Chapter 1444: Followers

Chapter 1444: Followers

A bit of moonlight flashed from Qin Lie’s shoulder while he was moving.

It was the Moon Tear stored inside his silver moon imprint.

A connection was instantly formed between Qin Lie’s soul and his artifact soul, You Ye when it had appeared.

“How do we eliminate a shadow being?” he asked.

You Ye was the patriarch of the Serene Moon Race, and Dark Moon World was their ancestral ground. In the past, their world had been nibbled away, assimilated and finally consumed by the Dark Shadow World.

You Ye had fought against the shadow beings before, so he should be familiar with their weaknesses as well. That was why he had purposely summoned Moon Tear to get some answers. 

“A shadow being is here?” You Ye was caught by surprise.

The Moon Tear abruptly changed into nine moon dots or a single dot from time to time.

The sparkling Moon Tear seemed to be sensing something.

“There is a shadow being around here!” You Ye screamed through his soul while still controlling the Moon Tear. “Shadow beings are afraid of hottest of flames and absolute frost. However, they are unafraid of spirit energy blasts or cutting attacks. There are some powerful secret soul arts that can wound them as well!”

“Hottest of flames, absolute frost, secret soul arts…” Qin Lie’s eyes brightened a little at this. It was because he just so happened to be well-versed in every power You Ye had just mentioned. His mastery over absolute frost and soul arts were pretty good.

Qin Lie calmed down when he heard You Ye’s advice. Suddenly, the shadow being no longer felt as scary.


Qin Lie activated his Blaze Family bloodline immediately.

In an instant, his hair and pupils had turned as red as flames.

Imperishable flames started burning on his body, and they spread out to form a Flame World.

The burning Flame World was overflowing with shockingly high temperature. It was like a volcano that wouldn’t stop gushing lava.

Even his nostrils had looked like they were leaking fire.

“The God Race! The Blaze Family bloodline!”

“The Blaze Family’s imperishable flames!”

“How can this be?”

The few surviving Abyss Devils suddenly screamed when they saw Qin Lie’s new form.

Not long ago, Qin Lie had just fought Locke in his devilized form.

At the time, Qin Lie was covered in unique aura of the Abyss, thick abyss devil energy, sinister-looking spikes and tough black armor.

There was absolutely no question that he was an Abyss Devil back then.

However, not long after he had exited his devilized form, Qin Lie had suddenly transformed into a Blaze Family member.

The blazing Flame World and the fire flowing across his body were all unique traits possessed by no one except a Blaze Family member.

Moreover, the Abyss Devil aura that had surrounded him earlier was completely gone.

Every Abyss Devil who witnessed this change was wearing a look of astonishment on their faces. None of them could explain what was going on.

“Did an Abyss Devil and a God Race clansman copulate with each other? But if that’s true, then why haven’t we heard of such a precedent?”

“Since when was there someone with both the Abyss Devil and the God Race’s bloodlines?”

“I’ve never even heard of such a person!”

In their eyes, Qin Lie was currently no different from a monster.

“So it was true…”

Meanwhile, Betty was smiling mysteriously with bright eyes. It looked like she had known about this since a while ago.


Suddenly, the big flesh ball that was chasing after Betty suddenly exploded into a rain of light and blood.

Someone who was paying close attention would notice the Light of Annihilation hidden within the blood droplets.

The Abyss Devils who were standing close to Betty didn’t expect this to happen at all. As a result, the light tinged blood droplets had struck them before they could react in time.


Their bodies started melting slowly. Strange shadows had seized the opportunity to slip into their bodies as well.

When the scattered shadows had entered the Abyss Devils’ body, even their souls were starting to melt into nothing.

Since Qin Lie was well-versed in the Soul Race’s secret arts, it took him little to no effort to sense this phenomenon.

This meant that Cohen of the Black Bog Abyss was the only Abyss Devil left who hadn’t yet been touched by the Light of Annihilation.

Even his former opponent, Vitas of the Extreme Flame Abyss wasn’t able to escape the Light of Annihilation this time.

Right now, Vitas was screaming on top of his lungs.


Wisps of fiery liquid suddenly gushed out of Vitas’s pores all of a sudden.

It would appear that the threat of death had driven his Flame Demon bloodline to grow stronger.

The Abyss Devil instantly devilized into a Flame Demon who was covered in burning lava from head to toe.

The fist-sized shadow that was burying into his body instantly escaped after Vitas had transformed into a Flame Demon.

However, his flames were completely useless against the tiny but deadly Light of Annihilation that was eroding his new body. 

“Qin Lie! Save me! Please save me this one time!” Vitas shouted and begged with all his might, “I will swear loyalty to you in the ancient language of the Abyss if I survive this! Please!”

Vitas was aware that burning his bloodline could drive away the shadow being’s soul, but not the Light of Annihilation.

Out of all the people present in the Flaming Sun Abyss, Qin Lie was the only one who had control over the Spirits of Void and Chaos and knew how to deal with the Light of Annihilation.

That was why he had placed all his hopes onto Qin Lie.

“Swear loyalty, he says…” Qin Lie looked moved by the idea.

A powerful Abyss Devil was normally followed by a lot of low rank followers. This phenomenon could be observed across all Abyss levels.

A rank nine Lord of the Abyss normally had a couple of rank eight subordinates, and their rank eight subordinates had even more rank seven and rank six subordinates.

A weak Abyss Devil would choose to serve a strong Abyss Devil. It was an unchanging law that had existed in the Abyss for the longest time.

Vitas had requested to become his follower. From now on, he would become Vitas’s master, and their bond would be enforced by a master and servant contract.

“A Flame Demon who also possesses a Succubus bloodline. If he successfully reaches rank nine and becomes a Lord of the Abyss, he would awaken to powerful Succubus abilities…”

Qin Lie’s eyes brightened bit by bit as he considered the offer. In the end, he sent out an order to the Spirits of Void and Chaos.

The thunder spirit was the closest spirit to Vitas. It temporarily gave up on a beam of Light of Annihilation it was chasing and appeared before Vitas’s chest instantly.

The Light of Annihilation that was eroding Vitas’s body immediately lost its power the moment the thunder spirit had appeared.

A simple check revealed that the strange energy residing inside the Light of Annihilation eroding his chest had already been absorbed by the thunder spirit, putting him out of danger.

Vitas didn’t say anything. He simply nodded once at Qin Lie and made a bow from afar.

It was the proper etiquette a subordinate should show to their master.

Qin Lie grinned and let out a chuckle. After returning the nod with his own, Qin Lie asked, “Who else? Who else wishes to live another day?”

There were a couple more Abyss Devils who were caught by the rain of blood just like Vitas. Qin Lie had wanted to recruit a few more followers the same way.

Unfortunately, he discovered that the rest of the Abyss Devils had been dissolved into nothing already.

Unlike Vitas, these poor Abyss Devils were no Flame Demons. They were incapable of transforming their body and soul into lava and fire.

That was why they hadn’t been able to resist the shadow being’s corrosive powers.

This also meant that Cohen was the only surviving Abyss Devil left besides Vitas.

“Wake up!” Indigo said loudly.

Meanwhile, Indigo had somehow made her way to Oktan without anyone realizing and was yelling at him using a voice that shook souls.

Slowly, Oktan broke out of his trance and regained his consciousness.

As the haze in Oktan’s eyes cleared up, he asked, “This is… the Flaming Sun Abyss?”

Then, he shivered as realization struck him, “Thamur has been devoured by a shadow being. It’s using Thamur’s soul to travel from the Sea of Annihilation all the way to the Flaming Sun Abyss!”

“You’re a bit too late, I think.” Betty let out a cold snort. “Why don’t you look around you and see how many Abyss Devils are still alive?”

Oktan was caught off guard by her remark. Then, he looked around and saw dead Abyss Devils in all directions.

He immediately understood what just occurred while he was still in a trance.

“Thamur had played with fire too much and got burnt as a result! He had wanted to use the Light of Annihilation to make a trade with a shadow being!” Oktan said with a look of shock and fear. “The shadow being can travel through the Light of Annihilation, so that means that it can travel anywhere as long as Thamur still has the Light of Annihilation with him!”

“Thamur thought that he had control over everything, and that he could even stop the shadow being from coming through the Light of Annihilation. However, it looks like he had severely underestimated the shadow being’s power and craftiness. Not only did he fail to prevent the shadow being from coming through, he even lost his soul completely in the process.”

“In fact, this shadow being might’ve revealed the coordinates of this world to other shadow beings already. There might be more shadow beings making their way to the Flaming Sun Abyss right now.”

Oktan looked at the gray sky of the Flaming Sun Abyss with an ugly look on his face. “It won’t be too long before this Abyss level becomes fully assimilated into Dark Shadow World.”

“Even more shadow beings are coming?” Qin Lie’s expression changed drastically.

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