Chapter 1448 - Return

Chapter 1448: Return

Cohen's words caused Qin Lie and the others to have serious expressions and gave everyone a deeper understanding of the shadow beings.

"If you do not mind, can I leave the Flaming Sun Abyss" Cohen changed the topic. "In the future, I may return, but I will definitely not try to kill you and steal your heart."

Qin Lie was still lost in his thoughts. Hearing Cohen say this, he nodded, waved his hand and said, "You can go."

"Master..." Vitas said softly.

"You can leave at any time," Qin Lie said.

"Thank you, master," Vitas said respectfully.

He and Cohen headed towards the entrance of the abyss passageway together.

Betty of the Spirit Race pointed at Oktan's soulless body and said with a smile, "May I take his corpse?"

Qin Lie glanced at it and said, unconcerned, "Up to you."

Betty laughed. She used a curtain of bloodline light to wrap around Oktan's corpse and flew away.

"Little Sister Indigo, I will wait for you outside," she called.

"Alright," Indigo responded.

In a blink of an eye, only Qin Lie and Indigo were left, excluding the three soulless Abyss Devils from the Sacrificial Ghost Purgatory.

Qin Lie's body flashed and he appeared next to the three Abyss Devils.


He grabbed and dug out a heart from one Abyss Devil.

He slowly refined the heart in his hand with devil devouring.

As he did this, he said, "The Great Master Tian Qi that I’ve met in Spirit Realm is the Great Sage Tian Qi of your Spirit Race?"

Indigo said respectfully, "Yes, the Great Sage is the most intelligent person of the Spirit Race."

Qin Lie frowned, thought for a moment, grimaced and said, "I do not know whether to thank him or hate him."

"Why?" Indigo asked.

“He gave me lifeblood essence of a rank ten Demon Spirit of Space and Time. It helped me greatly, but because of that blood I accidentally opened a Star Abyss in Spirit Realm connected to the abyss passageway," Qin Lie explained.

Without Great Sage Tian Qi, his bloodline might not have reached rank eight so quickly, and he would not have awakened the Star Abyss ability.

Then, he wouldn’t have hurriedly entered the abyss passageway, causing his Origin World to transform into Flaming Sun Abyss after some random happenings.

But due to the transformation of the Demon Spirit of Space and Time bloodline, a black hole connected to Spirit Realm appeared in the abyss passageway.

Even at that moment, after destroying the black hole, two Devil Kings of the Chaos Abyss were still running rampant in Spirit Realm.

Great Sage Tian Qi, one of the three great Blood and Soul Mentors. Qin Lie had no idea whether to hate him or be thankful to him.

"I only know the Great Sage values you greatly," Indigo said sincerely.

"Values me?" Qin Lie laughed. "I am not a member of the Spirit Race, why does he value me?" Or is it that my existence… affected his machinations?"

"I do not know." Indigo shook her head softly. She hesitated and said, "Apologies, the Spirit Race may enter your realm one day. I cannot stop this."

Qin Lie frowned. He sighed softly and said, "I understand."

"I can only promise that when we do, I will do my best to control my people and prevent them from doing whatever they want," Indigo said apologetically.

Qin Lie nodded.

"I stayed there for awhile. I know... the races there are not as strong as the four transcendent bloodline races." Indigo thought a moment and said, "Do not underestimate the Spirit Race. Up until now, you have not seen the power of the Spirit Race clansmen after we combine with our pets. Last time in the Origin World, and this time in the Flaming Sun Abyss, our demon pets had been restricted. It won’t be the same when we come to Spirit Realm."

"At that time, you will understand the demon pets of the Spirit Race are sometimes stronger than their masters."

"The demon pets are like your spirit artifacts, mighty weapons we use to increase their power."

Qin Lie had a grave expression.

In his mind, he felt that the power of the Spirit Race was weaker than the other three transcendent bloodline races.

Just as Indigo said, he felt that the Spirit Race's combat abilities were average. Their bodies were not as strong as the Abyss Devil and God Races, and their souls were not as strong as the Soul Race’s.

He was surprised the Spirit Race was one of the four transcendent races.

But Indigo’s words made him wake up.

The Demon Spirit of Space and Time had magical abilities in the abyss passageway. But such a wondrous being was only one of the Spirit Race's demon pets.

According to Indigo, the demon pets of the Spirit Race might be more powerful than their masters. The members of the Spirit Race could also combine with their demon pets...

At this time, he had to admit he had dismissed the power of the Spirit Race.

"Take care," Indigo said softly.

She turned into an azure ray of light and headed in Betty's direction.

Qin Lie dug out the remaining hearts of the Sacrificial Ghost Purgatory’s Abyss Devils and refined them, his expression dark.

After that, he sat down by the side of the Origin Sea and activated the Abyss Devil Race bloodline so he could enter his Abyss Devil form again.

He reflected on the subtle changes in his Abyss Devil Race bloodline near the Origin Sea.

He was exploring more secrets of the bloodline inside him.

Meanwhile at Sky Bearing City.

Qin Lie's Dark Soul Beast avatar seemed to detect something. He turned into his main body's appearance and flew out of the dim hall.

His Dark Soul Beast avatar floated above Sky Bearing City.

The Door of Nine shone with light above Sky Bearing City and gave off powerful spatial vibrations.

The martial practitioners who had left for three centuries appeared through the Door of Nine.

Hunchback Ba, Gan Feipeng, Fan Gan, Dan Yuanqing, Chen Lin, Miao Yizi, and many other martial practitioners he had not met all came through.

The Ji Family and Sky Mender Palace martial practitioners who had received the message came through the teleportation formations and looked with smiles at the sky.

"The Qin Family has returned to Spirit Realm!"

"After three centuries, they’ve finally returned!"

"They finally returned as the God Race is about to invade!"

Within Sky Bearing City, the martial practitioners and artificers who guarded the city cheered seeing the unusual activity of the Door of Nine.

A thin old man walked out of one of the realm entrances and suddenly looked towards the Dark Soul Beast avatar.

The old man's eyes were filled with gratification.


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