Chapter 1459: Trap

Chapter 1459: Trap

Qin Lie kept sending out soul messages as he kept the star door opened next to him.

“Swhoosh swhoosh!”

Not long after, multiple figures flew out of the star door in succession and stood respectfully next to Qin Lie.

“Master.” The eleven newcomers saluted Qin Lie one after another. They were the Asura Race clansmen led by Curtis, and everyone was a Void Realm expert.

In fact, four of them were late stage Void Realm martial practitioners with six-level Soul Altars.

“They called him master…” Vanessa’s expression changed as her eyes glinted with surprise.

If Curtis’s group was serving under the Qin Family, then they should be addressing Qin Lie as the “young master”, not “master”.

The two titles were vastly different from one another.

Only those who were completely loyal or had offered a portion of their soul origin would call the other person their master.

This meant that Curtis’s group probably didn’t serve under the Qin Family, because Vanessa knew that the Qin Family normally didn’t deal their foreign delegates in such an extreme fashion.

This was without mentioning that Curtis and his people were members of the Asura Race…

Vanessa started guessing that the Asura Race experts were people Qin Lie had subdued to his rule.

Her surprise grew even bigger when she had arrived at the conclusion. Her knowledge regarding Qin Lie’s abilities had been refreshed once more.

Suddenly, a roar suddenly came through the star door.

Then, the Lizard Progenitor’s giant figure came to view as well.

“Master,” the Lizard Progenitor greeted Qin Lie loudly.

Vanessa was stunned yet again.

The Lizard Progenitor was clearly a rank ten bloodline warrior. She had no doubt in her mind that the giant lizard in front of her was none other than the progenitor of the Lizard Race.

She had heard of this particular giant lizard’s existence and strength since a long time ago.

However, even the Lizard Progenitor had addressed Qin Lie as his own master. This only served to prove her suspicions even more.

Not even the Qin Family had the power to force a rank ten bloodline warrior like the Lizard Progenitor to submit to them. It was absolutely impossible!

This meant that Qin Lie must’ve forced the Lizard Progenitor into submission through another way.

That was proof of Qin Lie’s abilities as well!

“Master, should we?” Curtis asked.

At the Frost Desolation Abyss, Miao Fengtian and his many powerful Corpse Demons waited for their turn.

All Qin Lie needed to do was the send out a thought, and they would emerge from the star door at his command.

If these completely alien Corpse Demons were to show up in Rock Calamity Domain, they would surely shock every race in Spirit Realm.

“There’s no need.” Qin Lie shook his head. “Not yet at least.”

“Oh.” Curtis wisely stopped there.

“It’s almost time.” Qin Lie grinned at Hua Yuchi while looking at the arch-shaped teleportation formation. “I’m heading over.”

Hua Yuchi sucked in a deep breath before lifting his chest. “Let me go first!”

Eleven Void Realm experts, a rank ten Lizard Progenitor and a massive reservoir of power not yet shown…

All these factors had given Hua Yuchi a boost of confidence. It made him believe that they could make that gamble even if Han Qian was luring them into a trap.

He was suddenly filled with confidence towards Qin Lie.

Before Qin Lie could change his mind, Hua Yuchi laughed courageously and charged towards the teleportation first.

“Han Qian is most likely waiting for you to show up, so she won’t show herself immediately if she sees me coming through the teleportation formation first. She’ll only execute her plan after you’d entered Rock Calamity Domain. Therefore, I should go over to the other side before you!”

After then, Hua Yuchi transformed into a beam of light and vanished into the teleportation formation.

Qin Lie smiled faintly before turning to look at Curtis’ group.

His Asura Races nodded understandingly before charging through the teleportation formation as well.

His Soul Beast avatar was the next to go after the Asura Races, growling before passing through the teleportation formation as a beam of light.

“What about me?” the Lizard Progenitor asked.

“You should go too.” He smiled.

The Lizard Progenitor waited for a moment before flying through the teleportation formation.

Qin Lie then turned his attention to Vanessa. He narrowed his eyes and examined her from head to toe.

He couldn’t help himself from praising her in his mind.

The woman before him was dressed in a long blue dress. Her transformed legs were slender but meaty, and her thin waist supported a pair of large, wholesome breasts. Every time she blinked, her infinite charm shone through like she was glowing.

Han Qian was clearly young and immature compared to her. Vanessa was like a fully-matured honey peach whose blink and smile were filled with seduction.

“What’s wrong?” Vanessa smiled before twirling once on her feet to give Qin Lie a full display of her wonderful body. “How do you want me to cooperate with you?”

Qin Lie fell silent.

Although he had wanted to use her since the moment he learned of her identity, he actually didn’t have a clue how to execute his humiliation plan.

As his understanding of Vanessa deepened further, and after he learned that this woman had had a nightmarish past, his initial resolve was even starting to waver.

In fact, he wouldn’t have forced Vanessa to come over if she hadn’t made the request herself.

“I don’t have any good ideas,” he admitted honestly.

“I see…” Vanessa’s eyes sparkled before she gave him a beautiful smile. “Just leave it to me.”

Qin Lie was surprised by her reaction.

“No one knows a woman better than another woman. I think I know best how to make my good daughter suffer…” Vanessa sneered.

“Alright.” Qin Lie nodded lightly.

Meanwhile, at a mountain range in Rock Calamity Domain.

There was a giant rock cave hidden in the middle of a mountain.

Inside the rock cave, a shabby-looking teleportation formation suddenly flashed before Hua Yuchi, Curtis, and the rest of the Asura Race clansmen appeared.

The Dark Soul Beast avatar let out an earthshaking roar that caught everyone’s attention the moment it passed through the teleportation formation and charged out of the rock cave.


Suddenly, the teleportation formation exploded while the Lizard Progenitor was still inside.

“Oh no!” Hua Yuchi’s expression changed drastically as he stared at the wreckage. “Dammit, that bitch had tampered with the teleportation formation! She made it so that any rank ten bloodline warrior or Genesis Realm martial practitioner would trigger an explosion the moment they tried to come through! What should we do now?”

Hua Yuchi looked at Curtis urgently, but the Asura Race looked perfectly calm, “There’s no need for worry.”

“The teleportation formation had exploded while the Lizard Progenitor was coming through. Right now, he may be floating in some unknown galaxy or trapped in one those terrifying spatial gaps.” Hua Yuchi was nowhere as calm as he was. “Even if it was a rank ten bloodline warrior, it wasn’t well-versed in the secret arts of space. It probably couldn’t find its way back to Spirit Realm, right? How can I not worry?”

“He’ll return to the master’s side,” Curtis explained in an indifferent tone.

His answer surprised Hua Yuchi.

At the same time.

Qin Lie who was speaking with Vanessa turned to stare at the destroyed teleportation formation before letting out a cold snort. “She truly is a devious woman.”

The rank ten Lizard Progenitor had suddenly lost his direction just as he was about to enter Rock Calamity Domain.

The Lizard Progenitor was dragged into some unknown chaotic streams of space an instant later, and countless alien light suddenly attacked its body.

Star door abruptly opened right next to the Lizard Progenitor.

At first, the Lizard Progenitor thought that he was certainly dead. Even now, its flesh was being cut apart by the unknown light.

However, the star door’s appearance had shocked him greatly. It immediately understood that Qin Lie could summon him back to his side even while he was trapped in the outer realms’ chaotic streams of space!

It was an incredibly rare and wonderful ability!


The Lizard Progenitor’s giant, bloodied body quickly emerged from the star door.

The giant lizard bared its teeth in pain while swearing loudly, “Those damned bastards! They’d prepared a trap that specifically targets rank ten bloodline warriors or Genesis Realm human experts only!”

If more Genesis Realm experts or rank ten foreign experts had passed through the teleportation formation with the Lizard Progenitor, they would’ve been met with the exact same fate.

Many of them might’ve been cut apart by the light just like the Lizard Progenitor.

These strange chaotic streams of space didn’t belong to Spirit Realm, and they didn’t carry any world spirit energy that the Lizard Progenitor could borrow.

The Lizard Progenitor fell into infinite despair when thrown into that chaotic space. With no source of power to fuel his regeneration and restore his powers, it was only a matter of time before he was cut into pieces.

Any other rank ten bloodline warrior or Genesis Realm martial practitioner would probably have been met with the same ending.

They would’ve been cut into bloody bubbles and annihilated from the world.

But because the Lizard Progenitor was connected with Qin Lie by the soul, and because Qin Lie had the bloodline ability Star Door, it was ultimately able to escape certain death.

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