deaths of the local Sea Race branch, that's what I wanted to see!"


Vanessa laughed louder and more excitedly.

Han Qian trembled all over, her eyes showing bone-aching hatred.

She glared at the laughing Vanessa. She breathed heavily and then looked back at Huang Miao, saying, "Please kill all the invaders!"

She paused and pointed at Vanessa, saying, "Especially this whore! Make mincemeat of her!"

Huang Miao snickered and said, "I cannot bear to."

Han Qian stilled. She could not react immediately and said, "What?"

"Your mother... is very good. It would be a pity if she died." Huang Miao did not disguise his thought and said, "I will kill all invaders other than her. I will keep her alive and have her serve me alongside you. Mother and daughter, haha, I'm excited thinking about it!"

He could see immediately that Vanessa, with her rank nine Sea Race bloodline, was much stronger than Han Qian.

The water Soul Altar he had created needed female martial practitioners like Vanessa and Han Qian to help his cultivation advance.

Just in terms of effectiveness, Vanessa could give him much more help than Han Qian.

Also, Vanessa's appearance and body was more to his taste compared to Han Qian.

"You, how can you be like this?" Han Qian was furious.

Huang Miao did not even flinch and said, "Do not worry. After the month, you can live, and she will die after I extract her bloodline power."

"Oh." Vanessa shouted in alarm and attracted everyone's attention. Then she looked meaningfully at Han Qian and said, "Oh, oh! My good daughter is just like me. I sold my body to get the young master of the Qin Family to Blue Snake Sea, and killed the Han Family and the Sea Race. You sold yourself like I did to trade for a Genesis Realm expert to kill Qin Lie in revenge."

She chuckled. "We are exactly the same."

Her eyes and expression were full of disdain as she associated herself with Han Qian.

"Kill them all! Kill them immediately!" Han Qian screamed madly.

"Alright." Huang Miao nodded with a smile.

He slowly moved his seven-level Soul Altar towards Qin Lie but his naked gaze was still on Vanessa's seductive body.

His gaze was like a hungry wolf seeing a lamb to slaughter.

At this time ,Vanessa stopped rubbing against Qin Lie's shoulder.

She still had a smile, but her eyes recovered clarity from her previous madness.

She slowly recovered her calm.

"Is it just you?" Qin Lie said suddenly.

"What?" Huang Miao was confused.

"I asked if you were the only Genesis Realm practitioner here.” Qin Lie repeated himself.

"Is one not enough?" Huang Miao had an impatient and cold expression. He thought Qin Lie was stalling. "The teleportation formation to Rock Calamity Domain only allows intelligent beings under rank ten bloodline and under Genesis Realm to enter. Therefore, I am invincible there. Who can possibly defeat me? Boy, you think delaying will do you any good? The teleportation formation is ruined. Even if it did, no Genesis Realm expert could come. No matter how long you try to delay, it will be all for naught!"

"Since the teleportation formation is ruined, how did I just come here?" Qin Lie said with a smile.

Huang Miao stilled and said, "Didn't you arrive earlier?"

He assumed that Qin Lie and Vanessa had come with Hua Yuchi and the others, but had hidden themselves.

That star door did not have the unique presence of the realm entrance. He thought that Qin Lie and Vanessa had come from the other side of Rock Calamity Domain in this manner to raise their spirits.

The star door's presence was very different from the realm entrance.

It was normal he would be mistaken.

"What if I told you I came just now?" Qin Lie said.

"So what?" Huang Miao was puzzled but not panicked. "Without a Genesis Realm expert, or some foreign being with rank ten bloodline, I can kill anyone I want!” he shouted in a domineering fashion.

"I need rank ten bloodline expert? Actually, you are not as strong as you think." Qin Lie shook his head.


His Dark Soul Beast avatar roared as it released the enormous white bone scythe.

The white bone scythe made from the bones and wings of Abyss Devils was even sharper after Atkins's golden horn had been merged in.

The bloody and savage presence exuded by the scythe could instill terror in any being. Even Huang Miao frowned.

"Do you know who this is?" Qin Lie pointed at the Dark Soul Beast and introduced. "Thirty thousand years ago, he was the one who almost destroyed all of Asura World."

"Him alone, with rank nine bloodline, can match you."

"Moreover, this is not all of my power."

"Come over!"

The enormous body of the Lizard Progenitor suddenly flashed out of the star door.

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