Chapter 1441: One of Us

Chapter 1441: One of Us

Qin Lie had always thought of Thamur as a deadly threat since the day they met.

Back when the Flaming Sun Abyss had just been an Origin World, Thamur was already murking the waters and setting the other three transcendent races against one another. When the dust settled, he would then show up and claim the ultimate reward for himself.

After Thamur and Oktan had joined hands, they had nearly succeeded in killing Indigo and robbing the Origin Crystal for themselves.

If he hadn’t been luckier that day, the Origin Crystal might’ve been transformed into one of Thamur’s deadly weapons already.

At the end of that expedition, he had tried to kill Thamur and Oktan after his successful fusion with the Origin Crystal. However, his attempt had been thwarted to his surprise.

Thamur and Oktan had escaped into Oktan’s secret art’s black hole at the time, randomly thrown to the outer space. Qin Lie had thought that he would never seen them both again, and that they were both dead for sure.

But not only did they turn up in the Flaming Sun Abyss, they had both broken through to rank eight bloodline.

This meant that they had become a great thorn in his side once more.

Thamur was a cunning and deceitful person. He was much, much harder to deal with compared to the rank eight Abyss Devils.

As long as Thamur was still alive, he couldn’t feel settled even as he fought against the rank eight Abyss Devils. It was because he had no idea what kind of cunning ploy Thamur would pull on him while he was still around.

That was why he thought that killing Thamur was his foremost priority right now.

When the Abyss Devils saw that Qin Lie had set his sights on Thamur, they chose to stand still or move away from the Soul Race clansman.

They had willingly opened up an area for Qin Lie to do battle with Thamur.

“Hey, I’m just here to be an observer, you know. I’m no Abyss Devil, and I can’t take over the Flaming Sun Abyss even if I somehow manage to kill him.” Thamur couldn’t help but complain when he saw the Abyss Devils opening up a wide space for him and Qin Lie. “I’m just here to watch the show, I’ve no interest in his heart. You all can’t possibly think that I’m a threat, do you?”

He turned to look at a rank eight Abyss Devil.

The Abyss Devil he was looking at hadn’t devilized. He looked just like a human being, except he had purple hair, purple eyes, and a broader body than normal.

“I don’t care if you’re interested or not. I just want to see you die first.” The Abyss Devil chuckled strangely.

“I see…” Thamur said quietly.


Suddenly, a shiny beam of light that looked like a crystalline thread flew out of Thamur’s body.

The beam of light instantly struck the chuckling Abyss Devil, inciting a terrible scream as the latter’s body started rotting and melting all of a sudden.

“That’s...” Cohen of Black Bog Abyss frowned as the Abyss Devil fell apart due to the strange light. “The Light of Annihilation! That’s the Light of Annihilation!”

Swhoosh swhoosh swhoosh!”

Thamur let out a shrill battle cry, and even more strange light that looked like icy debris started flying towards all nearby living beings.

The Abyss Devils, Betty and Indigo were all within his attack range.

Oktan was the only one who wasn’t attacked by the strange beams of light. Everyone else had one or more light beams flying towards them.

“The Light of Annihilation!”

Betty of the Spirit Race had frowned as well. For the first time, she had withdrawn her smile and taken on a more serious face.

Grabbing Indigo by the arm, she pulled her away and moved to the side regardless of Indigo’s protest.

For some reason, the space she moved through was filled with tiny spatial patterns.

It was almost as if she had been passing through different layers of space all the time.

When the Light of Annihilation rushed toward her and Indigo, it was kept away by the strange spatial patterns. It failed to touch even the corner of her sleeve.


But unlike Indigo, the rest of the Abyss Devils weren’t so lucky. A lot of them were caught by the strange light beams.

Even the tiniest brush against the light beam was enough to draw painful screams from the Abyss Devils. Their bodies were slowly but surely crumbling under its power.

“How does it feel?” Thamur asked ominously.

The Abyss Devil who had spoken to him earlier was already melting down to his very bones. It was obvious that he wasn’t going to live for long.

While speaking, Thamur continued to spread out his soul thoughts and control the beams of light remotely.

Every light beam had a wisp of soul thought attached to it. It was how he was able to control them all at once.

The controlled light beams swam like agile snakes in the sky and went after the escaping Abyss Devils.

The thickest among the light beams were sent flying straight towards Qin Lie.

“The Light of Annihilation…”

Qin Lie didn’t try to dodge out of the way. He simply waited for it to come as the whirlpool surrounding him slowed to a stop.

All the while, he was staring at Thamur coldly as a sneer peeked out of the corner of his lips.


Suddenly, Qin Lie fired a mental soul thread straight towards the Light of Annihilation like it was a sharp blade.

The Light of Annihilation rushing towards him suddenly burned up on the spot.

Thamur suddenly let out a dull groan as his face became distorted. His eyes were filled with disbelief.

“How, how did you…”

Somehow, Qin Lie had managed to cut apart all the soul thoughts inside the Light of Annihilation with a soul blade.

He was a Soul Race clansman. Even if the body he was possessing was destroyed, it wouldn’t damage his true self in any way.

A Soul Race clansman could only be hurt when the damage was done directly to their soul!

Just now, Qin Lie had attacked his soul consciousness instead of the body he was possessing.

Moreover, he had eliminated the threads of his consciousness while they were still inside the Light of Annihilation!

It made no sense!

After Qin Lie had destroyed the soul thoughts that were attached to the Light of Annihilation, the beam froze in place like crystalline ribbons suspended in the air. The light beams were only five meters away from Qin Lie’s whirlpool at this point.

Suddenly, Qin Lie smiled before a strange light flashed across his eyes. Then, the Light of Annihilation resumed its motion once more.

All the beams of Light of Annihilation flew towards Qin Lie’s whirlpool.

Thamur’s expression had changed yet again.

Green flames suddenly flashed across Thamur’s purple pupils. He seemed to have realized something while he was staring at Qin Lie.

“He’s one of us…”

At this point, Thamur was one hundred percent certain that Qin Lie’s soul was that of a Soul Race clansman!

He had to be, considering that he was able to control the Light of Annihilation and eliminate his soul thought!

When he recalled that Qin Lie also possessed the Soul Suppressing Orb, Thamur finally realized that his opponent was neither an Abyss Devil nor a God Race clansman.

He was probably a Soul Race clansman just like him!

“Oktan!” Thamur called out in a quiet voice.


Oktan suddenly appeared next to him in response to his summon.

“The Light of Annihilation is useless against him. We have no choice but to kill him here with our current powers,” Thamur said with a dark look on his face.

Thamur chose not to tell even Oktan the “truth” that Qin Lie was a Soul Race clansman. It was because he didn’t want Oktan to spread the news carelessly after learning this secret.

“You want to send Oktan after me?” Qin Lie grinned. “Did you forget that the ‘gift’ you just delivered to me may be quite deadly to him?”

The light beams that had entered Qin Lie’s whirlpool earlier started spinning nimbly after Qin Lie started smiling.

They seemed to have become one with the whirlpool itself.

Oktan clearly looked hesitant and irritated as he stared at the Light of Annihilation.

Qin Lie simply chuckled strangely at his reaction.

Back at the secret realm entrance to the Lizard Realm, Miao Yizi had accidentally opened a spatial rift, flooding the battlefield with Light of Annihilation.

At the time, he had used his soul to manipulate the Light of Annihilation and make a body of pure light out of it. That was why he was able to turn the tables in his fight against the Lizard Progenitor back then.

Moreover, the Soul Race’s memory fragments and  partial memories of the Spirit of Void and Chaos had informed about the origin of the Light of Annihilation.

The Light of Annihilation came from a place called the Sea of Annihilation. It was a mysterious, forbidden ground in Dark Shadow World.

Any flesh and blood lifeform who accidentally fell into a Light of Annihilation would be melted into nothing in a breath.

Therefore, the only life form that could survive the Sea of Annihilation was a being of pure soul like the Soul Race. Moreover, he had picked up a few ways to control the Light of Annihilation thanks to the Soul Race memories.

It was rumored that the Imperial Soul Monarch had once gone to the Sea of Annihilation and studied its wonders. That was how the techniques to control the Light of Annihilation had come to be.

His soul inheritance had come from the Soul Progenitor. The Soul Progenitor was almost possessed by the Imperial Soul Monarch’s first son.

This was why the technique to control the Light of Annihilation could be found in the Soul Progenitor’s soul.

Thamur had his own fateful encounters with the Light of Annihilation. Originally, Thamur had thought that he would make short work of Qin Lie in the Flaming Sun Abyss thanks to the mysterious light.

Unfortunately for him, he had miscalculated yet again.

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