Chapter 1433: Meeting Again

Chapter 1433: Meeting Again

At the edge of the Origin Sea.

Qin Lie activated his Abyss Devil Race bloodline and manipulated the threads of abyss devil energy to form an enormous whirlpool with him as the center.

He was at the center of the whirlpool, his expression cold, his eyes flashing with light. He appeared eerie and unfathomable.

He seemed to be waiting for Locke to finish devilization.


Locke's frenzied howl reverberated through the world..

Accompanied by popping sounds, Locke's thin body gradually grew enormous.

The Abyss Devil Race bloodline power flooding through his body grew in strength, and supported his body to finish devilization.

The heavy-armored Abyss Devils who had come from the Sacrificial Ghost Purgatory were far away, their gazes occasionally wandering to Cohen.

Cohen did not dare to move.

The Abyss Devils were silently waiting for Locke to finish devilization and for him and Qin Lie  to fight each other to the death.


Cohen suddenly seemed to feel something. His gaze moved slightly away from Qin Lie.

He looked into the distance.

There were two meteors of blue light flashing through the skies.

"Spirit Race..."

Cohen was shocked. He could not understand why two Spirit Race females would enter the Flaming Sun Abyss.

He did not think it was possible for the Spirit Race to become Abyss Creators after eating Qin Lie’s heart.

He had never heard of anything like it.

In his moment of thought, the two flowing lights suddenly stopped in the sky above the Origin Sea.

Indigo and Betty appeared after the blue light disappeared. They looked curiously at whirlpool with Qin Lie at the center and Locke undergoing devilization.


Indigo glanced at Qin Lie, and then exclaimed as she covered her mouth, her eyes filled with shock.

The Qin Lie at the center of the whirlpool of thick abyss devil energy and the Qin Lie she was familiar with looked like two different entities.

If not for their bloodlines’ unique history, she would not have recognized Qin Lie.

Similarly, Betty of the Daniels Family had a puzzled expression.

"That is Qin Lie?" Betty frowned and looked at Qin Lie who had undergone advanced devilization. She did not disguise her dislike. "He clearly is a high rank Abyss Devil."

She disliked all Abyss Devils.

Based on the information she had before, Qin Lie was a mixed-blood of the God Race and Spirit Realm’s human race. His appearance should not be that much different from their Spirit Race’s.

She never expected to see Qin Lie looking like a high rank Abyss Devil after devilization.

She never thought of the Abyss Devils as highly intelligent races. Seeing Qin Lie, she was greatly disappointed.

"He originally was not like this." Indigo calmed after a while and said, "After the Flaming Sun Abyss formed, with him as the creator... something must have happened. But no matter what, no matter how he has changed, if I know it is him, it is enough."

Betty stilled and then giggled. She said, "Up to you. I am just responsible for helping you against Oktan."

"Spirit Race!" Cohen of the Black Bog Abyss flapped his Abyss Devil wings and looked at them. "Why have you come here?"

"Another dislikable person." Betty covered her nose. "I dislike Abyss Devils, especially ones from the Black Bog Abyss. Your smell makes me want to stay away."

"You are here, why cannot we?" Indigo snorted.

Cohen's gaze swept Betty and his expression turned serious. "I think I know who you are."

"Good," Betty said unconcernedly.

After guessing Betty's identity, Cohen of the Black Bog Abyss did not seem to want trouble. In the face of Betty's disdain, he chose to remain silent.

He clearly knew how powerful Betty was.

As the Spirit Seed of the Spirit Race, Betty’s bloodline had three attributes. She was stronger than Locke from the Sacrificial Ghost Purgatory in both status and strength.

Betty was a genius who could become the next leader of the Spirit Race.

A person like this would only appear once every ten thousand years in the Spirit Race. Her rarity and strength would not be any inferior to the descendants’ of the Devil Monarchs.

Because he knew Betty's status, Cohen endured and stayed silent.

"Sister Betty, you are very famous," Indigo said softly.

Cohen's wary gaze was locked onto Betty. He clearly thought of Betty as a great enemy.

Even the armored Abyss Devils from the Sacrificial Ghost Purgatory had serious expressions after they saw Betty.

They were obviously aware of Betty’s identity.

Indigo had four bloodline attributes and should be the brightest star in this world. And yet, all the terrified and anxious gazes were fixed on Betty.

This caused Indigo, who was still slightly wet behind the ears, to feel secretly irritated.

Betty giggled and brushed her hair, saying, "I was famous earlier than you. I’ve been fighting for our race since my bloodline was rank five. When my bloodline reached rank seven, I was fighting on my own in the Abyss. In these years, there have been at least a hundred high rank Abyss Devils who died by my hands. They know my name, it is only reasonable for them to fear me."

Then she looked with a smile at the armored Abyss Devils from the Sacrificial Ghost Purgatory and said, "The bottom levels, the Eight Purgatories. I’ve killed three descendants of those so-called Devil Monarchs. They are nothing special."

At these words, even Indigo was shocked and looked at Betty with a hint of respect in her eyes.

Last time in that world, she encountered Diga of the Yellow Springs Purgatory. At the time, Diga was the leader of all the Abyss Devils that had come to the Origin World.

Many of the Spirit Race clansmen had died at Diga’s hands. She knew his strength.

Later, she encountered Ling Yushi. The control over soul that Ling Yushi had displayed via her Soul Hell ability was astounding.

After experiencing it for herself, she learned the Abyss Devils of the Eight Purgatories were much stronger than Abyss Devils of other levels.

Betty killed three of these monsters. This was a testament to her strength.

No wonder the Abyss Devil from the Black Bog Abyss and the armored Abyss Devils from the Sacrificial Ghost Purgatory had such serious expressions when they guessed her identity.

"Betty of the Spirit Race?" At this time, Locke who had finished devilization suddenly stared at her and snarled, "When I eat the heart of this Abyss Creator, I will slowly tear you apart. Just watch!"

"Oh, if you are able, give it a try. Let's see who tears apart whom." Betty's smile did not fade.

"Good!" Locke shouted.

After devilization, Locke was four meters tall and completely covered in mysterious Abyss Devil patterns.

He had a snake-like tail behind his back. That tail was also covered in patterns. As his tail swayed, the Abyss Devil patterns seemed to come alive and gave off clear ripples of energy.

The scale armor on his body resembled a suit of dragon scales, perfectly fitting his body.

With each breath, they released abyss devil energy.

In his hand was a thin sword. The blade exuded a unique presence of a Great Lord of the Abyss.

His demeanor struck a clear contrast to the maddened howls during his devilization.

The blood vessels on his hand which held the sword suddenly bulged and then wrapped around the hilt of the sword, connecting it to his bloodline.

"This sword was made from the spine of a Great Lord of the Abyss. My father gave this to me." Locke grinned and said to Qin Lie, "My father killed that Great Lord of the Abyss before he became a Devil Monarch. He was the archenemy of my father. His heart fueled my father’s ascension to the Devil Monarch of the Sacrificial Ghost Purgatory. His spine turned into this sword in my hand. Now, I will give you a taste of his presence."

Devilized Locke thrusted the sword, its tip pointed at Qin Lie several hundred meters away..

The Abyss Devil patterns on Locke's body shifted like clouds.

His bloodline power flooded into the sword through the bloody veins that wrapped around the sword hilt.

The thin sword released a ray of light which seemed to ignore time and space, immediately arriving at Qin Lie’s chest.

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