Chapter 1435: Primal Battle

Chapter 1435: Primal Battle

Qin Lie kept moving while staring at his surroundings with cool eyes from inside the whirlpool of thick abyss devil energy.

Betty, Indigo, the Abyss Devils, and all other outsiders in the open or in the dark. No one was able to escape his detection.

Naturally, he was able to identify Vitas of the Extreme Flame Abyss in an instant as well. However, the realization only made him pause for a short moment before he looked away.

It was because Vitas wasn’t all that impressive compared to the horde of outsiders currently gathered in the Flaming Sun Abyss, not to mention that the Abyss Devil hadn’t awakened any deadlier bloodline yet.

Ever since he had absorbed the Soul Beast’s memories, he had learned a little about the hidden secrets of the Abyss.

He knew that there was a rank ten Succubus commander in the Eight Purgatories, who had become a true Devil Monarch.

Vitas’s father, Floris, was just a rank nine Lord of the Abyss who probably hadn’t had the opportunity to visit the Eight Purgatories. That was why Floris wasn’t aware that there was a powerful Succubus in the Eight Purgatories.

When he had fought Vitas back in the days and learned that half his bloodline had descended from a Succubus, he was surprised.

Earlier, he had even marked Vitas as a potential threat.

But he was no longer the same person as he was before. Not only had he battled in the Origin World, he had even fought against direct descendants of the Devil Monarchs such as Diga before.

His path had intersected with Hao Jie, Ming Xu, Indigo, Oktan, and Thamur’s as well.

After he had gained a broader horizon and an increase in strength, he no longer thought of Vitas as a potential threat.

Even if Vitas were to awaken the hidden bloodline in his body right away, he still didn’t think that he was powerful enough to pose a threat to him.

It was because Diga, Oktan, and Hao Jie were all at the level of a direct descendant of a Devil Monarch.

Even if Vitas were to awaken his hidden bloodline right away, he still wouldn’t exceed the likes of Diga, Oktan, and Locke.

At his current strength, he was strong enough to deal with anything they threw at him with confidence.

While Qin Lie was examining his surroundings from the center of the whirlpool, the outsiders were examining him as well.

After Qin Lie had undergone devilization, spikes had protruded out of his shoulder area, elbows, and knees. His entire body was covered in a tough layer of purple and black armor as well. The devilization made him look both sinister and cruel, accentuated by the purple light flashing in his merciless eyes.

To Vitas and the rest of the outsiders, the creator of the Flaming Sun Abyss was a mysterious and dangerous man.

No one dared to look down on him just because he was only at rank eight, especially after Locke from Sacrificial Ghost Purgatory had obviously suffered a deep blow to his soul.

It was only natural that he had won the respect of these outsiders since he had proven himself capable of wounding the powerful descendent of a Devil Monarch.

“I am his opponent!”

Locke didn’t even look at the outsiders behind him. The scaly armor on his body suddenly glowed brightly with savage light, his huge tail swung back and forth while causing sonic booms.

When an extremely powerful bloodline energy suddenly erupted from Locke’s body, the Abyss Devil instantly transformed into a ray of purple light and charged into the whirlpool.


The whirlpool Qin Lie had created using rich abyss devil energy suddenly dissipated after Locke had entered.

The two devilized Abyss Devils stood in the gray sky and engaged in melee, close quarters combat.

“Bang! Thump thump!”

With every clash,  purple sparks flinted off the point of contact.

In just a blink of an eye, Locke and Qin Lie had struck one another almost a hundred times.


Locke’s huge tail struck Qin Lie fiercely from the back, making him as if a grand war chariot had charged at him..


But Qin Lie immediately retaliated with a knee blow to Locke’s chest, the spike on his knees causing sparks to fly off Locke’s armor.

The two Abyss Devils danced, struck and sent sparks all over the place before they fell from the sky all of a sudden.


The two men continued to hit each other wildly like some crazed demonic beasts even after they had fallen to the ground, amid thick Abyss flora.

The deadly plants were scattered like cotton after the duo’s violent descent.

It didn’t take long before dozens of giant man-shaped holes appeared on the hard ground as well.

Naturally, the holes were something the two combatants had created during their fight.

This was the way of fighting the Abyss Devils loved the most.

Those of the Abyss Devil Race all had incredibly tough bodies, and the instinct to fight in close range was as natural as the blood in their bodies to them.

After Qin Lie’s body had taken the form of a Abyss Devil, his sharp claws and his spiked shoulders, elbows and knees had all turned into natural weapons.

Locke’s tail was incredibly strong and possessed immense binding power.

Qin Lie ran the risk of being suffocated every time he was caught by the Abyss Devil’s tail.

Every time this happened, he would throw his sharpest attacks at Locke’s neck, eyes, and face.

It was because there were no natural scales protecting these parts of Locke’s body.

It didn’t take long for Qin Lie and Locke’s bodies to become covered in bloody wounds.

However, some of their wounds had turned into scabs during the battle because they both possessed extraordinary recovery ability.

Neither combatants had used their bloodline ability. They continued to tear one another in close quarters—the way that the Abyss Devils most favored since ancient times—from the sky all the way to the ground.

It was almost like they were two bloodthirsty Abyss Devils.


The duo clashed once more before they separated from one another and stood on two sides of the damaged ground.

The two Abyss Devils stared at each other with intimidating eyes.

Locke wiped away the blood staining the corner of his mouth. He felt like every muscle inside his body was twitching involuntarily, and his tail was dragging limply on the floor.

Any place on his body that wasn’t covered in armor was bleeding profusely. In fact, much of his scaly armor had shattered under Qin Lie’s attacks.

Qin Lie’s own condition was about the same.

He had lost a couple of spikes around his shoulders and knee area. His body was covered in bloody marks as well.

His back especially was struck so badly by Locke’s tail that it was a mess of flesh and blood.

Anyone who was looking closer at the wound would notice glowing bones and wriggling veins beneath Qin Lie’s flesh.

It was literally a wound that went as deep as the bone.

“Pfft!” Qin Lie spat out a mouthful of dirty blood before chuckling, “Interesting!”

He had engaged another high rank Abyss Devil in the way most favored by the Abyss Devils after devilization—pure melee combat!

He wanted to fight like this so he could familiarize himself with his devilized form and recognize just how powerful the body of an Abyss Devil truly was.

After this battle, he finally figured out that his Abyss Devil form was a tad stronger than his God Race body in terms of physical strength.

A long time ago, his body had evolved when he awakened his God Race bloodline.

However, his evolved body was mostly functioning in service of his God Race bloodline. Its main focus was to enhance the activity of the God Race bloodline in his body.

After this battle, he could arrive to a definitive conclusion—amplification to his physical strength was decisively lower for the God Race form.

Every time he assumed Abyss Devil form, his vast Abyss Devil Race bloodline would power up his body to the max.

Devilization might consume a large amount of bloodline energy, but in exchange he would be granted a physical body that was as powerful as the greatest armor or weapon.

That was why Abyss Devils were never afraid of close quarters combat!

Body of a Abyss Devil after transformation was as tough as steel, and their self-healing ability was straight off the charts. Their boiling bloodline also enhanced their fighting instincts, transformed their entire body into sharp weapons and multiplied their physical endurance by several times over.

There were many sayings among the races of the universe, and one of them was “Never engage a high rank Abyss Devil in close combat.”

It was wise. After all, everyone knew that Abyss Devils were strongest in melee range.

While Locke was still panting, Qin Lie was already chuckling and walking straight towards Locke.

“The laws of the Abyss are fair, you know. As an Abyss Creator, I am required to accept any challenge to my throne, but at the same time, my regenerative powers are tens of times stronger than outside my Abyss level,” Qin Lie said while walking. “This is so that I can recover my strength fast enough to face the next challenger in line.”

Suddenly, the whirlpool that had crumbled earlier because of Locke’s attack magically appeared around Qin Lie once more.

The whirlpool of rich abyss devil energy immediately injected his Abyss Devil body with strength.

Soon after, Qin Lie’s body brimmed with power once again.

However, Locke looked just the same as before. He clearly hadn’t recovered much from the earlier clash.

“To beat me, you must finish me off in one go and give me no chance to recover.” Qin Lie shook his head and said, “You have missed your best chance.”

Qin Lie and the giant whirlpool suddenly rushed towards Locke. Locke’s limp body was abruptly sucked into the whirlpool.

Then, the giant whirlpool slowly floated up into the air.

“Who’s next?” Qin Lie yelled.

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