Chapter 1458: Holding Firm to One’s Opinions

Chapter 1458: Holding Firm to One’s Opinions

“What do we do now?”

Sea King Pina looked depressed after they had returned to the island. She seemed to have no clue what kind of action they should be taking next.

Vanessa was silent as well.

Hayley, the Sea Race clansman who had stayed in Boluo Realm for a long time sighed, “Offending Qin Lie is even more troublesome than offending the Qin Family. This is Boluo Realm, and the Qin Family’s influence hadn’t yet reached here. But Qin Lie, on the other hand… has absolute authority over this place.”

“You’ve all seen the Giant Race’s attitude just now. They were willing to chase us out anytime if that was Qin Lie’s wish.”

“You might not know this, but Teng Yuan, Nivitt, Tong Yan, Tyler of the Black Jail Race, and the demon dragon Barett would’ve reacted even worse than the Giant Race.”

“I’m certain that a single notice from Qin Lie would be all it takes to send all Boluo Realm races after us, spelling our exile.”

Hayley shook her head slightly. She didn’t know what else she could do either.

“Maybe I shouldn’t have come to Boluo Realm,” Pina said.

Everyone fell silent after they had heard this.

A long while later, Spid replied helplessly, “Boluo Realm is one of the safer places you can be compared to other realms. Things would’ve been worse if we had tried to operate in the seas of other realms. Those three are in charge of those places after all.”

A pause later, he finally admitted his mistake and said, “It’s all on me this time. I was the one who underestimated that Qin Lie and screwed things up.”

“Why don’t you and Lord Pina leave Boluo Realm for now, uncle?” Hayley hesitated for a moment before continuing. “I’ll think of a way to deal with Qin Lie. He really isn’t a difficult person to talk to, it’s just that this time we’re definitely in the wrong. We are the ones who haven’t thought things through before we went to meet him.”

“If we leave, what about… Sister Vanessa?” Pina asked.

Hayley thought for a moment before replying. “She should be fine to stay. You should leave Boluo Realm first and continue negotiations with the Qin Family. Things will only get smoother after you’ve been acknowledged by the Qin Family. We’ll think about our next step after that. In the short term, Boluo Realm is still the safest refuge, so I’m sure no harm will come to Vanessa.”

“I guess that’s all we can do. We’re counting on you, Hayley,” Spid said helplessly.

After that, Spid had a brief conversation with Vanessa before leaving Boluo Realm with Pina in a hurry.

Spid dared not underestimate Qin Lie any longer after being schooled on the depth of his power.

Some time after Spid and Pina had left, Vanessa said suddenly, “I’ll go find him.”

Hayley was caught off guard. “You mean Qin Lie?”

Vanessa nodded slightly. “I know he needs me.”

Hayley frowned before a complicated expression overtook her features. “You’re planning to…”

She seemed to have figured out something.

“He needs me to humiliate Han Qian, and to be frank, I wish to see my good daughter myself!” Vanessa uttered through gritted teeth.

“How was your life in the Han Family?” Hayley asked curiously.

“It was like a second nightmare!” Vanessa replied with a dark look on her face.

Hayley was dumbfounded by her answer, but before she could prod deeper, Vanessa suddenly vanished from her sight.

All Hayley saw was a blurry rainbow light heading towards the Giant Race’s territory.

Meanwhile, Qin Lie was just about to open star door and leave after he was done talking with Banderas and Campbell.

Suddenly, he felt Vanessa’s presence closing in.

Banderas and Campbell’s face turned cold at the same time. It was clear that they had sensed Vanessa too and really gotten angry this time.

“It’s fine.” But Qin Lie waved them down and stopped creating the Star Door. 

He then flew out of the forest, left the Giant Race’s territory and sped towards Seven Spirits Islands.

Behind him, Vanessa’s presence grew clearer and clearer.

A while later, he stopped on top of another forest and landed on the top of an ancient tree.


A ray of rainbow reached him, and Vanessa suddenly came into view.

Because Vanessa had been pushing her bloodline a little too much to catch up to Qin Lie, her face looked red and charming.

“What are you doing here?” Qin Lie asked indifferently.

“You are the one who saved my life. Without you, I would’ve died at Anja’s hands a long time ago.” Vanessa kept her head bowed. “I know that you saved me because you wanted to use me to humiliate Han Qian, and I… am willing to help you achieve your objective.”

“If you’re trying to change my mind on behalf of your father and Hayley, I’m telling you that you’re wasting your time,” Qin Lie replied coldly.

“No, that’s not it.” Vanessa looked up and stared Qin Lie directly in the eye. “Spid may be my father, but he’s part of the reason I had gone through so much hardship when I was younger. Moreover, he wasn’t the one who had brought me up, not to mention that I’d cut the guy who did bring me up into countless pieces with my own hands.”

Naturally, Qin Lie was privy to her sorrowful past. He asked, “What are you trying to say?”

“He maybe my father, but he and I don’t share a deep relationship with each other. I will not go against my own will for him,” Vanessa explained.

“You’re saying that… you’d be happy to humiliate Han Qian?” Qin Lie was starting to understand her meaning.

Vanessa nodded.

“But she’s your daughter.” Qin Lie looked surprised.

“Daughter?” Vanessa gave him a chilly smile. “She and Han Lei had never treated me as family. The entire Han Family thinks of me as nothing more but a birthing tool! The Han Family you slaughtered, the Sea Race clansmen you killed in Blue Snake Sea, they’re people I had hoped to kill even in my dreams!”

Qin Lie stared at her deeply before falling silent for a moment. Finally, he said, “Alright, then you may come with me.”

“Are you going right now…?” Vanessa was caught off guard.

“Mn. Your daughter is waiting for me to surrender my life at Rock Calamity Domain, you know,” Qin Lie said mockingly.

After that, he activated his Demon Spirit of Space and Time bloodline and finally created the Star Door.

“Let’s go.” Qin Lie passed through to the other side first.

Vanessa didn’t hesitate even a bit. She slipped through the portal right after him.

At Chaos Star Realm.

Qin Lie and Vanessa flew out of the star door and landed on the foot of a dormant volcano.

Hua Yuchi and Qin Lie’s Dark Soul Beast avatar had been waiting for them for some time already.

Hua Yuchi wasn’t surprised to see another Qin Lie because Miao Yizi had told him that the one beside him was a Dark Soul Beast avatar.

But he was absolutely stunned to see Vanessa. He pointed a finger at her while screaming, “You, you are?”

He had studied the Han Family quite a bit in order to attack Han Qian. Naturally, he recognized that the beautiful, dignified looking woman before him was none other than Han Qian’s birth mother.

That was why he was shocked to see Qin Lie bringing this woman along.

“Whoosh whoosh!”

The second his true self had arrived, Qin Lie’s Soul Beast avatar immediately started swelling.

Vanessa stared at the Soul Beast avatar curiously as it turned into a terrifying, sinister-looking beast.

Despite knowing the truth, Hua Yuchi couldn’t help but turn pale with shock when he saw the Dark Soul Beast’s true form.

He subconsciously moved away from the Dark Soul Beast and stood quietly next to Qin Lie. It looked like he felt safer by his brother’s side.

Qin Lie calmly stared at the round-shaped, vault-like teleportation formation at the foot of the volcano.

This was Chaos Star Realm, a small realm belonging to Sky Mender Palace. It was one of the realms that was close to Rock Calamity Domain.

A long time ago, before Rock Calamity Domain had fallen to Ninth Heaven, and Chaos Star Realm was a masterless domain, the two realms had interacted with each other frequently.

However, after Rock Calamity Domain had fallen to Ninth Heaven, the smaller races of Chaos Star Realm had destroyed the teleportation formation in fear that Ninth Heaven would discover their home through the formation.

Unfortunately, Sky Mender Palace’s martial practitioners eventually invaded Chaos Star Realm anyway and turned it into part of Ninth Heaven’s outer realm territory.

Because the teleportation formation was destroyed, Rock Calamity Domain and Chaos Star Realm had lost all contact with each other.

Chaos Star Realm belonged to Sky Mender Palace, whereas Rock Calamity Domain belonged to Ninth Heaven. Since both forces had come to a tacit agreement with one another, Sky Mender Palace didn’t try to repair the old teleportation formation.

A long time ago, Hua Yuchi tried to travel to Rock Calamity Domain through this teleportation formation. He failed because the teleportation formation was destroyed.

It wasn’t until he purchased enough materials and requested the aid of an expert that he finally managed to reconstruct the formation.

The reason Miao Yizi caught wind of his business was because she was a true master of spatial laws.

The person Hua Yuchi had requested to repair the teleportation formation had come to Miao Yizi frequently to inquire her expertise.

That was how she had learned about this. After she had sent someone to spy on Rock Calamity Domain in secret, she learned that the enemy had been doing something similar as well.

She immediately realized that Han Qian had discovered Hua Yuchi’s petty meddling and was preparing countermeasures in secret, to later lay an ambush on them..

That was why she had stopped Qin Lie and Hua Yuchi and informed them of the danger waiting for them. She wanted them to treat this matter seriously.

But Qin Lie had still decided to visit Rock Calamity Domain despite knowing that a Genesis Realm expert might be waiting for him on the other side of the teleportation formation.

It was because he was confident that he was strong enough to deal with any tricky scheme Han Qian might have pulled.

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