Chapter 1451: Instruction

Chapter 1451: Instruction

Ninth Heaven.

A dozen Genesis Realm old people sat silently with dim expressions.

They had just returned from Sky Bearing City.

Ever since the six Gold rank forces formed an alliance, they dominated in Spirit Realm and the other races even thought of them as the strongest.

They had never been in as sorry a state as today.

Retreat… without even fighting.

They knew that Sky Bearing City had put down its city-protecting formation. They knew that Qin Hao was not in the city. They knew that the Qin Family's forces could not all be in Sky Bearing City.

But they did not dare to attack.

Because there was someone inside Sky Bearing City that they did not want to face or offend—the human race's Ice Emperor.

Pei Dehong and Hong Ju were all martial practitioners with nine-level Soul Altars. In terms of cultivation, they did not appear any weaker than Ice Emperor.

Yet in the face of the Ice Emperor, they felt hopeless.

That’s because rooted deep inside their hearts was pure terror towards the Three Emperors!

The Three Emperors were the sages of the human race. The human race had created their present prosperity under the leadership of the Three Emperors.

Without the Three Emperors, the human race and other Spirit Realm races would still be under God Race’s rule.

Without the Three Emperors, there would be no prosperity, or the present Spirit Realm.

"Brother Pei..."

Hong Ju licked his lips, his voice slightly hoarse as he stopped.

The other Genesis Realm elders looked silently at Pei Dehong, waiting for him to give a logical explanation.

Pei Dehong's gaze was pained. He sighed and said, "With our strength, if we really attacked Sky Bearing City, even if Ice Emperor was present, we should be able to win."

"Then..." Zu Yang said curiously.

"Ice Emperor represents the Three Emperors of the human race. They possess unrivaled standing among the human race. If we made an enemy out of the Ice Emperor." Pei Dehong's expression was dark as he shook his head and said, "Then our reputation among the human race would fall greatly. All the second-tier Gold rank forces loyal to us, including our own family members, think of the Three Emperors as the sages of the human race. If we became their enemies, we would lose their hearts. Even our own would be disappointed in us."

At such words, everyone else became silent again.

They knew that Pei Dehong's words were correct.

Not just the factions that were subordinate to them, even most people in their families thought of the Three Emperors as heroes of the human race.

The high standing of the Three Emperors in the human race was irreplaceable. Being enemies with the Three Emperors was being enemies with the human race.

If they dared to treat the Three Emperors as enemies, if the news spread, they would first have internal problems.

The second-tier Gold rank forces subordinate to them, the Silver rank forces, secluded experts and many more would abandon them.

The Three Emperors did not have to say a word. Just using their reputation, they could strike a great blow to the six forces.

The strength they had worked to build for thousands of years would be destroyed in an instant.

This was not what they wanted.

"If we cannot offend the Three Emperors, and they lean towards the Qin Family, what should we do?" Zu Yang asked.

"Isn't the God Race’s Profound Ice Family trapped in Shattered Ice Realm right now?" Pei Dehong said calmly and coldly. "I think that Ice Emperor has reappeared because of the God Race's invasion. You also saw that Ice Emperor went to stop the two Devil Kings when they appeared. Based on what I saw, they contacted the Qin Family for the God Race invasion. This means that the powers represented by the Three Emperors have come especially for the God Race. I heard that Qin Hao went to Asura World to deal with the two Devil Kings at Ice Emperor's request."

Pei Dehong paused.

He laughed and said, "Since they came for the God Race, then we will let them face the God Race. We will pull back our forces from Shattered Ice Realm."

Hong Ju's eyes lit up. "So you want them to face the God Race if they can. And if they can’t, they will have to come find us for help, right?”

Pei Dehong nodded slowly.

"What about the Giant Dragon Race?" Zu Yang frowned. "Affleck's clansmen are frozen by the Profound Ice Family in the depths of Shattered Ice Realm. They are urging us to move fast and help release their fellow clansmen."

"Ignore them for now." Pei Dehong's expression did not change. "Most of the giant dragons have been frozen after the God Race's invasion. Even their rank ten dragons have been captured. Their strength is significantly lower. Fighting with the Profound Ice Family for the Giant Dragon Race does not help our interests. In the current situation, we can afford to sacrifice the Giant Dragon Race..."

The cunning elders of the six forces thought for a moment and then nodded expressionlessly.

The Giant Dragon Race, their strongest ally, was ruthlessly abandoned after being dealt a severe blow by the Profound Ice Family.

"We just need a bit of patience," Pei Dehong said coolly.

"Let's do this for now."


Sky Bearing City.

A hard battle that people had expected did not occur due to the retreat of six forces’ old monsters.

Cheers came from the silent and tense Sky Bearing City after Pei Dehong and the others disappeared.

Even the martial practitioners of the Ji Family and Sky Mender Palace were howling excitedly with the Qin Family.

Many of the outsiders and artificers who lived here had smiles on their faces.

They sighed inwardly in relief.

No one wanted to fight the six Gold rank forces so early.

The city was boiling. But Qin Lie, his grandfather Qin Shan, and the Ice Emperor once again returned to the dim hall.

"How is your situation over there?" Ice Emperor looked at Qin Lie, smiled slightly an said, "I heard... you have become the Abyss Creator?"

His eyes flashed with light as though a web was covering Qin Lie's entire body.

He was only a Dark Soul Beast avatar, but Qin Lie's body back in the Flaming Sun Abyss felt as though he was seen through.

He suddenly felt that Ice Emperor knew the secrets of his bloodline.

"The Abyss Devils that challenged me are mostly dead, the ones that lived... have become my followers." Qin Lie grinned.

Ice Emperor was the only outsider in the hall. The others were his grandfather and his uncles he could trust completely.

For some reason, he even felt instinctively that Ice Emperor had no malicious intent towards him.

He did not try to keep secrets.

"Not bad." Ice Emperor nodded with a smile.

Qin Shan said with a benevolent look of love, "I also heard that it is called ‘Flaming Sun Abyss’. Since you have control of the Flaming Sun Abyss, maybe we can make some arrangements for it."

"An Abyss level formed from an Origin World..." Ice Emperor rubbed his chin, thought for a moment and his eyes lit up. He said, "If your bloodline can reach rank ten one day, maybe you can turn the Flaming Sun Abyss into one of the Purgatories. You might also become a Devil Monarch!"

He was very familiar with the secrets of the Abyss. He knew about the existence of the Eight Purgatories and the secret behind existence of the Devil Monarchs.

This shocked Qin Lie.

According to Dawson of the Frost Desolation Abyss, Abyss Devils would only learn the secret of how to become a Devil Monarch after reaching rank ten.

Even many rank nine Lords of the Abyss had no clue what was required to become a Devil Monarch of the Eight Purgatories.

But Ice Emperor of the human race knew the details.

His grandfather also had a slight smile as though he knew had known this secret all along.

This shocked Qin Lie even more.

He suddenly realized that Ice Emperor and his grandfather's understanding of the universe was vaster than he imagined.

"Little Lie, starting today, you do not have to build your Soul Altar level by level like the human race," Qin Shan said.

"I don't need to build it level by level?" Qin Lie said in surprise.

"Yes, your situation is special to begin with. Your Soul Altar has been been from Origin Crystal and thus it’s even more special." Qin Shan smiled slightly. "Your one-level Soul Altar corresponds with your Abyss level and is full of potential. You only need to think of your Flaming Sun Abyss. You should imprint it with your understanding of power, your bloodline’s secrets and laws of the universe you’ve comprehended. Your power and comprehension ability will both constantly increase as a result."

"That way, even if you only have a one-level Soul Altar, your combat power will slowly surpass two, then three-level Soul Altar experts. One day, you will even surpass experts with eight or nine-level Soul Altars.”

"When your bloodline reaches rank ten, your Soul Altar will offer an additional boost of power in no way inferior to a late Genesis Realm practitioner.”

"Abyss devil energy, the spirit energy of Spirit Realm, and bloodline power are all just myriad manifestations of power."

“In the end, they are just different paths leading to the same destination.”

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