Chapter 1454: Promise

Chapter 1454: Promise

Hua Yuchi looked like like he was facing a tiger in front of Miao Yizi. The only thing he could do was laugh awkwardly again and again.

It was because he was afraid of her from the bottom of his heart.

But Qin Lie was different.

“I know what I’m doing, Aunt Miao. I won’t go overboard,” he said calmly.

Miao Yizi shot him a cold glance before she turned to look at Hua Yuchi again. “I heard that you’ve been asking about a secret route to Rock Calamity Domain lately?”

Hua Yuchi forced a smile on his face and denied. “No, I haven’t.”

“No?” Miao Yizi let out a snort before continuing, “You shouldn’t think yourself clever. From what I heard, there’s at least one Genesis Realm martial practitioner who’s guarding Rock Calamity Domain right now… it’s entirely possible that they’re waiting for someone to walk into their trap, don’t you think?”

“How is that possible?” Hua Yuchi turned pale with shock.

Qin Lie furrowed his eyebrows and asked, “Who is that Genesis Realm martial practitioner?”

“I don’t know who it is either.” Miao Yizi shook her head. “But I’m guessing someone noticed this idiot’s prying, which was why such an arrangement had been made.”

The woman shot a glare at Hua Yuchi. It was obvious who was the “idiot” she had mentioned.

“I believe their true target is you, Qin Lie.” She finally turned to look back at Qin Lie.

“Brother Lie, I didn’t know…” Hua Yuchi hurriedly tried to explain himself, but Qin Lie waved him off and said, “You don’t have to explain. Of course I trust you.”

Hua Yuchi let out a secret sigh of relief when he heard that.

Miao Yizi’s frowned deeply as she continued, “In fact, the secret route to Rock Calamity Domain he found was probably something those fellows had purposely leaked in the first place. I dare say that you’ll be facing the full might of a Genesis Realm expert the second you show your face there, and that girl Han Qian is probably waiting for you to fall into their trap as well. Ask yourself, has Hua Yuchi ever outtricked Han Qian in his whole life? Hasn’t he been played like a fiddle every time by that woman? If you believe his plans blindly, you may fall to that girl’s schemes again just like three hundred years ago.”

Hua Yuchi looked very embarrassed. He scratched his head with an unsure look on his face.

“Well, I’ve told you the situation. You should be the one to decide what you should next,” Miao Yizi said.

Qin Lie nodded slowly at her.

Miao Yizi gave him a deep look before adding, “Knowing your current experience and temperament, I trust you to come up with an appropriate plan now that you know the truth.”

Then, she turned sideways and opened up the path.

It was a shock to Hua Yuchi. For some reason, she had decided not to stop them from leaving.

Hua Yuchi was clearly caught off guard by her strange decision. After all, she was clearly aware that a trap was awaiting both him and Qin Lie at Rock Calamity Domain. However, she didn’t try to stop them by force.

If this was in the past, Miao Yizi would never have allowed Qin Lie to leave with Hua Yuchi, and she would’ve been twice as stubborn after learning the real situation.

“I thank you for your advice, Aunt Miao,” Qin Lie said sincerely.

Then, he beckoned Hua Yuchi to follow him with his eyes and passed by Miao Yizi, heading straight for the teleportation formation.


“What are you waiting for?” Miao Yizi snorted coldly.

Hua Yuchi finally broke out of his reverie and forced out a laugh. Then, he hurriedly flew after Qin Lie.

After the duo had vanished from the teleportation formation, Chen Lin suddenly appeared behind Miao Yizi.

“Truth be told, the young master would’ve done just fine without your advice.” The older man stared at the teleportation formation with eyes that were full of trust, “Right now, our young master is intelligent and capable enough to face anything that might be waiting for him at Rock Calamity Domain. It doesn’t matter how many ploys or traps Han Qian had laid for Qin Lie. They mean nothing before absolute strength.”

“Perhaps,” Miao Yizi replied noncommittally, “Still, having a better grasp of the situation should make things a little easier for him.”

Chen Lin nodded slightly before replying, “We should let him deal with his debt alone. We don’t need to interfere.”

“Are we sure it’s all going to be fine?” Miao Yizi asked.

Chen Lin smiled affirmatively in response. “Yes, it will.”

Miao Yizi stopped questioning after that.


At the Flaming Sun Abyss.

Qin Lie in his devilized form was sitting quietly inside the Origin Sea when he suddenly opened his eyes.

A series of cracks suddenly popped out of his bones.

His devilized body was three meters tall, but he was shrinking after he had withdrawn his Abyss Devil Race bloodline.

A while later, he had returned to his normal height.

It had been a dozen or so days since Betty, Indigo, and the Abyss Devils had left. He had been refining Locke and the other Sacrificial Ghost Purgatory’s Abyss Devils’ hearts with his “devil devouring” ability during this time.

After the Abyss Devil Race bloodline residing in his second heart had obtained a number of Abyss Devil imprints, even more secrets of the Abyss Devil Race bloodline had opened up to him.

Unfortunately, Locke and the rest of the Abyss Devils were only at rank eight.

A rank eight Abyss Devil was no Lord of the Abyss, so the amount of bloodline secret arts and power their Abyss Devil hearts contained were extremely limited.

That was why he hadn’t been able to awaken any new bloodline ability despite absorbing their Abyss Devil hearts.

All he had gained was more secrets of the Abyss Devil Race.

The good news however, was that his Soul Altar had been gradually affecting Flaming Sun Abyss while he was sitting inside the Origin Sea. Somehow, the natural laws and secrets residing inside his Soul Altar were able to gradually change the world around him through the Origin Sea.

As the creator of the Flaming Sun Abyss, he could sense that the abyss devil energy in some regions was undergoing series of changes.

In some regions, the abyss devil energy had either become as hot as fire, or as cold as frost.

There were also regions where the abyss devil energy seemed to be concocting the beginnings of a thunderous storm.

Even the gravity field at the bottom of the earth was undergoing a series of wondrous changes.

The secrets of power imprinted in his Soul Altar were slowly but surely shaping Flaming Sun Abyss to suit him.

At the same time, his soul and his comprehension of the laws of various powers were also deepening day by day.

It was a win-win situation for him.

Suddenly, Qin Lie recalled his grandfather’s words…

His soul was special, and his physical body was incredibly rare. Unlike other human martial practitioners, he didn’t need to build his Soul Altar brick by brick at all.

It was because he had refined an Origin Crystal into his Soul Altar. It didn’t matter if his Soul Altar consisted of only one level. All he needed to do was to deepen his understanding of the secrets of power, and imprint even more secret arts and knowledge onto his one-level Soul Altar.

One day, it would eventually become as effective and powerful as any other nine-level Soul Altar.

His one-level Soul Altar was deeply tied to his bloodline, his soul, and the Flaming Sun Abyss.

All he needed to do was to keep studying and learning.

Qin Lie broke away from his thoughts, stood up and opened a star door.

In the next moment, he had arrived at Zhuang Jing’s room at Boluo Realm.

“Master,” Zhuang Jing exclaimed in pleasant surprise.

Qin Lie gave her a nod, but didn’t say anything. He then vanished from sight a second later.

Zhuang Jing looked disappointed as she stopped cultivating and walked out of her private cultivation room.

Lin Jie was also walking out of another cultivation room after hearing the commotion. “Where is he?”

“He just left.” Zhuang Jing sighed softly.

Lin Jie was looking sad and sighing inside her mind as well.

A very long time ago, she had rejected the idea of becoming Qin Lie’s soul servant and losing her freedom.

But as time passed, she had changed her mind and even dropped hints through Zhuang Jing.

Unfortunately, Qin Lie had ignored them all.

Not only that, Zhuang Jing herself had rarely gotten a chance to see Qin Lie.

“He doesn’t belong to us.” Zhuang Jing smiled bitterly before continuing. “We had our chance to catch him in our grasp, but we were... unlucky. We were enemies with him since the day we met. Maybe it was already over the day we met him.”

“But who could’ve expected a failure from three hundred years ago to come this far?” Lin Jie said helplessly.

The girls had been paying attention to the news from the Central World lately, so they were aware that Qin Lie had showed himself openly at Sky Bearing City and acquired the Ji Family and Sky Mender Palace’s approval.

They even heard that the Ice Emperor himself had rated Qin Lie highly and viewed him as the new star of humanity after Qin Hao.

Today, Qin Lie had completely washed away his infamy from many years ago. He was now a glowing star and the brightest junior in Spirit Realm.

They were very happy for Qin Lie, but they couldn’t help but be disappointed in themselves for not grabbing onto their chance when they could.

Meanwhile, Qin Lie had arrived at Seven Spirits Islands while being accompanied by Song Tingyu and Tang Siqi.

“A lot of people have returned to the Land of Chaos, haven’t they?” Qin Lie asked.

Song Tingyu replied with a smile, “Yes. All the Silver rank forces had moved back to the Land of Chaos after hearing that it’s safe.”

“Both of you can return to the Flaming Sun Island if you want to, you know,” Qin Lie said.

“We don’t want to return to the Flaming Sun Island anymore. We wish to head straight to the Central World. What do you… think?” Song Tingyu looked a little red in the cheeks.

She knew that the Qin Family had returned to Sky Bearing City.

Both her and Tang Siqi had thought that it was maybe time for them to meet with the seniors of the Qin Family and confirm their status.

Tang Siqi had bowed her head all of a sudden as well.

“I’ll bring you both back to Sky Bearing City once I’ve dealt with a certain matter,” Qin Lie promised.

Both women suddenly lit up in joy.

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