Chapter 1443: The First Shadow Being

Chapter 1443: The First Shadow Being

Cohen stared at Thamur in fear.

Right now, Thamur only existed as a soul. The Abyss Devil he was possessing had exploded into bits since a while ago.

Thamur’s soul wriggled slowly like a strange ball of flesh.

More and more Light of Annihilation spilled out of the wriggling soul shadow and threatened its surroundings with deadly corrosive power.

“Yiya! Yiya yiya!”

All six great Spirits of Void and Chaos suddenly transmitted a soul message to Qin Lie at the same time.

They were warning Qin Lie to watch out for Thamur.

Inside the whirlpool, Qin Lie’s expression grew more and more serious as he started putting some distance between him and Thamur.

He didn’t want to stay too close before he knew exactly what Thamur was going to do. He had no intentions of being caught off guard or be taken before he could react.

“What’s going on? What’s happening to that Thamur?” Even Betty’s smile was fading little by little. She stared seriously at Oktan while asking, “What did you do?”

Oktan looked flustered and exasperated, “All you need to know is that you need to get out of the Flaming Sun Abyss right now!”

After that, Oktan tore the spatial barrier Betty had created with his bare hands and tried to leave again.

But Betty wouldn’t let him go. She reappeared in front of him in an instant before asking coldly, “Explain!”

Oktan suddenly let out a beastly roar.

It looked like he could no longer endure Betty!

Just when Oktan was about to go on a rampage, Thamur’s writhing soul figure suddenly emanated a chilly aura.

The chilly aura immediately started invading everyone’s soul consciousness the moment it appeared.

Every living being, be it the Abyss Devils, the Spirit Race, Qin Lie and even the Spirits of Void and Chaos sensed the chilly aura in an instant.

Oktan shivered when he sensed the chilly aura, his fury suddenly all gone.

Instead, it was replaced with terrible fear and a very vague tinge of despair.

“He’s coming, he’s coming…” Oktan suddenly muttered like his soul had gone missing.

“Whoosh whoosh!”

Thamur’s soul figure writhed violently before it started shrinking bit by bit.

Several seconds later, Thamur had turned into a black dot the size of a tiny rice.

As the creator of the Flaming Sun Abyss, Qin Lie was able to pick up a strange spatial passage-like connection from the black dot.

When he narrowed his eyes and tried to perceive it, he felt like he was watching a sea of colorful light.

“The Sea of Annihilation!” Qin Lie turned pale with shock.

The black dot seemed to be connected to the Sea of Annihilation of Dark Shadow World. It was rumored to be a terrifying place that could annihilate all flesh and blood life form.

Just when Qin Lie was about to let out a scream, the black dot suddenly expanded abruptly like bursting flesh.

Thamur’s soul aura vanished completely after that.

A strange, evil spirit seemed to be seeping into the exploded Abyss Devil that Thamur had possessed earlier.

Shockingly, the broken bits of flesh and blood scattered all over the place started sliding across the ground like decapitated snakes and converging in one spot.

In just the blink of an eye, the exploded bits of flesh and blood had joined back together and turned into a huge, wriggling black ball of flesh.

An extremely strange life signature started emanating from inside the flesh ball. It was a peculiar soul presence that Qin Lie had never seen in his life.

“Shadow being!” Cohen shouted loudly in shock.


The black ball of flesh suddenly flew towards a nearby Abyss Devil and reached him in just a breath’s time. 

The Abyss Devil had been caught by the Light of Annihilation around the shoulder, but he hadn’t perished from the attack.

The instant the flesh ball had wrapped around the wounded Abyss Devil, he immediately let out a bloodcurdling scream and attempted to free himself of its clutches. However, despite his efforts, he didn't manage to escape.

Instead, he was being sucked into the flesh ball before everyone’s eyes. 

In just a few seconds, the big flesh ball had devoured the Abyss Devil completely and grown a size bigger.

The life and soul aura emanating from the ball of black flesh grew even stronger than before.

The flesh ball started flying towards another target.

Another Abyss Devil who was partially wounded by the Light of Annihilation but alive was quickly devoured in the exact same way.


The terrible, fearful scream that had escaped that Abyss Devil’s throat caused everyone’s blood to run cold.

Meanwhile, Oktan’s face looked dark and fearful. He seemed to be looking for a way to leave the Flaming Sun Abyss.

The surviving band of Abyss Devils, Betty, and Indigo all had grievous expressions at this point.

Obviously, Qin Lie was no longer the center of attention.

Cohen, Vitas, and the remaining Abyss Devils started pondering for a way to survive this crisis.

Qin Lie’s glared harshly at Oktan before he asked in a chilly tone, “That thing’s a shadow being?”

Everyone’s eyes was trained onto Oktan the moment he had voiced his question.

Oktan and Thamur had come and left the Origin World together. Since he was aware of the danger even before Thamur had changed, it was clear that he was informed on that flesh ball’s origin.

Oktan was wearing an ugly look on his face as everyone stared at him coldly. He was just about to explain when his eyes suddenly turned blank.

It would seem that the flesh ball that had been consuming wounded Abyss Devils non-stop had noticed something and directed its evil soul powers at Oktan.

Oktan’s blue pupils abruptly turned pitch black. The light in his eyes were slowly but surely fading away as well.

The evil soul energy seemed to have taken control of him.

Oktan stood blankly on his feet like a doll.

He didn’t react no matter how much Betty had pummeled him with questions. He looked like a dead man.

The black ball of flesh suddenly charged towards Oktan noisily.

It was clear that Oktan had become its next target!

“Keep Oktan alive! Qin Lie! Keep him alive!” Cohen of the Black Bog Abyss suddenly shouted wildly, “He’s useful to us alive!”

Qin Lie was caught off guard.

Before he could react, Betty, who was the closest to Oktan was already shouting and letting out a cold snort. “Get out of my way!”

Strange ripples of spatial energy suddenly spread towards the surroundings.

The black ball of flesh was immediately pushed aside by the spatial ripples when it came into contact with them.

The big flesh ball wanted to devour Oktan, but the spatial ripples was actually driving it further and further away from its target.

A chilly smile appeared on Betty’s face as she curled her fingers and did a swiping motion all of a sudden.

A gigantic spatial blade that looked like a hundred-meter light blade had scored a direct hit on the black ball of flesh, cutting it in half instantly.

The two halves of the flesh ball looked like a giant watermelon that had been cut in half. Everyone could see two halves of a shadow wriggling inside the flesh ball and taking on various unusual shapes.

The shadows moved towards one another and joined back as one, carrying the wall of flesh around them as well.

When the hundred-meter light blade had vanished completely, the flesh it parted started bonding again. 

When the flesh ball had returned to normal, it was almost as if Betty’s spatial blade hadn’t dealt any damage to it at all.

This time, the big flesh ball charged towards Betty instead of Oktan.

Betty’s face turned serious as she faced the attack. It looked like this strange enemy was finally annoying her.

“Shadow beings are immune to almost all physical attacks!” Cohen yelled.

Betty frowned as she dodged out of the flesh ball’s way while firing even more patterns containing secrets of space to buy time. She asked, “What is its weakness then?”

Cohen thought for a moment before answering, “Try fire.”

“Fire?” Betty curled her lips before shaking her head, “That’s not part of my area of expertise.”

It was at this moment Indigo turned to look at Qin Lie.

Hovering at the center of the whirlpool, Qin Lie nodded once before his bones suddenly let out a crunching noise.

In the blink of an eye, Qin Lie had canceled his Abyss Devil form and returned to normal.

As his Abyss Devil Race bloodline cooled, the whirlpool that had surrounded his body also vanished gradually.

After his hair and eyes had turned back to black color, he started making his way toward Betty.

“Is that his true appearance? Now we’re finally talking. He looks much better when he’s not devilized,” Betty commented after she had turned around to shoot a glance at him.

It was clear that the black ball of flesh that surrounded the shadow being wasn’t able to deal a fatal blow to Betty even though it had put her on the defensive.

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