Chapter 1440: Priceless Treasure

Chapter 1440: Priceless Treasure

"The patriarchs also said that if you are not willing, once the five families invade Spirit Realm..." Gan Xing grimaced and sighed. He said, "This time, their tactics against the races of Spirit Realm will not be as gentle as thirty thousand years ago."

At the side, Liu Yang also had a worried and clueless expression.

"What do you mean?" Qin Lie asked blankly.

Gan Xing hesitated and explained, "This time, they might commit mass exterminations."

Qin Lie's soul shadow twisted violently.

Thirty thousand years ago, when the Blaze Family and Darkness Family invaded Spirit Realm, other than using bloody intimidation tactics at the start, they had no great casualties later on.

At the time, they would happily accept any race that would submit to them.

The races that surrendered to them only had to pay the ore they mined on time and remain obedient. They would even be taught things about bloodlines.

Due to this, some of the races living in Spirit Realm nowadays had good feelings towards the God Race, and even secretly awaited their arrival.

Those races had once joined the God Race, and received some help. They did not dislike the God Race.

But based on Gan Xing's words, if he did not agree this time, when the enormous ships of the five families broke the crystal spatial barrier and entered Spirit Realm in two to three years, they might not accept surrender this time.

If that really was so, the races of Spirit Realm would face the threat of extinction, unless they could stop the God Race.

Extinction and accepting slavery were two different concepts.

"Is this a decision they made to threaten me?" Qin Lie’s soul shadow asked.

"I do not know." Gan Xing had a helpless expression. "The patriarch is waiting in the abyss passageway at the entrance. The two of us came to deliver this message. In reality... I did not want to come, but I have the Blaze Family bloodline and cannot refuse."

"I understand," Qin Lie said

"That..." Liu Yang wanted to speak.

"What?" Qin Lie was surprised.

"I heard Mia is in your hands?" Liu Yang asked.

"Mia of the Profound Ice Family?" Qin Lie asked back.

Liu Yang nodded and said embarrassedly, "Mia and I are friends. We once fought together. Also... I owe her a favor. Qin Lie, no matter what your final decision is, I hope you can give me some face and not harm Mia. As for the other members of the Profound Ice Family, I do not care, but Mia..."

Her eyes were filled with pleading.

The reason she came with Gan Xing was for Mia. She hoped that Qin Lie could leave Mia alive for her.

Right now, the abyss passageway was destroyed. Even Han Che could not return to Shattered Ice Realm in the near future.

Even if he did, Han Che did not know where Mia was and could not save her.

The only person who could save Mia was Qin Lie, who left with her and was believed to have “kidnapped” her.

She learned from the Profound Ice Family that Mia was in trouble. After asking several times, she learned that Mia was likely in Qin Lie's hands and insisted on coming with Gan Xing.

Qin Lie, in the form of a soul shadow, saw the pleading in Liu Yang's eyes. He thought and then said, "I promise you Mia will be fine. When I come out of the Flaming Sun Abyss, I will release her."

Liu Yang smiled brightly and sighed inwardly in relief. She said, "Thank you."

Since Qin Lie said he would release Mia, it meant that Han Che was correct—Mia was in Qin Lie's hands.

She trusted that Qin Lie would not go back on his word.

"Thank you," Gan Xing also said sincerely. "No matter what your decision will be, just like you said, we think of you as a friend. If one day you need my help, as long as it is not betraying or harming the family, I will help you."

"Same with me." Liu Yang laughed softly.

Qin Lie's heart warmed. He said, "I will consider this matter seriously."

"If you have a decision, you can tell the Great Lord of the Frost Desolation Abyss, Dawson. He can pass your message to us," Gan Xing said.

"Alright," Qin Lie said.

"In reality, I do not want to be enemies against you, I really do not." Gan Xing thought for a moment and said, "Also, I believe that the elders and patriarchs of the five families will not do anything to you. In their eyes, you are the treasure of our race, and cannot be replaced. They need you alive."

One of Gan Xing's seniors was an elder of the God Race, and he heard some things about Qin Lie.

He knew that the elders of the race, including patriarchs like Lieyan Zhao and Han Che, went almost mad at the news of Qin Lie’s existence, as well as his special trait.

Right now, many of the seniors in the God Race were in turmoil after learning Qin Lie had awakened the Profound Ice Family bloodline and possessed Absolute Zero.

When Han Che told them Qin Lie also had the bloodline of the Demon Spirit of Space and Time, they almost wanted to gather all their forces and come to the the Flaming Sun Abyss.

They were almost certain Qin Lie had the Perfect Blood!

However, restrained by ancient laws, beings above rank eight could not enter the Flaming Sun Abyss.

They could not immediately kidnap Qin Lie back to their ancestral lands.

Helpless and unable to hold back, they could only send Gan Xing and Liu Yang to talk with him.

"Treasure..." Qin Lie's mind shifted slightly.

He knew the secrets of his bloodline. As he made name for himself in the vast universe, as more and more races and beings knew him, his secret would be exposed sooner or later.

He guessed that Han Che had already told the uniqueness of his bloodline to the God Race.

"I only know that the powerful and reputable God Race clansmen cannot eat or rest in peace because of you." Gan Xing grinned and said, "Originally, they were preparing several hundred rank eight bloodline warriors to enter the Flaming Sun Abyss to make sure you were not killed by those Abyss Devils. When we heard of your strength, and knew that you could deal with them with ease, they feared you would misunderstand... so they gave up."

"Have they gone insane?" Liu Yang, who did not know of the situation, said in shock.

"I do not know." Gan Xing looked deeply at Qin Lie and said, "I only want to say they are more nervous for you than anyone and fear you will be killed by the Abyss Devils in the Flaming Sun Abyss."

Qin Lie was silent for a long while. He said, "I understand. I will consider this seriously."

He was sure now that the race elders of the God Race knew the secrets of his bloodline. They were nervous for him because of that.

"Alright, I hope you will make a decision good for all of us." Gan Xing nodded and smiled. Then he and Liu Yang went back into the abyss passageway and left the Flaming Sun Abyss.

Qin Lie's soul shadow watched them leave and then slowly dissipated.

His soul consciousness returned to his main body.

Next to the Origin Sea, Betty had a bright smile as she watched Thamur egg the Abyss Devils on to kill Qin Lie.

Indigo floated in the air with a faint smile as though she had completely relaxed.

After several attempts, Thamur became frustrated after seeing those rank eight Abyss Devils were wavering but did not attack.

He knew that all this was because his identity as a Soul Race clansman was exposed. The Abyss Devils did not trust him and were not persuaded.

He finally stopped talking. His Abyss Devil puppet’s eyes flashed with green light as he started to think of other ways.

Yet after this period of rest, Qin Lie had completely recovered in the whirlpool.

His soul thread also returned from talking with Gan Xing and Liu Yang.

He felt his battle prowess rise to a new level. Through fighting with Locke and the armored Abyss Devils of the Sacrificial Ghost Purgatory, he seemed to have gotten stronger by a level.

Also, as he analyzed the bloodlines of Locke and the other Abyss Devils using the devil devouring ability of his Abyss Devil Race bloodline, he absorbed many Abyss Devil marks, causing his power to rise by the second.

The Abyss Devil Race bloodline in him seemed to burn with fighting spirit!

"You disappoint me." He suddenly laughed within the whirlpool which twisted wildly and shot at Thamur. "You are a member of the Soul Race, and do not qualify to participate in a battle between Abyss Devils. Let me kill you first!"

The Abyss Devils who came from the Abyss levels stopped where they were motionlessly upon hearing him say this.

They also disliked Thamur's talking and his status as a Soul Race clansman even more. They felt that Qin Lie's words were reasonable.

In their eyes, Qin Lie who had the Abyss Devil presence and body was a true, genuine Abyss Devil.

Just as Qin Lie said, they thought that this was a battle between Abyss Devils. Other races did not qualify to participate.

They were happy to see Qin Lie attack Thamur.

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