Chapter 1460: The Price Han Qian Paid

Chapter 1460: The Price Han Qian Paid

"If not for you, I fear I would not have come back alive."

The Lizard Progenitor's eyes flashed with savage light as he shouted angrily, "Those Rock Calamity Domain people are too evil! If I find them, I will tear them to pieces!"

He was truly angry.

While he had just stayed for only an instant in the mysterious chaotic streams of space, he was covered in countless wounds.

They looked as if he had been wounded by thousands of small daggers. Some cuts even reached the bones.

The Lizard Progenitor said with lingering fear, "I just stayed a few seconds in that ghastly place, but it felt like centuries!"

His eyes were filled with fear.

"Are you alright?" Qin Lie asked.

"I’m not seriously wounded." As he spoke, the Lizard Progenitor waved his enormous claws. He got a piece of meat out of somewhere and shoved it into his mouth, blood spraying out as he chewed and said indistinctly, "Just flesh wounds. Lucky, I was really lucky. However, I fear if I stayed a moment longer in that place, I would not be able to participate in the fight for Rock Calamity Domain."

The stars were filled with many unknown dangers. Even the rank ten bloodline Lizard Progenitor did not guarantee he would be completely safe when roaming about the endless void.

There were mysterious spatial rifts, forbidden zones, and remote areas filled with chaotic, unstable patches of space.

The Lizard Progenitor knew this.

The reason he had been able to come back alive this time was because Qin Lie had the bloodline of the Demon Spirit of Space and Time.

He knew it was only thanks to Qin Lie that he was still in fighting condition.

He felt even more afraid the more he thought about it.

"Do not worry." Qin Lie smiled and said coolly, "I heard there is a human Genesis Realm in Rock Calamity Domain. After a while, we will go together and kill that Genesis Realm expert. I will... give you his flesh and blood to eat and make up for what you used right now."

At these words, the Lizard Progenitor's eyes lit up. He said hurriedly, "What are we waiting for?"

"No hurry, the person of concern... is about to appear soon." Qin Lie smiled.

Vanessa had a strange expression.

She had no understanding of the Demon Spirit of Space and Time bloodline’s latent ability. She did not know that the star door they came through was formed by Qin Lie using his bloodline.

She thought it was a realm entrance.

She was shocked to see Qin Lie pulling the Lizard Progenitor back from among the stars so effortlessly.

Right now, as the teleportation formation in front of them and the one in Rock Calamity Domain were destroyed together, she thought the plan had failed.

But from Qin Lie's expression and the confidence in his voice, he could enter Rock Calamity Domain again at any time.

Vanessa was shocked and confused.

The earlier feeling she had grew stronger. This Qin Lie, even with his seemingly low cultivation and rank eight bloodline, was full of mysteries.

Her eyes filled with light and curiosity as she looked at Qin Lie.

Rock Calamity Domain.

Hua Yuchi, Curtis, and the other flew out of the cavern where the teleportation formation had exploded.

They stood among the chain of bare mountains and listened to the Dark Soul Beast avatar howl in the air.

They knew that when the teleportation formation shattered, Han Qian and the person waiting for them in Rock Calamity Domain should appear.

They weren’t wrong!

Hua Yuchi did not have to wait long. A glowing flying spirit artifact flew over like a phoenix, Han Qian slowly coming into view atop.

She frowned and looked coldly at Hua Yuchi. Not disguising her dislike, she said with a dark expression, "It’s just you?"

Her body suddenly shook. She balled her fists tightly, her fingernails cutting into her palm and bleeding.

Her eyes turned sharp and mad!

Looking at her vicious state, Hua Yuchi's expression changed slightly. He seemed to be intimidated by her presence and forgot to answer.

Han Qian continued to breathe deeply to calm herself and recover her wits.

When she learned Hua Yuchi had secretly bought special materials and invited an artificer skilled in teleportation formations to Chaos Star Realm, she guessed Hua Yuchi's intentions.

She went along with the plan, and secretly arranged for people to fix the damaged teleportation formation in Rock Calamity Domain.

Then, she used her connections and invited strong reinforcements.

She guessed that Qin Lie would come with Hua Yuchi!

But the teleportation formation exploded. This meant that a Genesis Realm, or a rank ten bloodline foreign race clansman was buried in the outer space.

However, there was no trace of Qin Lie.

She felt extremely disappointed.

In her eyes, Hua Yuchi alone was not worth her putting in so much energy to go and invite experts there.

She had sacrificed many benefits, and even... made some shameful promises to invite a Genesis Realm expert.

This was because Ninth Heaven temporarily did not want to burn ties with the Qin Family and wanted to watch and wait.

She knew it was difficult to invite the Genesis Realm experts of Ninth Heaven at this time, so she went to find reinforcements on her own.

She had planned all this, and made great sacrifices to defeat Qin Lie.

To that murderer who had killed the Han Family, her father, and her younger brother!

To kill Qin Lie, she could give up anything, even all the glory and benefits she had gotten until that point.

Including giving up her body after the matter was finished and serving that Genesis Realm expert for a month!

All of this was for Qin Lie, and not Hua Yuchi.

Due to this, when she saw Hua Yuchi, and not Qin Lie, she almost went crazy.

"He's Qin Lie?"

An old man with a thin and yellow face slowly flew out of the phoenix-shaped flying spirit artifact.


A seven-level water Soul Altar flew out of the old man's forehead and displayed his Genesis Realm cultivation.

He sat on the seven-level Soul Altar, his dark gaze on Hua Yuchi. He suddenly frowned. "His cultivation doesn't seem to match."

"He is not Qin Lie." Han Qian bit her lips and used the pain to calm herself. Then she turned around and smiled, saying, "Qin Lie appears to not have come this time. Elder Huang, this time, I will not trouble you to act."

"It’d be best if I didn’t." Huang Miao snickered, his lusty gaze roaming around Han Qian's body. "However, since I have come, we must realize the agreement between us. You also know that this past century I’ve been preparing materials for creating the eighth level of my Soul Altar. Due to your matter, I put down what I was doing and came from afar to Rock Calamity Domain. If I obtain nothing, how much effort and time would I have wasted?"

Han Qian felt cold all over under his gaze. She felt as though the tongue of a venomous snake was licking at her.

Han Qian's smile appeared more forced. She said timidly, "I can repay you in other ways. For example, the materials you need?"

Huang Miao shook his head, his expression turning cold. He said emotionlessly, "Just our agreement."

Han Qian still wanted to speak.

Huang Miao narrowed his eyes and said abruptly, "You know my temper."

Han Qian felt cold, her eyes filling with terror and she went silent.

She turned around, took a deep breath, and stared viciously at Hua Yuchi, Curtis and the others. She said, "Then I will trouble Elder Huang to act and kill all these people present!"

She vented her anger on Hua Yuchi and the others!

Huang Miao laughed strangely. He turned and looked at the other Void Realm martial practitioners that Han Qian had invited, saying, "Just watch."

Those people knew they were not a match for him. Seeing him monopolize all opponents, they could only nod.

"Remember! A month!" Huang Miao laughed at Han Qian.

Han Qian gritted her teeth and nodded.


Qin Lie's Dark Soul Beast avatar suddenly howled into the sky, the deep eyes showing disdain.

Above the Dark Soul Beast's head, a star door suddenly formed, Qin Lie and Vanessa came out together.

Qin Lie deliberately left the Lizard Progenitor in Chaos Star Realm.

Han Qian's expression became dazed.

Qin Lie suddenly appeared, holding the hand of her birth mother, Vanessa. This strange scene caused her to temporarily fall into a daze.

She did not understand the situation.

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