Chapter 1457: Please Leave

Chapter 1457: Please Leave

An outsider who was below rank ten wouldn’t catch attention of the Great Lord of the Abyss, no matter how valiantly they fought.

However, the same couldn’t be said if they were at rank ten when they visited or had reached rank ten while they were still in the Abyss. In this case, they had to face other Great Lords of the Abyss.

It was one of the most fundamental laws that existed in the Abyss.

Banderas had ascended to rank ten in the Frost Desolation Abyss, and it wouldn’t have been hard for Dawson to kill him back then.

So Qin Lie was definitely the reason why he had been able to leave Frost Desolation Abyss safely. Dawson had wanted to stay in good terms with Qin Lie, and to that end he had allowed Banderas to get away.

That was why Banderas was grateful to Qin Lie.

Without Qin Lie, he knew that his Giant Race wouldn’t have been able to enter the Frost Desolation Abyss in the first place.

That was why Banderas had showed himself and strongly requested Qin Lie to be a guest when the latter was flying through their airspace.

The second leader of the Giant Race, the rank nine Campbell, had also rushed over after hearing the commotion.

The Giant Race’s habitat was filled with ancient trees as tall as the sky itself. There were a lot of Giants scattered inside the forest, dozing off or teaching their offspring the secrets of their bloodline.

Qin Lie had accompanied Banderas to a wide square inside the forest.

There were a couple of simplistic-looking stone palaces on the field. The buildings were made out of rocks, and they looked as tall as mountains. However, their design was extremely rough and plain. It was very much like the Giant Race to build such crude things.

“So, why have you come, Qin Lie?”

Meanwhile, Campbell was running over from a distant road. His footsteps were so heavy that the ground around him was shaking with every step.

Campbell was a golden giant himself, but he was only at rank nine. He had been fighting at the Frost Desolation Abyss until he got unlucky and got himself hurt by a Lord of the Abyss.

That was why Campbell had been resting in Boluo Realm as of late. He was hoping to enter the Frost Desolation Abyss again after he had regained his strength.

He was very envious of Banderas since the latter had managed to kill a Lord of the Abyss, swallow their heart and ascend to rank ten.

He wanted to build a good relationship with Qin Lie too.

A lot of Giant Race children and women moved to pay Qin Lie their respects after receiving hints from Banderas and Campbell.

“Remember, this man here is our benefactor. From hereon, we’ll all be heading to the Abyss to improve our bloodline through battle.” Banderas shouted so loudly that the earth itself seemed to be shaking. “His name is Qin Lie. He is our eternal friend!”

“It’s all thanks to him the Giant Race is able to hold steady in Boluo Realm!” Campbell also said.

The children of the Giant Race and some of the warriors joined in on the cheer when they heard the roars of their two strongest experts.

Their eyes were filled with respect.

“If you need me, I can head to Spirit Realm and fight for the Qin Family anytime you wish,” Banderas promised seriously.

Qin Lie smiled. “Things are still quiet for now. I’ll call upon your help later.”

“Eh?” Suddenly, Campbell frowned and looked beyond the forest. “What are the Sea Race fellows doing here?”

Banderas was looking confused as well.

Qin Lie’s face was an expressionless mask.

“Swhoosh swhoosh swhoosh!”

Suddenly, a couple of figures dropped down from the sky and landed on the Giant Race’s stone houses and palaces.

They were Spid, Hayley, Vanessa, and Pina. They wisely chose to take to the ground.

In the Giant Race’s eyes, the Sea Race clansmen looked like worms standing on their open square.

Qin Lie was the only one who was permitted to stand on Banderas’s shoulders because he had won their acknowledgment and respect.

That was why Qin Lie was given the privilege to look down on Spid and the others.

Spid looked up to Qin Lie and asked embarrassedly, “Can we speak again, Qin Lie? I… wasn’t clear about the situation just now.”

“Forget it, there’s nothing to talk about.” Qin Lie shook his head while replying indifferently, “You should seek out a Qin Family member instead.”

Banderas immediately figured out that something unpleasant must have occurred between Qin Lie and these Sea Race clansmen, judging from Qin Lie’s expression alone.

To avoid souring Qin Lie’s feelings, Banderas let out a cold snort before he shooed them away suddenly. “Please, leave right now! We, the Giant Race, do not welcome you!”

To him, the rank ten Sea King Pina was irrelevant.

They were both at rank ten, and he was confident that he could easily beat her in a fight.

After all, there was a huge chasm between rank ten clansmen of the Giant and Sea Races. That’s not to mention that they were in their own territory. Pina’s water-related powers were even less effective there.

“I…” Spid’s expression turned painful.

Not long ago, he had looked down on Qin Lie because he was too young.

But that didn’t mean he dared to look down on the rank ten Giant Race clansman standing before him. Even when he was at peak strength and health, he wasn’t sure that he could defeat a golden giant, let alone now.

Qin Lie looked calm and unaffected. He looked towards the distance as if he hadn’t heard Banderas or noticed the situation going on down on the ground.

Campbell immediately understood what he needed to do after seeing Qin Lie’s attitude. He then shouted like an infernal deity, “Hayley! If you don’t leave now, I will treat this as a provocation by the Sea Race!”

Hayley’s face immediately turned white with panic.

Vanessa had turned pale as well.

She knew that the Giant Race’s forceful attitude was completely due to Qin Lie.

If Qin Lie was willing to open his mouth, surely the two golden giants wouldn’t act as rudely as they did.

But if Qin Lie refused to say a word, then there was nothing they could do but leave in shame. There was no way they could continue to stay.

“Hayley, you remember those Sea Race clansmen you’ve sent to the Frost Desolation Abyss? You should recall them all. From hereon, no Sea Race clansman is allowed to do battle in the Frost Desolation Abyss.” Qin Lie finally looked downward at the group. “Also, if you think Boluo Realm isn’t suited for the Sea Race, you may take your leave anytime.”

He then looked at Pina and continued, “According to my knowledge, the five Sea Kings of the Sea Race are still allied to the six great human forces. Therefore, the Sea Race is my enemy!”

“For the longest time, the six great human forces had tried to invade Boluo Realm and wipe out every living being in this place.”

“That was why Boluo Realm had decided to treat them as the enemy as well.”

“This means that any ally of the six great forces is our enemy! I hope you can understand this, Hayley. You’d best sort out your relationship with them as soon as possible.”

“Otherwise, Boluo Realm may see fit to remove your branch permanently.”

Not only was Qin Lie’s tone cold and indifferent, his words grew harsher and harsher with every line.

Frankly, he wasn’t really that angry at Spid’s earlier mistake. But then, the Sea King Pina decided to show her face.

Pina was still one of the five Sea Kings, and the Sea Race had declared themselves to be an ally of the six great forces some time earlier.

He also had a vague hunch that Pina was at Shattered Ice Realm with the likes of Pei Dehong and Hong Ju just moments ago.

This meant that Spid and Pina were at least the enemy of Boluo Realm in name, until they had come to an official agreement with the Qin Family!

Hayley’s decision to invite Sea King Pina and Spid over to Boluo Realm at this time was terrible to say the least.

If Pina and Spid were in any way compromised, if they had secretly built a realm entrance and opened the gates for the six great human forces, Boluo Realm would’ve suffered a tremendous blow!

“Please sort out your business carefully, Hayley!” Qin Lie declared coldly.

“Please leave immediately!” Banderas also berated.

Hayley looked a little white and dazed. It looked like she hadn’t expected things to turn out this way.

She was aware that Pina’s appearance was a little untimely. After all, she was still a Sea King in name.

However, Spid was the one who had invited Pina over. Not even she had known until after the fact.

Pina, an enemy of the Qin Family, had suddenly appeared in Boluo Realm after the Qin Family had turned down their offer.

“We are very sorry to have disturbed you all. We will be leaving right away.”

It was at this moment Vanessa took the lead by bowing slightly and issuing many apologies. Then, she grabbed Spid’s hands and forcefully dragged him away from the place.

Sea King Pina also sucked in a deep breath before paying her respects to Qin Lie. “This is my mistake. I hope you can forgive me. But please understand that I’d come to you, Boluo Realm, and the Qin Family in good faith.”

After that, she gave Hayley a pull and went back down the way she’d come.

“I really wasn’t expecting things to turn out this way.” Hayley smiled bitterly before letting out a helpless sigh. Then, she left the place as well.

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