Chapter 1453: Old Hatred

Chapter 1453: Old Hatred

In Sky Bearing City, the Qin Family, Ji Family and Sky Mender Palace's elders discussed the future with the Ice Emperor.

Qin Lie and his uncles retreated from the hall due to their junior status.

On the plaza, Ji Yao, Ji Yuan of the Ji Family, Hua Anyang, and Hua Yuchi of Sky Mender Palace and the others were waiting.

When Qin Family came out, Hua Yuchi immediately came over with a grin on his face. He said, "Brother Lie, I heard you killed the Han Family?"

"Your news are a bit out of date." Qin Lie smiled coolly.

"Ha, I also heard that Han Qian's mother... is in your hands?" Hua Yuchi had a teasing smile. "I've seen that woman before. She is a Sea Race female, and much more beautiful than Han Qian, isn't she?"

Qin Lie was astounded.

If Hua Yuchi had not mentioned it, he would have forgotten about Vanessa's existence. Ever since he sent that woman to Boluo Realm, he did not ask about her.

He only prepared to take Vanessa out to humiliate Han Qian when he saw Han Qian in the future.

He had not expected Hua Yuchi, his former fellow wastrel, knew that Sea Race woman.

"I heard some news, Han Qian is in Rock Calamity Domain right now, and I... coincidentally know a way to go Rock Calamity Domain," Hua Yuchi said with a dark expression.

Qin Lie's expression shifted.

Last time, when he invaded Blue Snake Sea, he had heard some things about Rock Calamity Domain and knew that it was a realm under Ninth Heaven.

Han Qian was responsible for Rock Calamity Domain. She killed the original races there, and gradually developed her own forces there.

Based on his judgement, there shouldn't be any Genesis Realm martial practitioners stationed in Rock Calamity Domain.

He did not need to rely on any other forces. He only needed his two Soul Beast avatars and some soul servants to conquer Rock Calamity Domain.

However, Rock Calamity Domain was the same as Boluo Realm, and far from Spirit Realm. If he had to travel through the stars to reach Rock Calamity Domain, it would take a year or more.

He had neither time nor desire for such a long trip.

"You have a way?" he asked in a low voice.

At this time, Ji Yao, Hua Anyang, and the others were talking with Qin Yun and Qin Ye. They did not notice him and Hua Yuchi talking together.

Hua Yuchi snorted, his eyes showing hate. "Back then, I wanted to get revenge for you and attempted to get into Rock Calamity Domain. But Han Qian captured me. She was wary of my grandfather and didn't dare to kill me so she imprisoned me in Boluo Realm. She did this because she thought one day, she could use my status to threaten us to stand with her. That woman is evil, and has never been easy to deal with."

"Since I returned from Boluo Realm, I have been seeking a way to Rock Calamity Domain because I have not given up."

"I really managed to find a way."

Qin Lie narrowed his eyes. "Are you sure we can reach Rock Calamity Domain, and that woman is in Rock Calamity Domain right now?"

"I am very sure." Hua Yuchi laughed lowly and said, "Ninth Heaven knows that you are in Sky Bearing City. Since you have returned to Central World, you would do all you can to defeat her. The Han Family of Blue Snake Sea is an example. Before the situation is clear, Ninth Heaven feared that she couldn’t resist seeking revenge and arranged for her to stay in Rock Calamity Domain."

He grinned and said, "Right now, even the Ice Emperor is on our side. We can capture Rock Calamity Domain where she is!"

"To celebrate the return of the Qin Family to Sky Bearing City!"

Qin Lie nodded slowly.

Three centuries ago, the Qin Family was forced out of Sky Bearing City because Han Qian had conspired against him.

Han Qian was the fuse in Ninth Heaven's plan!

After many years, he was in Sky Bearing City, and the Qin Family returned to Spirit Realm. That was the time to settle this debt.

He was sure that when he destroyed that black hole in the abyss passageway connected to Shattered Ice Realm, the God Race should not be able to enter Spirit Realm in the next two years.

This meant he did not need to worry about the God Race for two years. He had two years to consider what Lieyan Zhao had told him through Gan Xing.

In these two years, he could wash away his and the Qin Family’s humiliations in the Central World.

Right now, he could let Han Qian become the fuse for his challenge of Ninth Heaven!

"How we do get to Rock Calamity Domain?" he asked.

Hua Yuchi stilled. "Don't you need to prepare?"

"Prepare?" Qin Lie shook his head and said, "No need."

"I mean... manpower. Just the two of us?" Hua Yuchi grimaced.

"Once we’re there Rock Calamity Domain, I can arrange for enough helpers. Do not worry," Qin Lie said with a smile.

"So that's how it is." Hua Yuchi thought for a moment and said, "If you decide to move now, come with me to the Ji Family first."

"Let’s go," Qin Lie urged.

Hua Yuchi glanced at his father and suddenly became slightly fearful. "The God Race is still in Shattered Ice Realm right now. Is it appropriate for us... to attack Rock Calamity Domain right now?"

He hesitated as push came to shove. This meant that he had matured after so many events.

"Do not worry, I have confidence there will be no trouble." Qin Lie had a sneer on his face. "Han Qian is only in the Imperishable Realm, she only has potential in the eyes of Ninth Heaven's old men. I do not feel that those old people will think of Han Qian as so important. Pei Dehong's own son Pei Tianming died by my hands. Ninth Heaven still couldn't do anything to me. Is Han Qian more important than Pei Tianming?"

"Definitely not," Hua Yuchi said.

"You see? I dared to kill even Pei Tianming and I’m still safe. What is Han Qian?" Qin Lie said coldly.

"Alright, I trust you," Hua Yuchi laughed softly.

Then he and Qin Lie sneaked past Hua Anyang, Ji Yao and the others on their way to the teleportation formation of Sky Bearing City.

"Where are you two sneaking out to?" Miao Yizi appeared from nowhere in front of them. "You are going to the teleportation formations?"

"Brother Lie has not returned to Central World for a long time. I'm taking him around." Hua Yuchi smiled timidly.

He appeared very terrified and timid in front of Miao Yizi.

In the past, Miao Yizi disliked him and Qin Lie. She didn’t like them doing everything together.

Miao Yizi thought that he had pulled Qin Lie astray.

Qin Lie, who had completely changed, was fearless facing Miao Yizi. He said, "We are just taking a stroll."

"Taking a stroll? This is your Soul Beast avatar." Miao Yizi snorted.

Hua Yuchi could not see that the Qin Lie in front of him was the transformed Dark Soul Beast. She was a six-level Soul Altar expert, and immediately saw through him. "Based on my knowledge, you don’t move your Dark Soul Beast avatar without a reason. And when you do, something big happens."

Not waiting for Qin Lie to answer, she frowned and urged, "The situation is sensitive now. Can you not be so impulsive?"

She seemed to guess Qin Lie and Hua Yuchi's intentions.

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