Chapter 1436: Devil Devouring

Chapter 1436: Devil Devouring

“Who’s next?”

Qin Lie declared while standing proudly at the center of the whirlpool, staring at the Abyss Devils gathered before him.

The Abyss Devils and the group led by Indigo and Betty had been paying attention to Qin Lie and Locke’s battle all this time. They all saw Locke being devoured by the giant whirlpool.

They were all looking for Locke.

But no matter how they tried to look or perceive with their souls, they weren’t able to capture a trace of Locke’s figure inside the whirlpool.

Many Abyss Devils started to feel like dark clouds had crept upon them.

“Where’s Locke?”

This was the thought shared by the Abyss Devils. They were starting to grow wary because they couldn’t find Locke no matter how they tried.

They had no idea that Qin Lie was recovering the bloodline energy he had spent during the battle at an unimaginable rate.

The spinning whirlpool was made from rich abyss devil energy. Since he was the creator of the Flaming Sun Abyss, the laws of the Abyss favored him when he was fighting against other Abyss Devils of the similar strength.

He would recover bloodline energy much faster compared to any other Abyss level for as long as he stayed inside the Flaming Sun Abyss.

This was an advantage that was unique to the Abyss Creator alone.

It was why the Abyss Creator could fight consecutive battles under the laws of the Abyss. This was so that the challengers couldn’t exhaust the Abyss Creator through attrition warfare and kill him in such a low manner.

“Where’s the young master?”

The heavily-armored Abyss Devils who hailed from Ghost Sacrificial Purgatory finally felt anxious when Locke failed to show up after a while.

At this point, the dozen or so rank eight heavily-armored Abyss Devils were completely ignoring Vitas or Cohen. They were all roaring and surrounding Qin Lie from all directions.

“Locke?” Qin Lie chuckled sinisterly. “You wish to see him?”

“Of course we do!” the leader yelled in response.

Qin Lie nodded before answering, “Alright, I’ll let you see him!”

Locke suddenly reappeared from the whirlpool right after his reply.

Wounded from head to toe, Locke’s figure slowly appeared from the whirlpool.

“Crack crack!”

Then, the Abyss Devil’s body started falling apart like it was being torn apart by a meat grinder!

Locke was ten meters tall. His Abyss Devil body hadn’t changed too much even though it was heavily wounded in battle.

However, the tough scales that covered his body were currently being ripped apart one by one as if with an invisible hand.

After Locke’s scales were completely stripped from his body, he looked as fragile as a peeled egg.

Giant chunks of bleeding flesh were also falling of his torso during the stripping process.

Even Locke’s giant tail had become shortened in just a moment.

When the Abyss Devils stared at Locke, they discovered that his eyes were glassy and soulless.

They couldn’t sense any soul activity from him even though he was hovering right before their eyes.

This meant that Locke… was already dead.

“Bloodline ability, devil devouring!”

Qin Lie snorted coldly in his mind as he activated his Abyss Devil Race bloodline. He could see the deep purple bloodline crystals glowing brightly the instant he activated his bloodline ability.

Dazzling rays of purple light spilled out of his pores and made him look as bright as a purple light ball.

“Pupu pu!”

Bloody marks kept appearing all across Locke’s body until his still beating heart was seemingly dug out of his body.


Locke’s Abyss Devil heart fell squarely in Qin Lie’s palm.

“Ss ss ss ss!”

Visible threads of bloody purple light then flowed out of Locke’s heart and vanished into Qin Lie’s palm.

The heart grew smaller and smaller.

The purest form of abyss devil energy and a portion of an ancient and mysterious bloodline mark that were originally Locke’s were transferred into Qin Lie’s body.

It was all thanks to the bloodline ability Qin Lie had recently gotten, devil devouring.

In truth, the devil devouring wasn’t exactly an impressive bloodline ability. In fact, nearly every Abyss Devil was born with it.

However, Qin Lie’s way of using devil devouring was slightly different from most Abyss Devils’…

Normally, an Abyss Devil would devour their enemy’s heart directly in one gulp.

Then, they would use devil devouring to digest the secrets and powers contained within.

The Abyss Devils fought one another since the moment they were born.

Normally, the victor of a battle would literally tear and devour their opponent completely.

After that, they would use devil devouring to refine their enemy’s flesh, blood and heart bit by bit to strengthen their own bloodline.

An Abyss Devil’s bloodline was constantly changing. Every time an Abyss Devil had beaten a powerful opponent and eaten their heart, they would be able to use the enemy’s Abyss Devil Race bloodline to strengthen their own.

They reason they could do this was because all Abyss Devil Race bloodline had shared the same source. This meant that nearly all Abyss Devil Race bloodlines could be merged into one and be used to fix the flaws of one’s bloodline.

One might even say that the Abyss Devil Race’s bloodline was extremely similar to Qin Lie’s Perfect Blood.

After all, an Abyss Devil could kill their enemies, absorb their bloodline and use it to increase their bloodline rank and awaken more powerful bloodline abilities.

The Perfect Blood’s pattern was more or less the same.

However, devil devouring could only be used on another Abyss Devil. It wouldn’t enhance an Abyss Devil’s bloodline if the opponent was from another race. It would only restore their strength.

The Perfect Blood was different.

The Perfect Blood could absorb any living being’s bloodline to fix and perfect itself!

This was why the Perfect Blood was so incredible!

No matter how much an Abyss Devil used devil devouring, their bloodline could only ever benefit from another Abyss Devil’s bloodline. They could never obtain another races’ bloodlines or abilities.

But the Perfect Blood could.

Right now, Qin Lie was using devil devouring to refine Locke’s Abyss Devil heart and absorb it into his own bloodline. Truth be told, the effects could’ve been achieved by devouring the heart raw.

It was just that his current method was a little more civilized.

Be it absorption through devil devouring or the live consumption and gradual digestion, they both enhanced the Abyss Devil Race bloodline.

It was clear that the surrounding Abyss Devils, Betty and Indigo all understood this.

When they saw Qin Lie digging Locke’s heart out of his chest, and absorbing both his bloodline and power completely, they all understood Locke had been “eaten” by him.

The heavily-armored Abyss Devils of Ghost Sacrificial Purgatory finally lost their cool, roared and charged like they’d gone mad.

Meanwhile, Qin Lie had replenished much of his Abyss Devil Race bloodline energy thanks to the whirlpool.

The bloodline energy contained inside Locke’s crushed body had also been converted and became part of the whirlpool of abyss devil energy.

Qin Lie could sense Locke’s flesh and blood aura in the energy he injected into himself with devil devouring.

He immediately understood that the whirlpool had crushed Locke’s body to replenish his bloodline energy, just like he had refined Locke’s heart to gain its power.

He could sense a clear spike of power and stamina thanks to the absorption.

His eyes shone with glaring purple light, unique to the Abyss Devils, once more.

Roaring angrily, he and the gigantic whirlpool suddenly charged the heavily-armored Abyss Devils who hailed from Ghost Sacrificial Purgatory.

“Clang clang!”

He and the heavily-armored Abyss Devils immediately engaged one another in bloody combat.

The dozen or so rank eight Abyss Devils also had extremely tough armor, but unfortunately for them, their armor was much weaker compared to Locke’s devilized form’s scale armor.


Qin Lie’s elbow spike swiped past a heavily-armored Abyss Devil’s chest and cut its chest armor in half.

The Abyss Devil’s gray dark skin was immediately exposed after the attack.

Qin Lie abruptly stabbed him with his left arm, enemy’s chest cavity replaced with a gaping hole, just like that. The Abyss Devil let out a painful cry before it was tossed out of the whirlpool while squirting blood all the way.

“Clang clang!”

Another three Abyss Devils seized the opening to smash Qin Lie with their iron mace-like fists from his sides and back.

Qin Lie let out a muffled groan before his mouth became filled with his own blood. He looked like a mountain had ran into him.

“You guys are so much weaker than Locke.” But Qin Lie laughed sinisterly before shaking his head. “This is the Flaming Sun Abyss. As its creator, attrition warfare isn’t my weakness.”

“Whoosh whoosh whoosh!”

Suddenly, the gigantic whirlpool split into a dozen or so smaller whirlpools in just a short time.

The split whirlpools clung onto the heavily-armored Abyss Devils and stopped them from attacking Qin Lie at the same time.

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