Chapter 1437: Unafraid of Challenge

Chapter 1437: Unafraid of Challenge

The Abyss Devils who stayed in the open or in the dark were all staring intently at Qin Lie. They had all seen how Qin Lie had “devoured” Locke using devil devouring and his bloody battle against the heavily-armored Abyss Devils of Ghost Sacrificial Purgatory.

Even powerful Abyss Devils such as Cohen or Bitas started to worry about their trip to the Flaming Sun Abyss.

They were all puzzled by Qin Lie’s unusual strength.

Normally speaking, only a rank nine or ten Abyss Devil could gain acceptance of an Origin World and become an Abyss Creator of the new Abyss level.


Qin Lie was the very first rank eight Abyss Creator.

Since they were all rank eight Abyss Devils, there were a lot of wonders in their bloodline that they hadn’t had a chance to awaken yet.

They didn’t know what kind of advantage a creator had in their own Abyss.

They didn’t know of the boost in recovery that was bestowed upon Qin Lie by the laws of the Abyss.

Because of that, they were shocked when they saw Qin Lie fighting Locke in an epic battle, just to recover his peak battle power instantly after. They knew Qin Lie had used up a lot of his strength, just like Locke.

He shouldn’t have been able to recover this quickly.

As an Abyss Devil, they all knew that devil devouring only really devoured the enemy’s bloodline secrets and essence.

As a bloodline ability, devil devouring didn’t actually restore one’s strength too quickly.

Devil devouring would only strengthen one’s bloodline slowly.

Moreover, Qin Lie’s devil devouring shouldn’t be finished yet. It was impossible for Qin Lie to absorb Locke’s bloodline essence so quickly into his own body.

However, the vast bloodline power emanating from Qin Lie’s body was no lie either...

“Strange.” Cohen shook his head once before saying, “He shouldn’t have recovered this quickly. This guy was clearly covered in wounds after his battle against Locke, but now…”

When he looked closer, he discovered that Qin Lie had regrown the spikes on his shoulders, knees and elbows again. The looked just as sharp as they were before.

In the fierce battle moments earlier, Qin Lie had lost a considerable number of his spikes. Having all of them back so soon defied common sense.

“Little Sister Indigo, are you sure he’s not a pure Abyss Devil?” Betty asked suddenly.

She was extremely curious about Qin Lie herself.

She had watched Qin Lie and Locke’s battle from the start to the end closely. She hadn’t detected a single trace of God Race aura from him throughout the fight.

She hadn’t detected the spirit energy Indigo claimed he had either.

In her eyes and senses, Qin Lie was the purest kind of Abyss Devil one could find.

This was different from what she had gathered.

The reason she had entered the Flaming Sun Abyss in the first place was to take a look at this Qin Lie with her own eyes.

It was because he was greatly praised by the old fogey. More specifically, all her understanding regarding Qin Lie had come from Great Sage Tian Qi…

Through Great Sage Tian Qi, she had learned that Qin Lie’s bloodline was unique, and that it was the creation of one of three Blood and Soul Mentors of the universe, Lieyan Yuan.

Lieyan Yuan was the Blaze Family’s previous family patriarch and boasted legendary fame just like Great Sage Tian Qi, a testament to how terrifying he really was.

According to Great Sage Tian Qi, the fates of all races rested on Qin Lie…

But she hadn’t seen anything out of the ordinary until now.

“His body has largely changed since the last time I met him. I’m not sure what has happened either,” Indigo said quietly.

Clearly, the Qin Lie she knew hadn’t looked like this.

“Does this mean that his body will undergo a great change every once in a while?” Betty’s eyes lit up.

Indigo nodded slightly in response.

Betty’s interest finally seemed to return as she smiled, “It wouldn’t be interesting otherwise.”

While she was speaking with Indigo, she discovered that the heavily-armored Abyss Devils from Ghost Sacrificial Purgatory were gradually being killed by Qin Lie one by one.

Although they were all at rank eight bloodline, it was clear that the heavily-armored Abyss Devils’ individual strength paled compared to Locke.

Their real advantage lay on their familiarity with each other and the cooperation between different bloodlines.

Unfortunately for them, they were bogged down by the tiny whirlpools and prevented from utilizing their advantage at all.

It looked… as if the laws of the Abyss would simply not allow them to use their numbers to overpower Qin Lie.

They had no choice but to fight on their own.

One on one, it was clear that these heavily-armored Abyss Devils were no match for Qin Lie. After Locke had perished, his subordinates were gradually being killed by Qin Lie as well.

The onlooking Abyss Devils also noticed that Qin Lie would dig out his fallen opponents’ hearts from time to time.

He used devil devouring to refine all the hearts on his palm, and it didn’t take long before they vanished from sight.

About an hour later, the dozen or so heavily-armored Abyss Devils from Ghost Sacrificial Purgatory had all been slaughtered.

The scattered whirlpools soon gathered in one place, forming the giant whirlpool of abyss devil energy once again.

Just like after his battle with Locke, Qin Lie was mutilated heavily from the battle. There were many wounds on his pitch black armor, his shoulder spikes and claws were broken or cracked, and even his face and neck area looked bloodied.

Hovering in the air, Qin Lie panted heavily in the middle of the giant whirlpool.

Even the light in his eyes had gone dim.

Once again, the outsiders could see that Qin Lie had used up too much strength after fighting against those heavily-armored Abyss Devils.

“As the creator of an Abyss level, his recovery ability is tens of times greater than normal as long as he stays inside his own Abyss level.” It was at this moment an average-looking high rank Abyss Devil suddenly appeared in the distance. “Every time he finishes a battle, he can recuperate his strength quickly through the rich amount of abyss devil energy that exists inside those whirlpools.”

“For example, he is restoring his bloodline energy at an extraordinary speed right now.”

“Oh right, since he had killed those Abyss Devils from Ghost Sacrificial Purgatory, their flesh and blood energy has been absorbed into the whirlpool as well. This meant that he’d be recovering even faster than before.”

“If you aren’t able to kill him during this window of opportunity, he’ll soon regain his power and be able to face you all in full strength once more.”

The average-looking Abyss Devil explained in a careless manner while floating far, far away from Qin Lie.

He seemed to be extremely well-versed in the ancient laws of the Abyss.

Everyone was wondering how Qin Lie was able to recover this quickly before his appearance.

But now that this Abyss Devil had exposed the truth, everyone immediately figured out the key to victory.

They immediately believed the Abyss Devil’s explanation.


Inside the whirlpool, Qin Lie stared coldly at the Soul Race clansman who was now possessing the body of an Abyss Devil. “You got away with your life last time, and now you show your face here?!”

In the past, he had fought Thamur soul-to-soul before. Since his soul was imprinted with the secret arts of the Soul Race, Qin Lie had memorized Thamur’s soul presence deeply.

This meant that Qin Lie could recognize him no matter who Thamur was possessing, unless the latter had altered his very soul origin.

“Hehe, how impressive! Not only have you become an Abyss Creator, you’ve even gained the body of an Abyss Devil.” Thamur chuckled strangely at Qin Lie. “You’re making me more and more curious about your secrets.”

“He’s Thamur?” Betty looked surprised for a moment. Then, she immediately looked around her before chuckling out loud. “What are you waiting for, Oktan? Come out already!”

She finally noticed Oktan’s presence.

Oktan was hoping to hide for a little longer, but he had no choice but to show himself after Betty had exposed him. He stared at Betty with a wretched look. “Why are you here?”

He clearly had no wish to see Betty.

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