Chapter 1450: Opening the Door

Chapter 1450: Opening the Door

Sky Bearing City.

A white-robed figure suddenly flashed out of one of the realm entrances.

He flowed silently above Sky Bearing City.

In the Qin Family hall, Qin Shan suddenly felt something as he talked with Qin Lie and immediately walked out.

Qin Lie stilled. His expression changed slightly and he also walked outside.

He and Qin Shan stood on the plaza side by side, looking at the white-robed figure, their eyes full of surprise.

"Ice Emperor..." he muttered inwardly.

Last time when Ice Emperor appeared, they met in secret.

Yet this time, Ice Emperor came through Sky Bearing City's Door of Nine and made sure to wait in the sky.

His actions were intentional.

"Ice Emperor! The human race's Ice Emperor!" Ji Yao suddenly shouted.

Hua Anyang of Sky Mender Palace suddenly flew into the air. When he reached Ice Emperor's side, he gave the bow of a junior and said respectfully, "Greetings, Senior Ice Emperor!"

Hua Anyang's voice was similarly loud.

"The human race's Ice Emperor!"

"One of the Three Emperors, the Ice Emperor!"

"The sage of the human race in person!"

The shouts of many martial practitioners came from the corners of Sky Bearing City.

Many of the Sky Bearing City martial practitioners and artificers who did not belong to the Qin Family felt excited!

Many people were on the verge of tears!

Twenty thousand years ago, the races of Spirit Realm worked together against the God Race. The Three Emperors were the spiritual leaders of the human race!

Any human had great respect and reverence towards the Three Emperors.

Even the experts from the major Gold rank forces were all unusually reverent when speaking of the Three Emperors.

The existence of the Three Emperors established the foundations for the prosperity of the human race. They led the human race to force back the God Race, and gave the human race twenty thousand years of prosperity.

No one dared to refute the great accomplishments the Three Emperors had achieved for the human race!

What did it mean when the Ice Emperor, one of the Three Emperors, appeared at Sky Bearing City when the God Race was about to come back?

Did the Qin Family suddenly return to Sky Bearing City at the Three Emperors’ wishes?

Everyone was filled with puzzlement.

Under the eyes of the public, the Ice Emperor smiled slightly and said in the direction of the Qin Family hall, “The Qin Family has worked hard."

At such words, all of Sky Bearing City rippled again. All of the Qin Family members, including the martial practitioners subordinate to the Qin Family, laughed sincerely.

Ice Emperor's words meant that the Three Emperors, represented by Ice Emperor, recognized the Qin Family's efforts.

This meant that Ice Emperor welcomed the return of the Qin Family!

Under the burning gaze of the Qin Family, Ice Emperor frowned and suddenly looked outside the city.

The martial practitioners of Sky Bearing City followed his gaze and instinctively looked into the distance.

The strongest of them could see an open spatial entrance.

Nearby, they could see Pei Dehong, Hong Ju, and some others.

"The six forces..."

Many people stilled and suddenly smelled something unusual. They thought deeply.

Ice Emperor frowned with a hint of coldness on his face. This was completely different from his attitude towards the Qin Family.

The message that this revealed was obvious...

Before everyone could think deeply, Ice Emperor suddenly landed on the plaza where Qin Shan and Qin Lie were standing. He announced, "This is Spirit Realm, and the Qin Family is an important part of the human race. Before the God Race formally arrives, I feel that Sky Bearing City does not need a formation to protect the city."

Qin Shan nodded and smiled. He said, "It is not necessary."

At such words, the Curse Progenitor who had merged into one with Sky Bearing City suddenly appeared beside Qin Lie.

When the Curse Progenitor appeared, the five-colored light surrounding Sky Bearing City slowly disappeared.

Everyone could see bright flows of light merging into Sky Bearing City's ancient buildings, the ground, and the strange patterns on the city walls.

Dozens of seconds later, Sky Bearing City was once again defenseless.

Any person, any being could easily step into Sky Bearing City.

Qin Lie clearly noticed the existence of Pei Dehong and the others.

As Sky Bearing City took down the city-protecting formation, he looked outside the city towards where the martial practitioners of the six forces were.

Days ago, Kong Kun, Wu Nanchao, and the other Genesis Realm experts of the six forces had done all they could to enter Sky Bearing City.

Dan Yuanqing and Chen Lin had stopped them. The protecting formation of Sky Bearing City was a powerful deterrent.

Then, they got reinforcements and attempted once again.

However, they also couldn’t breach the formation.

He knew that the martial practitioners of the six forces wanted to enter Sky Bearing City and massacre him and the Qin Family.

But the formation of Sky Bearing City possessed a special power that prevented them from taking a step in.

They would probably be ecstatic to see this powerful formation disappear.

Right now, the dreams of those people would be realized...

At this moment, Pei Dehong, Hong Ju, and the other peak Genesis Realm experts of the six forces were standing outside Sky Bearing City.

They were the true leaders of the six forces!

Qin Lie had a dark expression. He secretly activated his powers and prepared to turn into the Dark Soul Beast and fight at any moment.

He was communicating in secret with his soul slaves and the Blood Soul Beast. Even his main body far in the Flaming Sun Abyss stopped comprehending his bloodline.

He did not know if those people outside the city would suddenly charge into Sky Bearing City in the next moment.


The Ice Emperor, dressed in white, landed beside him and his grandfather.

After landing, Ice Emperor exchanged a smile with Qin Shan but remained silent.

The place they stood faced Pei Dehong and the others outside the city.

They seemed to be waiting for Pei Dehong and the others to make a decision.

The martial practitioners who had been cheering previously suddenly detected the heavy atmosphere and became silent.

Martial practitioners floated in the air. They were from the Qin Family, Sky Bearing City, the Ji Family, and also people who had lived in Sky Bearing City for many years.

They all felt nervous as though a storm was about to come.

All of Sky Bearing City seemed to be silent. Everyone's attention gathered outside the city.

Right now, Sky Bearing City was completely defenseless. Pei Dehong, Hong Ju, and the others were outside the city.

This was a perfect opportunity for them to enter Sky Bearing City.

On top of that, the strongest of the Qin Family, Qin Hao, wasn’t present.

Only the white-robed Ice Emperor was standing beside Qin Shan and Qin Lie...

The six forces’ peak experts led by Pei Dehong and Hong Ju had ugly expressions and uncertain gazes.

They were silent for a long while.

Most of them were looking at Pei Dehong, waiting for his decision.

A long, long time later, Pei Dehong took a deep breath and turned to the group. "Let's go back."

Leaving these words, he stepped into the teleportation formation first.

The experts of the six forces seemed to sigh in relief and disappeared quickly.

In a blink of an eye, experts of the six forces that had come turned back and vanished, along with their spatial entrance.

Inside the city, Ice Emperor watched coldly as they left. He shook his head in disappointment, a hint of disdain on his lips. He evaluated, "As timid as before. Not daring enough at the crucial moment. They cannot accomplish anything."

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