Chapter 1455: The Sea Race Old Man

Chapter 1455: The Sea Race Old Man

“About Miss Ling, right now she’s…”

Tang Siqi bit her lower lip, looking a little worried. She seemed afraid of putting Qin Lie in a tight spot.

She was aware that Ling Yushi was the real daughter-in-law Qin Lie’s grandfather had approved, of course. She was also aware that both her and Song Tingyu were only Qin Lie’s wives in name.

Many years ago, Qin Lie’s grandfather had brought Qin Lie to lead a secluded life in Ling Town.

At first, Qin Lie was supposed to be engaged to Ling Xuanxuan. Later on, it was changed to Ling Yushi due to certain special reasons.

The Ling Family had the blood of Nether Realm’s royal family inside them. In fact, they were supposed to be the original leaders of Nether Realm.

Later on, Ling Yushi successfully obtained the Horned Demon, Dark Shadow, and Ghost Eye Races’ acknowledgement and became the queen of Nether Realm. She was both dignified and powerful in her own right.

Both Song Tingyu and Tang Siqi were aware that they couldn’t compare to Ling Yushi.

This was especially true after they learned that Ling Yushi was acknowledged by the Devil Monarch of Nine Hells Purgatory himself. She had taken her family and the Nether Realm races into Nine Hells Purgatory with her.

It meant that Ling Yushi’s status was only going to be even higher from hereon.

In their opinion, the gap between Ling Yushi and them was only growing day by day.

That was why they were less confident about themselves, and they didn’t know about Qin Lie’s current opinion about them. They weren’t sure if Qin Lie was willing to bring them into Sky Bearing City and introduce them to the Qin Family.

That was why they had tried to sound out Qin Lie’s thoughts. They wanted to know about his true opinion.

“She’s currently at Nine Hells Purgatory. Not even I can contact her at the moment.” Qin Lie thought to himself for a moment before smiling at them. “You two have nothing to worry about. I’ll send you to Sky Bearing City right away once I’m done with this matter.”

“We can stay in Boluo Realm or the Land of Chaos if it isn’t convenient for you,” Song Tingyu replied softly.

“Nothing of the sort.” Qin Lie shook his head in response.

It was at this moment a soul message suddenly appeared in his mind.

“I’ll be taking my leave,” he said softly.

Then, Qin Lie opened a star door and passed to the other side.

He instantly reached the deep sea region where the Sea Race of Boluo Realm was living in.

The deep blue sea was covered in many islands. Right now, Qin Lie was standing on one of those islands.

An Asura Race soul servant was waiting for him respectfully at the side. The moment Qin Lie had emerged, he said, “Well met, master.”

Qin Lie nodded at him before waving a hand. “You may return.”

The Asura Race soul servant obeyed his orders and immediately left.

On the island, Hayley of Boluo Realm’s Sea Race and Vanessa were standing side by side.

Although they were both Sea Race clansmen and females, Vanessa’s beauty and grace were leagues ahead of Hayley’s.

Vanessa was already incredibly beautiful in the first place, and she seemed to have become a dozen or so years younger after absorbing her adoptive mother’s refined soul and bloodline completely.

As a result, Vanessa had grown a lot more charming and alluring. Every frown and smile she made seemed to exude natural charm.

As Han Qian’s mother, Vanessa clearly resembled her daughter in terms of appearance. This was especially true after she had become younger.

However, she also looked more mature and attractive than Han Qian, like a blooming flower.

Beautiful, dignified, charming, and rank nine Sea Race bloodline. Right now, Vanessa was undoubtedly a sexy creature who attracted the attention of many males.

Hayley seemed completely unremarkable compared to her.

“Qin Lie, you came at just the right moment. I was just about to go look for you.” Hayley seemed to be in a good mood. She smiled in a friendly manner at Qin Lie immediately after the Asura Race soul servant had left before grabbing Vanessa’s hand. “First, allow me to thank you on behalf of the old patriarch of the Sea Race for rescuing her from Blue Snake Sea.”

“Old patriarch of the Sea Race?” Qin Lie looked surprised.

Hayley straightened her face and said to the sea next to the island, “Uncle.”

Qin Lie’s expression moved a little.

A hunchbacked old man with a human appearance at the top and a fish tail at the bottom slowly floated to the surface while holding a walking stick.

The moment he left the sea, the fish tail slowly transformed into a pair of human legs.

This meant that he looked just like a human on the surface.

Qin Lie subconsciously glanced at Vanessa once the old man rose from the sea and transformed his fish tail into a pair of human legs.

Vanessa also had a pair of human legs beneath her thin waist. Obviously, this was the Sea Race’s version of transformation bloodline ability.

The Sea Race beauty looked a little uncomfortable because of his gaze.

Vanessa subconsciously pressed her legs tighter.

“Hayley, is this Qin Lie of the Qin Family?” asked the Sea Race upon landing on the island, his gaze immediately locking on to the nearby youth.

“He is our contact, not the Qin Family.” Hayley smiled brightly before introducing her uncle to Qin Lie. “This is my uncle. He’s the former patriarch of the Sea Race and Vanessa’s birth father.”

Vanessa’s eyes reddened a little.

She moved away from Hayley and walked next to the old man, holding him gently.

Slightly surprised, Qin Lie hurriedly said, “Well met, senior.”

He hadn’t expected Hayley to invite the Sea Race’s former patriarch over, and he definitely hadn’t expected Vanessa to be his daughter.

The old man before him had disjointed bloodline aura and was in poor spirits. It was clear that he had taken an unrecoverable blow in the past.

The old man used to be a rank ten bloodline warrior. However, he had declined all the way to rank eight.

Moreover, he seemed to be losing bloodline aura with every passing second.

This meant that his bloodline power was going to fall even further.

“I was wounded quite badly in the past. Although I had somehow survived the experience, I doubt I’ll ever be able to return to my peak even when I’m dead.” The Sea Race old man smiled before continuing, “Thank you for killing those two and freeing Vanessa from Blue Snake Sea. I will remember everything that you’ve done until the day I die.”

“You’re welcome,” Qin Lie said calmly.

He might’ve saved Vanessa out of pity for her circumstances, but it wasn’t like he had done it purely out of the good intentions in his heart.

Originally, he was planning to use Vanessa to attack Han Qian.

However, he hadn’t expected Vanessa to turn out to be the former patriarch’s daughter, and he hadn’t known that Hayley and Vanessa had become so close until just now.

This meant that he would have to change his plans.

He had heard a little about this Sea Race old man before. He knew that he used to be the strongest of the five Sea Kings.

Unfortunately, the old man was attacked by three other Sea Kings during a civil war. It was rumored that he had died in battle after a terrible loss.

There was no news regarding the old man since.

“I’ll be direct with you.” The old man pondered for a moment before starting, “I will raise Vanessa to become the next patriarch if the Qin Family promises me to kill three of the Sea Kings of the Sea Race. The other two are loyal to me even though they’re Sea Kings now, so nothing needs to be done about them. If you succeed, I promise you that the Sea Race will be the Qin Family’s staunchest ally, and that we will always stand by your side for as long as Vanessa is patriarch of the Sea Race.”

“You want to kill three out of five of the current Sea Kings?” Qin Lie frowned.

“The strongest of the five, yes,” Hayley added.

Qin Lie fell silent.

“Would you like me to speak with the Qin Family’s person in charge, if you can’t make a decision?” the Sea Race old man asked.

Qin Lie was caught off guard by the question. Then, he let out a chuckle before answering, “That’s not a bad idea. You should speak with the Qin Family yourself then.”

The old man had asked if he was “Qin Lie of the Qin Family” when he had first arrived. It was clear that the old man cared more about his identity within the Qin Family than himself.

Moreover, the old man had only shown respect to the Qin Family in his speech since the beginning of the conversation. He seemed to think of him as a young, immature boy whose achievements had been the product of the Qin Family’s secret support.

To put it bluntly, the old man thought that the entire matter had been a boon from the Qin Family.

The old man was the Sea Race’s former patriarch. He thought that he should discuss something this important with a person in charge within the Qin Family directly, not a junior of the third generation like Qin Lie.

“Uncle!” Hayley wore an urgent look as she said hurriedly, “I told you that our contact is Qin Lie, not the Qin Family!”

She could see the displeasure in Qin Lie’s eyes.

Compared to the old man, Hayley had better knowledge of Qin Lie’s capabilities. She knew that Qin Lie had obtained everything he had obtained in Boluo Realm through his own power. He had never relied on the Qin Family even once throughout the process.

Moreover, she had gone to the Frost Desolation Abyss before. She knew that Qin Lie had amassed a colossal amount of power in that abyss level.

She knew very well that Qin Lie had achieved everything he had today through his own sweat and blood.

That was why the young Qin Lie was worth investing more than the Qin Family in her eyes.

“If there’s nothing else, then I shall be taking my leave.” Qin Lie shrugged once and took off. He didn’t look like he would miss them at all.

“How impolite,” the Sea Race old man muttered while frowning.

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