Chapter 1438: Illogical

Chapter 1438: Illogical

“We haven’t met for a very long time. I came all the way to visit you when I heard you were here.”

Betty smiled like a blooming flower before winking seductively at Oktan, saying, “What’s wrong? Don’t you want to see me?”

Oktan looked like he had just eaten a mouthful of feces. “Not in the slightest.”

Betty was a Spirit Seed just like him, and she was the person Oktan feared the most.

For many years, he and Betty had participated in many operations and fought side by side.

However, Betty kept trying to screw him over in every battle, and there were several times she came close to driving him over the brink of death.

In his eyes, Betty was a troublemaker who was born for the sole purpose of making trouble for him.

However, not only was Betty a Spirit Seed herself, she was stronger and deadlier than he was. It was something that irritated him deeply.

He had tried several times to kill Betty, but… he was the one who nearly got played to his death every time.

After several failed attempts, he gave up on trying to best Betty completely and had avoided her like the plague since.

“Betty, are you here for the Flaming Sun Abyss too?” Thamur was possessing an Abyss Devil’s body when an idea suddenly entered his mind. He chuckled suddenly and said, “If that is the case, you should attack him right now.”

He pointed at Qin Lie and said, “I’m very certain that he’s in weakened state after killing those Abyss Devils from Ghost Sacrificial Purgatory. However, this weakened state only lasts for an extremely short period of time, and he’ll recover at least eighty percent of his bloodline energy in fifteen minutes tops. If you can take him out in fifteen minutes, then you’ll be able to replace him and become the new creator of the Flaming Sun Abyss. Otherwise… you’ll have to wait for another opportunity.”

Thamur hoped that Betty could take action.

Betty of the Spirit Race was extremely famous among the younger generation of the four transcendent bloodline races.

Having observed everyone from the dark for a while, Thamur felt certain that Betty posed the biggest threat to Qin Lie.

In his opinion, the Abyss Devils gathered in the Flaming Sun Abyss didn’t really stand a chance against Qin Lie.

Although Betty and Indigo might seem very close with each other, he knew that Betty was an unpredictable woman. Her mind could change at any moment.

“You thought that I’m here for the same thing as Oktan, didn’t you?” Betty looked surprised. “You think that I will kill Indigo and replace her as the new patriarch of the Spirit Race?”

“Am I wrong?” Thamur countered.

“She has never been interested in the seat of our race’s leader!” Oktan snorted coldly before continuing, “You don’t understand her, Thamur. This woman’s way of thinking is different from others. Do not judge her by a normal person’s standards.”

Thamur was caught slightly off guard by his comment.

In his opinion, there was almost no chance Oktan could become the patriarch of the Spirit Race after their failed venture last time. In fact, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that he was scorned by almost every Spirit Race clansman.

This meant that the only one left who had any real chance of competing against Indigo and becoming patriarch was Betty.

If he was in Betty’s place, he would do everything in his power to kill Indigo.

In fact, any normal person would’ve done the same thing.

Unfortunately, Betty was different from normal people…

Inside the whirlpool, Qin Lie continued to watch Betty, Oktan and Thamur conversing with each other from the sidelines.

He was more than glad to let them talk to their hearts’ content.

Just like Thamur had guessed earlier, he was recovering at a tremendous speed every second. It wouldn’t be long before his bloodline power was restored to its max once more.

Once he was at full strength, he would be prepared to face the next challenger. It didn’t matter if that challenger turned out to be Thamur or Oktan—he wasn’t afraid of either of them.

As for Abyss Devils… they scared him even less, of course.

Deep purple abyss devil energy flowed through his pores and into his body.

The moment it entered his blood, it immediately moved towards his second heart where his Abyss Devil Race bloodline was residing and enhanced its powers.

At the same time, some of the abyss devil energy was also slipping quietly into his bones and internal organs, restoring his physical health.

This was the Flaming Sun Abyss, and he was its creator. His recovery was swift in this place.

When he concentrated, he discovered that the power residing in the hearts of Locke and the heavily-armored Abyss Devils that he had absorbed with devil devouring was being converted into purple lights and absorbed into his second heart.

The purple lights kept flashing with ancient marks of the Abyss Devil Race when they entered his heart.

The flashing Abyss Devil marks represented the runes and ancient language imprinted in one’s Abyss Devil Race bloodline. They contained their bloodline’s essence and comprehension.

Right now, these marks were being absorbed bit by bit into his Abyss Devil heart. After that, they would be broken apart, analyzed, converted and fused into his Abyss Devil Race bloodline...

This process was slightly slower compared to the way the Perfect Blood absorbed other bloodlines.

After carefully probing the changes inside his body for a moment, Qin Lie finally realized that this fusion was a function unique to the Abyss Devil Race bloodline. It probably had nothing to do with the Perfect Blood’s more time-efficient method.

The reason he came to this conclusion was because aside from its speed, the Perfect Blood’s fusion worked on all bloodline systems inside his body.

“Qin Lie’s going to regain his strength if you keep wasting your time.” Thamur’s face darkened when he realized that he wasn’t going to change Betty’s mind. He turned to look at the Abyss Devils instead and asked, “Have you come all the way here just to take a look at the Abyss Creator’s face? You realize that your fate will be the same as those Abyss Devils from Ghost Sacrificial Purgatory once he regains his full strength?”

“Surely none of you think that you’re stronger than Locke? That you can defeat Qin Lie in a one-on-one fight?”

Thamur tried to incite the Abyss Devils.

But Betty smiled and said, “If you really believe that then you should stop flapping your mouth and start acting, don’t you think? You are one of the people who came to the Flaming Sun Abyss, you know? If you know so much then why don’t you challenge Qin Lie yourself? Why do you have to encourage others to throw their lives away and claim all the goods to yourself afterward?”

The Abyss Devils who were almost persuaded by Thamur earlier hesitated after her interruption.

Naturally, their hesitation had bought Qin Lie even more time. He was more than glad to watch them bicker among themselves.


Qin Lie counted silently in his mind. He knew that he would be able to fight to his heart’s content again in just a few minutes.

Meanwhile, at the top of an abyss passageway leading to the entrance of the Flaming Sun Abyss.

A large number of powerful Abyss Devils could be seen gathering around this place. They were all rank nine or rank ten Abyss Devils.

The reason they had come was to send their bloodline descendants into the Flaming Sun Abyss.

Right now, the rank eight Abyss Devils who were lingering near the Origin Sea, hovering in the air or hiding underground in the Flaming Sun Abyss were all their descendants.

The reason they were here was because of the dangers of the abyss passageway. That was why they had emerged to escort their descendants all the way to the Flaming Sun Abyss, to ensure that they were unharmed and capable of challenging Qin Lie for the right over Flaming Sun Abyss at full strength.

It was at this moment a gigantic figure covered in thick abyss devil energy suddenly appeared from above.


The powerful Abyss Devils gathered in the area suddenly changed their expressions a little.

All Lords and Great Lords of the Abyss stared at him in unison.

“Ghost Sacrificial Devil Monarch!”

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