Chapter 1447 - Destroyer of Life

Chapter 1447: Destroyer of Life


Betty of the Spirit Race watched as the dot of light disappeared. Her expression grew complicated.

She reached out with a hand and pointed at the direction the light disappeared as though she was probing it.

Spatial ripples spread from her fingertip.


A thread of the Light of Annihilation flashed and then quickly disappeared.

Qin Lie's eyes lit up as he focused on this thread.

He seemed to see the endless Sea of Annihilation!

In that Sea of Annihilation filled with light, countless shadow beings seemed to be moving as though they were creating new life.

He instinctively looked towards the Origin Sea.

The small insects with their little wings flew out of the Origin Sea in a direction opposite them.

"Could it be..."

He suddenly felt the Sea of Annihilation in the Dark Shadow World was like the Origin Sea of the Flaming Sun Abyss, a place that birthed life.

However, the Origin Sea created low rank Abyss Devils, and the Sea of Annihilation in the Dark Shadow World created shadow beings.

Of course, this was just his speculation.

Before entering the Dark Shadow World and encountering the Sea of Annihilation, he was not sure that this was the truth.

He just had some blurry ideas...

He fell into a daze.

"Sister Betty, you seem slightly disappointed. Is it because of Oktan?" Indigo looked at Betty and asked curiously, "Didn't you come to the Flaming Sun Abyss to deal with Oktan? Shouldn't you be happy his soul had been pulled into the Dark Shadow World?"

"Happy?" Betty shook his head. "He is a member of the Spirit Race, and a Spirit Seed. In reality, I did not hope for his death."

Indigo had an expression of puzzlement.

"Old Man Tian Qi also hoped I would capture Oktan alive and return him to the Spirit Race," Betty said.

"The Great Sage wants him alive?" Indigo realized.

Betty nodded.


At this time, Vitas who came from the Extreme Flame Abyss stood respectfully next to Qin Lie and bowed.

Qin Lie stilled.

Vitas bowed his head. "I am willing to sign a slave contract with you."

If Qin Lie hadn't ordered the Spirits of Void and Chaos to remove the Light of Annihilation, even if he transformed into a Flame Demon, his flames would have been turned to ash by the Light of Annihilation.

When he begged Qin Lie for help, he said he was willing to be a servant and follow Qin Lie.

He was going to fulfill his promise.

"Slave contract..."

Qin Lie rubbed his chin and thought with a frown about the differences between a “slave contract” and Soul Beast’s soul slave.

As he considered his options, his Abyss Devil Race bloodline became unusually active.

Ancient, hidden knowledge was excavated and turned into a memory.

He immediately knew the details of the Abyss Devil Race’s slave contract, how to create it, and the differences between them and the soul slaves of the Soul Race.

The slave contract of the Abyss Devil Race was much looser than the soul servant, and did not have any special restrictions.

Based on the slave contract, if Vitas was willing to become his subordinate, he could have Vitas fight for him.

But his opponents had to be of the same bloodline rank.

Vitas had a right to refuse to fight an opponent of higher rank than him.

This meant that master couldn’t lead his subordinate to die, or make them fight an enemy out of their league.

Moreover, if the follower’s bloodline rank exceeded his master’s, the slave contract would be void.

In contrast, Soul Race’s soul slaves were more like actual slaves.

They had to obey their master's orders completely, as well as give up a part of their soul origin.

Even if the master told a soul slave to die, the servant was forced to act on master’s wishes.

The soul servant had no freedom.

Of course, soul slaves could also be rewarded and receive pure soul energy, as well as learn Soul Race secret arts.

"Master..." Vitas called softly.


In thought, Qin Lie suddenly realized. Then, he activated his Abyss Devil Race bloodline and pressed his hand on Vitas's chest.

A drop of blood appeared from his fingertip.

That drop of blood imprinted on Vitas's chest, and slowly changed into the Abyss characters that meant “Flaming Sun”.

Flaming Sun seemed to become Qin Lie's mark. His followers would all be imprinted with these words after the bond formed.

Vitas looked at the Flaming Sun characters on his chest, and used his bloodline to wrap around them, as a ceremony of entering a slave contract.

A moment later, Vitas's eyes lit up and his body shook slightly.

Burning flames came off his body. The Flame Demon bloodline within him seemed to have a new bloodline latent ability awakened because of the mark Qin Lie left behind.

"Thank you, master!" he said seriously.

Qin Lie nodded and said, "The Flaming Sun Abyss has not completely formed. In this short period of time, I do not want to greatly develop the Flaming Sun Abyss. You can move freely and go to any other Abyss level. When I have a need, I will call you."

Vitas nodded in understanding.

The six Spirits of Void and Chaos all flew back, and cheered happily before entering Qin Lie"s glabella.

This time, they did not go consume the different spirit materials or play with Qin Lie.

After consuming the Light of Annihilation, they seemed to be full and sleepy.

They entered the Soul Suppressing Orb. Qin Lie used his soul consciousness to take a look. They seemed to have been fallen into deep slumber to slowly digest the mysterious Light of Annihilation.

"What are those six things?" Betty said.

"Nothing?" Qin Lie said aloofly.

Cohen from the Black Bog Abyss was the other living Abyss Devil other than Vitas.

His gaze had been on the six Spirits of Void and Chaos and he was also very curious.

He had some knowledge of the Light of Annihilation and knew the terror of the shadow beings.

He had never heard of any beings that could consume the Light of Annihilation. He was filled with curiosity towards the six Spirits of Void and Chaos.

"I have never heard of any beings that could eat the Light of Annihilation. I don't think that shadow being left the Flaming Sun Abyss because he feared us." Cohen thought for a moment and said, "It was .. those six things that forced him to leave."

At the words, everyone unconsciously focused on Cohen.

"If you want to leave the Flaming Sun Abyss alive, then you’d better tell us all you know about the shadow beings." Qin Lie narrowed his eyes, his expression turning cold.

Indigo and Vitas quietly surrounded Cohen after Qin Lie's words.

Cohen frowned and said, "My father went to Dark Shadow World."

"Your father?" Betty's eyes lit up slightly as she reacted. "Your father is Aschnaz?"

Cohen nodded.

Betty was surprised and said, "So you are his bloodline descendant, no wonder..."

"My father is the strongest Great Lord of the Black Bog Abyss. He once tried to leave the Abyss and go to Dark Shadow World. He wanted to gather some Light of Annihilation and merge it into his bloodline to increase its corrosive power." Cohen sighed. "But even my father had almost died there, barely managing to escape the shadow beings. After he returned from the Dark Shadow World, he spent a long, long time before he recovered his bloodline power."

"He told me the shadow beings were the natural enemy of all physical beings and the destroyers of life."

"The shadow beings consume souls. Just like we have to eat meat, they can only survive by eating souls."

"Their reproduction is strictly tied to soul power so they constantly invade other realms."

"The realms invaded will have all life exterminated. Then, they would become a part of Dark Shadow World.”

"The Light of Annihilation is one of the weapons of the shadow beings."

"This strange light can corrode almost all flesh!"

"My father attempted to merge the Light of Annihilation into his body. His intestines rotted, and his rank ten Abyss Devil body almost turned into liquid."

"He cut off a third of his body infected with the Light of Annihilation to eliminate that terrifying light."

"According to my father, the majority of races in the universe would one day go extinct because of the shadow beings."

"Only a few races, such as the Soul Race that have no physical body, will be fortunate and spared."

"You possess strange beings that can absorb the Light of Annihilation. If there are more of them, or if these ones get more powerful, in the future... they may become a beacon of hope in our fight against the shadow beings."

Cohen looked at Qin Lie with a burning gaze and said seriously.

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