Chapter 1434: Collision of Artifacts

Chapter 1434: Collision of Artifacts

Qin Lie looked thoughtfully at the sword Locke held.

From several hundred meters away, he only saw the tip of Locke's sword flash.

He didn’t see the light leave the sword tip.

Yet, on his chest, a clear hole appeared.

Blood seeped out. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t stop its leak.

His expression suddenly grew serious.

That sword made from the spine of a Great Lord of the Abyss could attack with light that ignored the limitations of space, boasting terrifying penetrative power.


A strange sound came from his back. A tiny dot flashed.

He couldn't help but grunt.

Not long ago, he used the spike on his elbow, along with the Golden Light ability of his bloodline to create a bloody hole in Cohen's wing.

He had not thought a similar wound would appear on him so soon.

"How is it? Do you feel pain?" Locke snickered. The sword connected to his hand moved amid his laughter.

Qin Lie's brow suddenly felt a piercing and burning pain.

A black dot appeared from Qin Lie's forehead. The Soul Suppressing Orb under his flesh suddenly felt danger.

Qin Lie immediately understood.

Locke's sword was now pointing at his forehead.

If it passed through his forehead, and also through his head, his soul would be immediately destroyed.

Once his soul was destroyed, Locke could easily come to him and dig out his Abyss Devil heart.

In Locke's eyes, he was a hundred percent Abyss Devil. Locke did not penetrate his Abyss Devil heart because he clearly wanted to eat it.

Locke thought if he completely consumed that heart, he could become the new Abyss Creator.

This was why he had not targeted Qin Lie's heart the first time.

The most important vital points of majority of races were the heart and the place their soul resided in. However, that made them also the biggest targets for their enemies.

Locke could not penetrate his Abyss Devil heart, so he targeted the place where Qin Lie’s soul was, his forehead.

But he never would have expected that the Soul Suppressing Orb, a holy relic of the Soul Race, was hiding under Qin Lie's flesh.

When the Soul Suppressing Orb felt danger, it burned, causing Qin Lie a piercing pain.

Locke had no way of detecting that.

He poured bloodline power into the sword and attacked with the same method.

Light flashed at the sword tip.

Locke let out a shout in his mind.

He suddenly saw Qin Lie's eyes fill up with darkness.

Then, he saw pure black energy explode out of the center of Qin Lie's forehead.

In his eyes, the black energy expanded and became a deep black hole.

In the next moment, an unfathomable soul vibration appeared and wreaked havoc in his mind.


Locke shuddered violently and begun bleeding from his orifices. What’s even more shocking is that blood begun seeping out of his mouth.

The bright light in his eyes immediately dimmed. His soul had clearly been grievously wounded.

"Snap! Snap snap!"

The bloody veins that were wrapped around the hilt snapped.

Veins popped, the blood inside spraying around.

The Abyss Devil patterns covering his body stopped moving. His long tail stopped swaying.

Locke's face was terrified. He stared at Qin Lie's forehead, wanting to see what was hiding inside.

But he could only see a dot of black energy contracting and disappearing into Qin Lie's flesh.

The light in Qin Lie's eyes gradually dissipated, and his eyes turned back to dark purple.

"A good sword. Based on the ranking of artifacts in Spirit Realm, it should have reached the Divine Grade." His tone was aloof. His body hidden in the whirlpool slowly started to move.

As he moved, the whirlpool around him followed.

It was as if a black maw was moving towards Locke, threatening to devour him.

The moving black maw greatly increased Qin Lie’s presence.

Locke, and even the armored Abyss Devils behind him saw Qin Lie gathering his power. As the whirlpool grew more terrifying, they appeared anxious.

They instinctively moved towards Locke.

"All of you, stop!" Locke shouted hoarsely.

"Young master!" an armored Abyss Devil from the Sacrificial Ghost Purgatory said urgently.

"Do you think I have lost?" Locke shouted back.

The Abyss Devil who had been about to dissuade him saw his expression and stopped.

"As expected, I cannot rely too much on something that is not grown from my body," Locke bared his teeth and muttered.

He put away the strange sword, moved his limbs and took a deep breath.

He adjusted himself.

At this time, more outsiders that had entered the Flaming Sun Abyss appeared near the Origin Sea.

Some were floating in the air like Betty and Indigo observing Qin Lie and Locke's fight.

There were also Abyss Devils hiding in the tall plants, using their bloodline and soul power to observe the battle in secret.

Many of them had heard Locke's shouts during devilization and were attracted over.

Some of them heard the noise made during the fight, smelled the Abyss Devil Race bloodline, and came over.

Most of the newcomers were Abyss Devils, but there were some foreign races.

Those who dared to ignore Locke's warning and came over even after feeling Locke's bloodline presence had to be powerful.

"More people..."

In the air, Cohen of the Black Bog Abyss looked at the powerful people coming closer and frowned.

He could feel their bodies’ presences, not at all inferior to his own. This meant some of the people were as strong as he was.

Cohen looked at Betty and then the armored Abyss Devils from the Sacrificial Ghost Purgatory. He sighed lowly.

He was inwardly given up.

"Why is it him..."

A high rank Abyss Devil holding a flame axe frowned in midair after seeing Qin Lie.

He was Vitas of the Extreme Flame Abyss, the son of the Lord of the Abyss Floris. He was a mixed-blood between a Flame Demon and a Succubus.

In the Extreme Flame Abyss, he had fought Qin Lie once. But before they ended the fight, his big brother Avery had interrupted.

Then, Qin Lie killed Avery.

After his older brother’s death, Vitas was still lowly in the eyes of the bloodline descendants of Floris because of his Succubus bloodline.

Even the Lord of the Abyss Floris thought nothing of Vitas.

Not long ago, a rank nine bloodline expert of the Blaze Family had attacked Floris and managed to kill him.

The Flame Demons led by Floris all scattered. Vitas luckily managed to survive and entered the abyss passageway under the guidance of some old Flame Demons. He attempted to travel to other Abyss levels and increase his own knowledge.

He knew that a new Abyss level had formed. He realized this was an opportunity. Adding on his recent breakthrough to rank eight, he took a risk and entered the Flaming Sun Abyss.

He had never expected the creator of the Flaming Sun Abyss to be Qin Lie.

While Qin Lie was in the form of a Abyss Devil, he, who had fought Qin Lie before, managed to recognize Qin Lie.

"Wasn’t he from the God Race?" Vitas was confused.

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