Chapter 1445: Reforging of Flesh and Blood

Chapter 1445: Reforging of Flesh and Blood

Qin Lie had a dark expression.

The arrival of one shadow being already put considerable pressure on him. If more of these beings arrived, he feared managing the Flaming Sun Abyss would be truly difficult.

According to Oktan, right now, this shadow being acted as a beacon for the other shadow beings.

More shadow beings would swarm this place.

Maybe the Flaming Sun Abyss would become like Dark Moon World, assimilated by the Dark Shadow World.

His Abyss level would become a cold desolate place without light, only suitable for the shadow beings to live in.

If the Flaming Sun Abyss really turned to that, was there a reason for him, the Abyss Creator, to exist?

"Maybe, maybe not. I am not sure," Oktan said seriously.

At this time, Betty, Indigo, Vitas and Cohen all gathered around Qin Lie.

Everyone had an unspoken agreement to stay vigilant and deal with the shadow being with minimal casualties.

After exploding, the shadow being hidden in the threads of blood managed to eliminate many Abyss Devils.

The dissolving bodies of the Abyss Devils turned into puddles of flesh and blood. Under the invader’s control they gathered into an eerie ball of flesh.

The souls of the Abyss Devils had already been consumed by the shadow being, becoming a powerful nourishment.

Through You Ye's description, Qin Lie knew that the shadow beings fed on the souls of all beings. Souls were… their power source.

Due to this, a realm with life, if invaded by shadow beings, would be completely devoid of life in a short while.

Unlike the God Race, the Spirit Race and the Soul Race, the shadow beings did not need captives or servants.

Everywhere they passed, the ancient races would have their souls consumed.

If You Ye had not fled in time, he and the Serene Moon Race would have been exterminated as well.

Right now, even the Dark Moon World where You Ye and the others had lived had been invaded by the Dark Shadow World and became a part of the Dark Shadow World.

There was no Dark Moon World in this universe anymore.


At this time, Qin Lie's expression changed and he looked into the distance.

He detected another soul presence.

"There is still someone who attempts to kill me recklessly and take my heart," he sneered.

"Whoosh whoosh whoosh!"

Three enormous shadows flashed from the distance and flew in front of everyone in a short moment.

Those were three Abyss Devils very similar to Locke after devilization. They all had long tails and natural scales protecting them.

The three Abyss Devils all had rank eight bloodline, and one of them was a female. She was tall, her breasts voluptuous. Even after devilization, she still seemed attractive.

Her beautiful face, not covered in scales, had a seductive smile. However, her eyes were filled with coldness.

"Another three bloodline descendants of the Sacrificial Ghost Monarch." Cohen was slightly shocked.

"That guys thinks not enough people have died?" Betty said curiously.

The three bloodline descendants of the Sacrificial Ghost Monarch suddenly arrived.

The three Abyss Devils looked down with darkening expressions.

In their eyes, there were dozens of bloody Abyss Devil corpses in the surroundings.

Those dead Abyss Devils were horrific to look at as though they had been dissolved in acid.

Under their gaze, the bloody puddles were slowly moving and gathering together.

This scene was extremely eerie and dark.

They watched silently. After a while, they found the corpses of those Abyss Devils formed an enormous ball of flesh.

The ball of flesh expanded and gave off a dark soul presence.

"This is..." muttered the female Abyss Devil.

"A shadow being is hiding inside." The female Abyss Devil stared at the big flesh ball for a while, her gaze wary. "If you do not want to die, stay away from it."

The three Abyss Devils avoided the flesh ball as it rose into the air.

They clearly knew the danger.

"You are the creator of the Flaming Sun Abyss?" The female Abyss Devil swung her enormous tail, a strange smile on her mouth, her eyes snapping to Qin Lie’s figure, exuding mysterious light. "Hm? That's not right. Why are you a God Race clansman?"

Qin Lie ignored her, and looked at Oktan, asking, "This shadow being came from the Sea of Annihilation?"

Oktan nodded. "He and Thamur met in the Sea of Annihilation."

Qin Lie's expression grew uglier.

Through the scattered memories of the Spirits of Void and Chaos, and some of the fragmented thoughts of the Soul Race clansmen, he knew that not all shadow beings could enter the Sea of Annihilation.

The Sea of Annihilation was the most unique and forbidden land in the Dark Shadow World. Only those with permission and had high status among the shadow beings could move about the Sea of Annihilation.

Obviously, shadow beings of high status were stronger than their most common clansmen.

This meant that the shadow being in the Flaming Sun Abyss was an expert among the shadow beings, with special status.

"Is Thamur... definitely dead?" he asked.

"I do not feel any presence of Thamur," Oktan said with a frown.

"Hey!" The female Abyss Devil from the Sacrificial Ghost Purgatory saw Qin Lie ignore her. She became visibly angry and shouted, "I am asking you!"

Qin Lie turned to glance at her impatiently and said, "If you want to die like Locke, you can try."

He pointed at his chest, and activated his Abyss Devil Race bloodline ever so slightly to show off his Abyss Devil presence.

The three Abyss Devils immediately felt thick familiar presence exuded by his body.

Their initial assumption was right. This person who was seemingly a God Race clansman was the creator of the Flaming Sun Abyss.

He was their target.

"Whoosh whoosh whoosh!"

The enormous ball of flesh made from the fallen Abyss Devils started to visibly expand and transform.

In but a moment, it turned into a giant, eerie-looking Abyss Devil.

That Abyss Devil was a dozen meters tall. It had a giant tail like Locke, strange horns on its head, bone wings on its back, and ugly sores over its skin.

The enormous sores were filled with filthy, sticky, corrosive liquid that resembled blood. It was seeping out.

The Abyss Devil made from flesh and bones crushed and mixed together was still physical manifestation of the shadow being, but its body had clear abyss devil energy fluctuations.

This meant that the Abyss Devil giant in front of them had the ability to fight.

"You, you will all die..."

The snarling strange Abyss Devil bared its teeth as it stammered out in the language of the Abyss.

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