Chapter 1442: Control

Chapter 1442: Control

Qin Lie didn’t fear the Light of Annihilation at all.

Judging from the way the Light of Annihilation was circulating inside Qin Lie’s whirlpool, it was clear that the deadly rays were being controlled by his soul.


Oktan was planning to attack Qin Lie, but he suddenly hesitated when he saw the lively Light of Annihilation.

Meanwhile, more and more Abyss Devils were being obliterated by the mysterious light.

However, Qin Lie didn’t try to spread out his soul consciousness even further and aid the Abyss Devils. He simply stared at the scene coolly from where he was.

After all, these Abyss Devils were here to kill him and swallow his Abyss Devil heart in the first place.

They were enemies just like Oktan and Thamur.

The only person he was worried about was Indigo, but he realized that the girl was safe thanks to Betty and her intricate bloodline.

He relaxed completely after seeing that.

“Yiya yiya!”

It was at this moment the Spirits of Void and Chaos started cheering happily in his mind.

Attention caught, he immediately connected with the tiny spirits and felt their joy washing over him.

It was the Light of Annihilation that had triggered such a reaction.

Qin Lie was gripped by surprise at the beginning, but he quickly realized that the Spirits of Void and Chaos wished to leave the Soul Suppressing Orb and consume those Light of Annihilation for themselves.

Back at the entrance to the Lizard Race’s realm, the reason he was able to pick up the origin of the Light of Annihilation was partially thanks to the memories held by Spirits of Void and Chaos.

He knew that they desired the Light of Annihilation a lot... It seemed like the strange light could… improve their bloodline power.

That was why they couldn’t restrain their excitement every time they sensed the Light of Annihilation.

Qin Lie observed the scene in secret. Thamur was still controlling the Light of Annihilation with his soul and attacking the remaining Abyss Devils.

He was wondering if he should summon the Spirits of Void and Chaos immediately, or wait for a later time.

Since the Abyss Devils were also his enemies, the fact that Thamur was killing them all using the Light of Annihilation was indirectly a good thing.

However, he wasn’t sure if the Light of Annihilation would be used up completely by the time Thamur had killed the rest of the Abyss Devils.

He was aware that the Light of Annihilation probably contained a special kind of energy that benefited the Spirits’ of Void and Chaos bloodline.


As the Spirits of Void and Chaos cried more and more urgently inside his head, Qin Lie knew that their excitement had only grown with time.

“Oh well.” In the end, he nodded and gave them permission to fly out.

In an instant, six rays of colorful light beams exited Qin Lie’s glabella in the instant.

The six Spirits of Void and Chaos immediately cheered the moment they had appeared in the Flaming Sun Abyss. Only he could hear their cheers, however.

Then, they immediately spread out and flew towards the Light of Annihilation.


Every time the Spirits of Void and Chaos had slipped into a ray of Light of Annihilation and consumed it, the soul consciousness Thamur had imbued to them would vanish all of a sudden.

Not only did the affected beams of Light of Annihilation suddenly froze in midair, their light also grew dimmer and dimmer.

The terrible corrosiveness that was unique to the Light of Annihilation was clearly weakening after being attacked by the spirits.


The Abyss Devil body Thamur was possessing suddenly shook all over. The green flame dancing in his pupils also swayed violently like a blown candle, looking as if they would be extinguished at any moment.


Suddenly, Thamur’s soul slipped out of the body as if he couldn’t withstand that abnormalities that were wreaking havoc in his body, or the severe damage that had been done to his soul.

The wriggling figure of a soul floated above the Abyss Devil and started radiating strange waves of energy all of a sudden.

The Abyss Devil Thamur had been possessing suddenly exploded after a series of violent shakes.

Bloody meat and bones were scattered all over the place.

Oktan was originally standing quite near to Thamur, but when he saw the Soul Race clansman’s strange form he suddenly moved away from him with clear terror on his face.

It looked like he was afraid to get too close to Thamur.

After he had walked far away enough from Thamur, his eyes started flashing with uncertainty and thought. It was almost as if he was planning to make a decision that would be disadvantageous towards Thamur.

He no longer tried to attack Qin Lie either.

“Rip! Rip!”

Thanks to the six Spirits of Void and Chaos hunting down the Light of Annihilation left and right, many Abyss Devils had been saved from the brink of death.

Cohen of the Black Bog Abyss was one such survivor. His face looked incredibly dark as he watched the water spirit devouring a ray of corrosive light just ten meters away from him.

Cohen was one of the very few Abyss Devils who had recognized the Light of Annihilation. He was the one who spoke its name when the beams first made an appearance.

The corrosive Light of Annihilation had most likely come from Dark Shadow World, and it was somewhat similar to the poisonous miasma emitted by the deadly swamps of the Black Bog Abyss.

However, the Light of Annihilation was clearly deadlier.

Although Cohen was immune to most type of poisons, he was still afraid of the Light of Annihilation.

Right now though, the strange beings that had slipped into the Light of Annihilation had terrified him even more.

The strange water spirit was just ten meters away from him, so he noticed that Thamur’s soul thought had been wiped out immediately the moment it had entered the Light of Annihilation.

Even better, the Light of Annihilation that could dissolve practically all living beings in the world was clearly growing dimmer and dimmer.

It seemed like the strange energy that powered the Light of Annihilation was being devoured by the strange lifeform bit by bit.

In his opinion, that was the strangest scene that he had ever seen.

Since Cohen knew a bit about the Light of Annihilation, he couldn’t imagine that a strange lifeform that could consume the Light of Annihilation would exist in the universe.

It wasn’t something that he had thought possible in the past either.


After Oktan had moved away from Thamur slowly, the Spirit Race clansman suddenly dashed towards the distance.

He was flying towards the abyss passageway.

No one could explain why, but it was clear that an unknown terror had seized Oktan when the latter saw Thamur’s soul departing the body he was possessing and starting to wriggle in the air.

Not only did Oktan decide to give up on his original goal to kill Qin Lie, he had decided to give up the Origin Crystal and the chance to get his Abyss Devil heart too.

He even went so far as to abandon Thamur.

No one knew what exactly he was afraid of, not even Qin Lie. However, a vague bad feeling was brewing inside Qin Lie’s heart after he saw Oktan’s reaction.

“Why the hurry?” Betty giggled suddenly before she flashed away from the ripples of secret spatial pattern surrounding her and Indigo, blocking Oktan’s way.

Betty waved her hand once and created a huge and invisible spatial barrier in an instant.

She had acted so fast that Oktan ran into the barrier head on and was bounced back several steps as a result. Then, he yelled furiously at Betty, “What are you trying to do?”

“You’re not going anywhere.” Betty smiled.

Blue veins started popping on Oktan’s forehead. He said urgently, “Anyone who remains here will soon be dead. I’m telling you this only because you’re a Spirit Race clansman—eave now while you still can, or suffer the consequences!”

Betty frowned when she heard this.

At the distance, Cohen’s expression suddenly changed drastically as if Oktan’s words had triggered a memory in him.

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