Chapter 146: Improving Rapidly

Chapter 146: Improving Rapidly

“Forget what I’ve told you before. Just assume that I never said anything.”

Inside the cultivation room, Tong Jihua instructed Qin Lie, Tang Siqi, and Lian Rou with a dark face. His gaze was complicated, as if he too had not expected that such an unbelievable incident could happen just as he was ready to take down Liang Shaoyang.

Lian Rou’s heart was still in turmoil.

Liang Shaoyang had actually completely learned the wonders of that spirit pattern pillar?

The sect master had ended his seclusion early. The three great reverends had descended the mountain together. Every elder in the sect had appeared at once. This commotion caused her to recall the grand occasion that happened back when Tang Siqi incited a spirit pattern pillar.

Qin Lie frowned. He was also caught off guard by this incident and didn’t look too good as well.

Judging from Ying Xingran’s actions, he had thought of Liang Shaoyang as a new gem and had declared that he would spend all the spirit materials in their possession to cultivate him. He had regarded him as an important seed for their future...

The three, decrepit great reverends also glowed with a ruddy look as if they had turned a few years younger.

What could they do now even if they did know that Liang Shaoyang had committed murder? If they really attempted to attack Liang Shaoyang, the sect master, Ying Xingran, and the three great reverends might be the first to stop them. The appearance of this diamond in the rough had caused those highly respected people to be so happy they could go mad. Who would dare cross Liang Shaoyang now?

As for the murder of Yin Hao and his prejudice towards Qin Lie, even if the sect master and the others did know about it, they would most likely turn a blind eye to it.

“I am the one who had underestimated that Liang Shaoyang.” Tong Jihua appeared somewhat regretful. “This kid is truly extraordinary. Not only does he have a devious mind, his methods are truly amazing as well. If I am not mistaken, he must have had a certain level of assurance to learn the wonders of the spirit pattern pillar before he decisively killed Yin Hao, keeping him from spilling any secrets.”

“Is there truly nothing we can do to him?” Lian Rou sighed softly.

“What can we do?” Tong Jihua looked helpless. “You’ve all seen the sect master and the three great reverends’ attitude towards him. Forget that he had only murdered Yin Hao and failed to truly murder Qin Bing, even if he did kill Qin Bing and a few more outer sect disciples, Sect Master would still pretend nothing happened just for the sake of his incredible talent alone.”

“Mn. Sect Master views the future inheritance of the sect as more important than anything else in the world. According to my understanding of his character, even if he did know that Liang Shaoyang had killed Yin Hao, he would not continue to pursue the matter either.” Tang Siqi’s pretty eyebrows were tightly locked against each other. She turned her head to look at Qin Lie before dejectedly saying, “Just pretend that you didn’t know Liang Shaoyang is out for your blood and be more careful in the future. Also, make sure not to come into any conflict with him as much as possible in the future. If any disputes are to happen, then no matter who caused it, you will definitely be the one to shoulder the blame.”

Qin Lie’s expression was dark and cold. “Armament Sect’s rules are useless just like that?”

“Let’s not mention that you’re just an outer sect disciple. Even if you were an inner sect disciple just like Yin Hao, you would have to avoid him just the same.” Lian Rou also consoled him, “Out of all the disciples in Armament Sect, only Siqi can pressure Liang Shaoyang. Sect Master and the three great reverends will not blame him too much unless he desires to act against Siqi.”

“No matter who he is, I will give no quarter to anyone who dares to provoke me.” Qin Lie snorted coldly and went straight out of the cultivation room.

“This kid is arrogant alright. If he, a mere outer sect disciple dares to clash with Liang Shaoyang at this point of time, he will definitely be the one to suffer the consequences.” Tong Jihua shook his head and told Lian Rou and Tang Siqi, “The two of you had better persuade him. A person needs to bear it especially in such a time. He should just assume that he didn’t know that Liang Shaoyang had plotted against him from the shadow and that he minimize contact with Liang Shaoyang as much as possible in the future. This is the wisest way for him.”

“I’ll do my best,” Lian Rou replied.

Tang Siqi nodded. Without saying anything further, she left together with Lian Rou.

When the trio had disappeared, the martial practitioner who had came in and out earlier quietly appeared again before Tong Jihua and consulted him, “Elder Tong, should we inform Sect Master about Liang Shaoyang’s murder of Yin Hao and the fact that he was plotting against Qin Bing?”

“There’s no need for that any longer.” Tong Jihua shook his head. “These are trivial matters of the sect. Sect Master will know the truth if he decides to investigate a little. Even if we don’t say anything, he should know what Liang Shaoyang has done by tomorrow evening at the latest. But this will not change anything. To him, a person’s character can still be carved in the future, but a person’s talent can not be cultivated later on. He will definitely not punish Liang Shaoyang at all for the prosperity of the sect.”

“This subordinate understands. This subordinate will assume that he is completely unaware of the matter,” this person said respectfully.

Tong Jihua sighed once before waving a hand for his subordinate to fall back. He was sunk in deep thought on his own, and his expression grew heavier and heavier.

“It would have been a small matter, but the reason Liang Shaoyang killed was because of Siqi. The reason he came to Armament Sect was probably also for Siqi, and Siqi is the other most talented person Sect Master and Elder Mo has placed their hopes on and the original default sect master candidate. Now that Liang Shaoyang has appeared, there is now one more sect master candidate. Moreover, he admires Siqi, while Siqi is somewhat disgusted by him…”

The more Tong Jihua thought about it, the more troubled he felt. He could not wipe away the premonition that there would be a huge conflict between Tang Siqi and Liang Shaoyang in the future, and from there onwards, cause a huge change within the sect.


When Qin Lie had exited Tong Jihua’s place and returned to the stone tower, he saw that the plaza was filled with people. A large majority of Armament Sect disciples were all standing beneath the spirit pattern pillars.

Yi Yuan, Ouyang Jingjing, Tian Jianhao, and the others were also among them. Not even Pang Feng and Pang Shishi were an exception.

They had not retreated from the plaza after Sect Master Ying Xingran and the three great reverends had left. On the contrary, they were all in high spirit as they focused their minds and looked at the spirit pattern pillars.

Their passion towards the spirit pattern pillars had suddenly skyrocketed by a few hundred times!

“Qin Bing, there’s still a spot here. Do you want to come and try to comprehend them?” Yi Yuan waved from afar after noticing him. “Who knows, maybe this is the day the spirit pattern pillars have come to life. Perchance we are able to share some of the glory and figure out some wonders from the spirit pattern pillars as well. What do you say? Come, come over and have a look. At first, I thought that inciting the spirit pattern pillars’ wonder was just one of Armament Sect’s lies, I didn’t think that it was actually real.”

“Forget it.” Originally, Qin Lie had planned to give it serious research as well. However, he had given up right away after giving it a glance.

It was just way too crowded.

There were people everywhere beneath the spirit pattern pillars. Those people were all lifting their heads with hopeful gazes, and some were even pushing each other and arguing loudly, approaching and fighting against each other.

How could he possibly learn the miracles of the spirit pattern pillars like this?

After declining Yi Yuan’s invitation, he squeezed through the crowded plaza with difficulty before returning to his own stone tower.

He arrived at the window on the second floor. Looking at the excited disciples who were staring at the spirit pattern pillars as if they had been injected with chicken blood, his expression turned cold.

“Liang Shaoyang!” he exclaimed in a low tone as a cold chill slowly spread inside the house, causing the entire room to become icy cold.

A few days later.

The news that Liang Shaoyang had triggered a wonder from the spirit pattern pillars continued to be a hot topic within the sect. Every disciple was discussing the matter.

The plaza was still overcrowded. There were many people who had not rested for an entire night and were still sitting right under the spirit pattern pillars, hoping that they too could learn the wonders of the inscriptions on the pillar.

The news that a genius had appeared in Armament Sect spread with astounding speed throughout all the surrounding forces. Dark Asura Hall, Seven Fiends Valley, Purple Mist Sea, and Cloud Sky Mountain had all sent characters of importance from their sect to congratulate Armament Sect.

The Shadow Tower Lord of Dark Shadow Tower was even more overjoyed when he heard about it, and it was said that he had already departed from Dark Shadow Tower to personally congratulate Armament Sect.

Liang Shaoyang had long since moved away from the outer secto. Recently, he was taught by the sect master and the three great reverends. They gave him guidance on his artifact forging skills and helped him widen his horizons.

Even Elder Mo Hai, who was abroad was alerted that a genius had appeared again in the sect. He would return to the sect earlier than planned as well.

During this period, Qin Lie had rented an artifact forging room with contribution points under Tang Siqi’s instructions and began to help her forge some random stuff.

Stuff such as the Five Element Crystal Bead, the sheath of a knife or sword, or the iron pole of a short spear.

These random materials were all components of a particular spirit artifact. They weren’t exactly critical components of the entire spirit artifact, but there was a certain degree of necessity as well.

Five Element Crystal Beads were beads formed by the spirit materials of metal, wood, water, fire, and earth. Their function was to be embedded on the spirit artifact. On one hand, it made it look prettier, and on the other, it could enhance a particular characteristic of the spirit artifact and better unleash the might of the spirit artifact.

The artifact forging room that cost ten contribution points a day had an artifact forging furnace, a few cupboards, and a few fire crystals to serve as a fire source.

Compared to the inner sect disciples’ caves at Flame Volcano, the artifact forging room at the foot of the hill were far cruder. He could not use earthfire as a fire source, and there was only one furnace that could be used.

But for Qin Lie this was already sufficient. It was enough for him to use his knowledge towards artifact forging.

Tang Siqi would have someone bring over the spirit materials needed to forge those random items. He only needed to smelt them according to the instructions, and he did not need to make additional purchases.

He would diligently temper those artifact components inside his rented artifact forging room. While free, he would use contribution points to attend the inner sect elders’ lectures and absorb knowledge of artifact forging.

Other than spirit diagrams, the inner sect elders would explain in fine detail various facts and methods on forging artifacts.

Qin Lie attended the lectures occasionally. Most of his time was spent forging artifacts inside his rented artifact forging room. He was growing more and more familiar with the attributes of various spirit materials and more and more adept at smelting a specific kind of spirit artifact.

He was improving rapidly...

After some more time, Tang Siqi began to have him forge some real artifacts. She would let him forge swords, knives and forks, long spears, hammers, feather fans, and other basic artifacts.

With the experience he had accumulated during the early phase, Qin Lie had not encountered too much trouble when forging complete artifacts.

Although he would often fail during the early stage, as he accumulated even more experience, his success rate was gradually increasing.

Half a year later, when Qin Lie had arrived at Tang Siqi’s cave with a sword, a silver spear, and a bronze hammer and passed the items to her, Tang Siqi’s eyes lit up as she said, “Your skill in tempering spirit artifacts has almost reached the level of many inner sect disciples. However, this is far from enough. If you do not know how to inscribe spirit diagrams, then you will never be considered a true artificer.”

Qin Lie nodded.

“Come with me and bring your forged artifacts. I’ll bring you to see Elder Mo Hai.” Tang Siqi got up and headed outside, saying, “As long as Elder Mo Hai acknowledges you, then you will be able to move from the foot to above the hill. You will become an inner sect disciple just like me and will learn the true art of spirit diagram inscription.”

Qin Lie’s eyes lit up.

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