Chapter 1446 - Recognition

Chapter 1446: Recognition

Everyone knew that it was a shadow being inside that ugly Abyss Devil body.

He was clearly slowly familiarizing himself with the language of the Abyss.

His speech was very unskilled at the start but he just adjusted after a while, and seemed to be completely familiar with the native tongue.

When he spoke again, he did not stammer, and could clearly express his intentions.

"The Abyss is a realm that us shadow beings have always wanted to enter. This level of the Abyss will provide an entrance to us. We will slowly consume the Abyss it into part of our Dark Shadow World."

"All the beings in the Abyss, along with their souls, will become our food, and serve to create more shadow beings."

"Everything will start from this newly-created level of the Abyss."

Poison flowed out of the sores of the tall Abyss Devil body as it moved its limbs.

He released threads of dense abyss devil energy, which made him resemble a genuine Abyss Devil.

But everyone knew it was still the terrifying shadow being.

"You want to consume the Abyss, starting with my Flaming Sun Abyss?" Qin Lie shook his head and said, "You are delusional."

His thoughts moved suddenly.

"Whoosh whoosh! Zing zing zing!"

Six blinding rays of light flew out of the rays of Light of Annihilation, and floated around him like a rainbow.

He pointed.

The six Spirits of Void and Chaos suddenly flew out on his orders.

The spirits could switch between tangible and intangible states. Their incorporeal form could only be felt with a soul.

In the group gathered in the Flaming Sun Abyss, other than Qin Lie, only Indigo and Betty could detect where the Spirits of Void and Chaos were.

They looked towards the enormous Abyss Devil body controlled by the shadow being.

"Pew pew!"

Suddenly, six bloody holes appeared on the tall Abyss Devil body.

The six Spirits of Void and Chaos immediately burrowed into the giant after turning invisible.


Blood mixed with the Light of Annihilation sprayed out of the body of mixed Abyss Devil parts. The giant construct of flesh seemed to have been torn into pieces by the Spirits of Void and Chaos.

At the same time, the fire spirit released raging flames.

"Whoosh whoosh." The burning flames drowned the enormous Abyss Devil body.

The shadow being hiding in the Abyss Devil body was not truly invulnerable just like You Ye said.

They also feared fire.

The fire spirit, after evolving numerous times, was the strongest out of the Spirits of Void and Chaos. As the fire spirit, the flames he released could even damage the shadow being.

"Such a strange lifeform..."

A cloud of dark shadow flew out of the bloody Abyss Devil body and muttered.

After that, the Abyss Devil body turned back into pieces of meat that fell to the ground.

The Light of Annihilation specks flashed occasionally inside the Abyss Devil body. But as soon as they appeared, the six Spirits of Void and Chaos would compete for the rights to consume them.

The dark shadow nimbly flew far away from the Spirits of Void and Chaos. The shadow being seemed very curious.

He seemed to be shocked by the existence of the Spirits of Void and Chaos.

He and other shadow beings had corroded many realms and fought many foreign races. Other than the Soul Race, he had never seen a foreign race that did not fear the Light of Annihilation.

He had never heard of beings that could absorb the power of the Light of Annihilation, let alone seen them.

This shadow being who entered the Flaming Sun Abyss through Thamur was shocked by the existence of the six Spirits of Void and Chaos.

After a brief consideration he concluded that he could not grasp the characteristics of the Spirits of Void and Chaos, nor had absolute confidence he could destroy them.


The cluster of dark shadows suddenly shattered, scattering dark light to the surroundings. A strange suction force capable of devouring souls came from within, entire Flaming Sun Abyss in its range.

Qin Lie's Soul Altar shook fiercely, and so did his True Soul hidden within. It had almost been forcefully pulled out into the open. That would have been the case had he not calmed himself down and countered the mysterious force.

The six Spirits of Void and Chaos slowly floated back to his body after tearing apart that Abyss Devil body.

Their placidity proved that they weren’t affected.

Qin Lie looked and found that Indigo had a calm expression after frowning.

Betty grunted and used spatial power to make a boundary to block the vibration of soul.

Other than the three of them, the other Abyss Devils, including Oktan, had dazed expressions.


Oktan's soul flew out right under Betty's eyes.

The souls of the three Abyss Devils from the Sacrificial Ghost Purgatory also flew out.

Vitas and Cohen were not spared. They lost control of their soul.

The shadow being who had consumed Thamur either obtained Thamur's secret soul arts or had innate ability to consume souls. After the shadow exploded, it created a strange field capable of attracting souls.

The souls flew out of their bodies along his soul art.

"This is the Flaming Sun Abyss, I am the creator of this Abyss level!" Qin Lie snorted.

He closed his eyes. He suddenly pointed towards his forehead. A dot of black light suddenly shone.

A pure black curtain of light came from the Soul Suppressing Orb. He looked towards Cohen and Vitas. Their souls immediately stopped in the air.

A moment later, their souls returned to their bodies.

Oktan's soul, and the souls from the three Abyss Devils of the Sacrificial Ghost Purgatory were not his responsibility.

Those four souls slowly floated towards the larger dark shadow.


The scattered dots of light suddenly gathered and reformed into one.

Oktan and the three Abyss Devil souls from Sacrificial Ghost Purgatory disappeared into that dot of light like moths burned by the flame.

"We already have the coordinates for the Flaming Sun Abyss. In the future, it will be our first target."

A soul thought came from the dot of light, disappearing the next moment.

No trace, physical or soul, of the shadow being remained.

Qin Lie narrowed his eyes and he observed where the light had disappeared with a dark expression for a while.

At this time, the Abyss Devil Race bloodline inside his body suddenly gave off a strange ripple.

"It’s done..."

He stilled, and then found the Eight-eyed Demon Spirit bloodline inside him could form star doors again.

The restraints the Flaming Sun Abyss had put on his bloodline seemed to have run out. He had faced the challenges like every Abyss Creator.

"Does that mean I’ve been truly acknowledged by the laws of the Abyss?" he murmured to himself.

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