Chapter 1449: Reunion

Chapter 1449: Reunion

After many years, the Qin Family and the numerous martial practitioners finally returned to Sky Bearing City!

Qin Lie, after many years, once again saw Qin Shan!

Midair, Qin Shan abandoned the Qin Family martial practitioners and headed straight for him.

Behind Qin Shan, Qin Yun, and Qin Ye exchanged smiles and flew toward Qin Lie as well.

"Isn't this Little Lie?" Qin Yun exclaimed.

"Just one of his Soul Beast avatars," Qin Ye explained in a low voice.

Qin Yun immediately understood and nodded. He said, "So it is a rank nine Dark Soul Beast avatar, no wonder..."

"It will soon reach rank ten," Qin Ye said with a smile.

Qin Yun was shocked.

He was Qin Shan's eldest son and had inherited the great skill as an artificer. He was the best artificer next to Qin Shan in the Qin Family.

He had no great interest in the martial way, and his present cultivation was only late Void Realm, and a six-level Soul Altar.

However, his six-level flame Soul Altar was primarily used to forge and did not have great combat power.

This caused his soul perception to be average.

Consequently, he did not immediately recognize the Qin Lie in front of him was a transformed rank nine Dark Soul Beast.

"He has two Soul Beast avatars like this." Qin Ye laughed softly and said, "The other Soul Beast is the Blood Soul Beast that once rampaged in Ancient Beast Realm and is mainly a soul body. It is trying to quickly recover its strength. That Blood Soul Beast... is rank ten. Once the Blood Soul Beast avatar recovers to its peak, it will be comparable to a nine-level Soul Altar expert!"

Qin Yun's eyes lit up.

Three centuries ago, he, like many other Qin Family members, had been greatly disappointed in Qin Lie.

Unlike Qin Ye's affection for Qin Lie, he had been very harsh towards Qin Lie back then, and hated how weak he was.

He had thought that Qin Lie's life would not have any major changes. He had disagreed greatly when "Qin Lie" came back to life and his father abandoned everything to live with him on Scarlet Tide Continent.

He felt that more resources used on Qin Lie would not change Qin Lie's base personality, and could not turn Qin Lie into someone like Qin Hao.

When Qin Shan had left Ling Town and returned to Oldenwarm Realm, Qin Yun had asked about Qin Lie's situation with a thread of hope.

At the time, Qin Shan had told him that Qin Lie had not been enlightened yet...

At that time, he completely gave up and felt that Qin Lie would be stuck in Ling Town for his lifetime.

He and Qin Ye privately thought if Qin Lie continued to be muddled, then living in Ling Town was a good choice.

They both felt that Qin Lie could not carry the responsibilities of the Qin Family.

After that, he did not pay any more attention to Qin Lie. He felt that Qin Lie living peacefully in Ling Town on the Scarlet Tide Continent was a fortunate matter.

Yet not long ago, he learned through Qin Ye that Qin Lie had completely transformed!

He, who had not paid special attention to news surrounding Qin Lie, did not quite believe it when he learned of Qin Lie's great change.

Only as he turned his gaze towards Spirit Realm recently, as he received more news...

He finally knew that his nephew had really undergone complete transformation!

He finally understood that the effort his father Qin Shan had put on Qin Lie was not for nothing.

"Whether our family can go far and really step into the stars will depend on him," Qin Ye suddenly said.

Qin Yun had a strange expression.


At this time, Qin Lie smiled widely at Qin Shan who was flying over.

Qin Shan's eyes turned red. He nodded softly in gratification. "You worked hard these years."

Qin Lie shook his head.

"Where is your main body?" Qin Shan asked softly.

"In the Flaming Sun Abyss. Do not worry, I am fine." Qin Lie smiled slightly and said, "Right now, my main body is cultivating."

"Good." Qin Shan nodded.

Grandfather and grandson floated down towards the dim hall from the sky above Sky Bearing City.

Qin Yun and Qin Ye followed and entered the hall as well.

The other Qin Family martial practitioners, and the guests who had come from Sky Mender Palace and the Ji Family perceptively talked outside.

More martial practitioners continued to return from between the stars through the Door of Nine.

Those martial practitioners who resided long term in Sky Bearing City and the artificers cheered and showed their welcome to the Qin Family's return.

Inside the hall.

The old patriarch of the Qin Family sighed softly and said in a voice full of regret, “In these years, I felt that I was too hard on you. Many times, I wanted to arrange for people to take you away from those dangerous situations, and not let you face these difficulties alone."

"Back on the Scarlet Tide Continent, I knew you encountered many troubles, and almost died several times."

"After you entered the Land of Chaos, I still paid attention to you and watched you struggle against those old men, watched as you were targeted by Black Voodoo Cult and Celestial Artifact Sect. I watched the invasion of the ghoul races."

"I knew that you faced all these dangers."

He stopped and grimaced.

"But I did not want the tragedy of three centuries ago to happen again. I did not want you to be trapped by a woman."

"I did not want our affection to cause you to be average your entire life, nor give you too much pressure."

"So I chose to let go."

"I wanted to see. If I left you, would you adjust to this cruel world? Would you adjust to the cold, devious, scheming hearts of people?"

"If you could not adjust, I hoped that you would stay in Ling Town forever and live an innocent life."

"But the results prove you’ve adjusted, and became stronger than I anticipated!"

"I knew that my gamble paid off!"

Qin Shan said powerfully.

Qin Yun and Qin Ye also had gratified expressions and felt proud of the present Qin Lie.

Without using any of the Qin Family's resources, Qin Lie walked step by step from Ling Town to today's great accomplishments.

This was inconceivable.

Right now, all the Silver rank forces in the Land of Chaos were led by Qin Lie's Flaming Sun Island.

In Boluo Realm, all the foreign races trusted Qin Lie.

The Ancient Beast Race and the Demon Dragon Race chose to stand with the Qin Family due to Qin Lie.

Even the Ji Family slowly grew closer to the Qin Family because of Qin Lie's great change and his connection to the Abyss.

The powers that Qin Lie could command almost rivalled a Gold rank force!

He had obtained all this with his own power!

Other than this, he managed to reach the Imperishable Realm within a century and create a one-level Soul Altar.

His God Race bloodline reached rank eight. He had two horrifying Soul Beast avatars and his individual strength was unrivaled at equal cultivation level.

He proved to everyone he was exceptional without relying on the Qin Family!

Outside Sky Bearing City.

Figures appeared out of a spatial entrance. Pei Dehong, Hong Ju, and other white-haired old men from the six forces appeared.

They were human Genesis Realm experts and the strongest of the human factions at the moment.

They hurried over from all over Spirit Realm after hearing the Qin Family was returning to Sky Bearing City in large numbers. They wanted to get closer and know the truth.

"Yes, it is Qin Shan." Pei Dehong's brow furrowed.

"The God Race's Profound Ice Family is stationed near Shattered Ice Realm right now. At such a crucial time, they suddenly return to Sky Bearing City, they are clearly taking advantage of the opportunity!" Hong Ju snorted.

"Ice Emperor is alive. He appeared in Shattered Ice Realm to warn us," Pei Dehong said gravely.

"If Ice Emperor is alive, the other two must also be alive." Hong Ju's eyes flashed.

"Back then, when they went to chase Lieyan Yuan, they ordered the Gold rank forces not to fight.” Pei Dehong frowned. "When he met us, he was clearly displeased. He knows that we’ve broken that rule three hundred years ago."

"Right now, the Qin Family is returning to Sky Bearing City in large numbers, maybe... they have the permission of the Three Emperors?" Hong Ju's expression changed slightly. "I heard that Qin Hao went to attack Terror Devil King and Despair Devil King on the Ice Emperor's orders. If that is true, it means the Three Emperors are closer to the Qin Family, this..."

"Is not good." Pei Dehong finished his sentence and sighed softly.

"The Qin Family, Sky Mender Palace, Ji Family, the Ancient Beast Race, the Demon Dragon Race, and favor of the Three Emperors." Hong Ju had a pained expression.

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