Chapter 1431: Black Bog Abyss

Chapter 1431: Black Bog Abyss


The Abyss Devil’s saw-like wings slashed at the spikes growing out of Qin Lie’s elbows.

Purple sparks flinted off the point of contact.

At the same time, the two fighters’ Abyss Devil bloodlines exploded with power.


Vast power flooded their bodies. Qin Lie's legs were nailed into the ground, as if they were roots of a tree.

Waist down, all of his body was in the ground, his upper body trembling from impact.

The Abyss Devil who had fallen from a tall height was like a bomb.

He spun and shot back into the dim sky.

He did not stop in the sky. Qin Lie pulled himself out of the ground, grimacing as he shook the spikes on his elbows.

Tiny sparks of purple lightning shot out of the spikes as he moved them. Threads of cold abyss devil energy caused chaos in his body.

He snorted. The spikes at his elbows retracted back into his body.

A moment later, a dagger-like spike shot out of his elbow.

Deep purple Abyss Devil Race’s patterns flashed on the spike’s surface before disappearing.

With that, the bloodline power the opponent had left behind was eliminated.

Qin Lie narrowed his eyes, a strange smile on his lips, as he shot into the air.

He was like a sword thrust towards the outsider Abyss Devil. He used the spike at his elbow as the tip.

The Abyss Devil Race bloodline in his second heart boiled like a volcano!

In a flash, many ancient Abyss runes steamed out his blood..

The nearby thick abyss devil energy flowed into the spike at his elbow like purple light.

"Bloodline latent ability, Golden Light!"

A blinding golden ray shot out of his elbow spike like golden lightning.

The golden lightning was incomprehensibly fast.

The high rank Abyss Devil in the sky flapped his wings and had just managed to steady himself.


The golden lightning, as thin as a finger, penetrated one of his wings.

A bloody hole appeared, and blood seeped out.

The rank eight Abyss Devil saw a hole in his wing and roared angrily.

Suddenly, horns on his head also flashed with mysterious patterns characteristic for the Abyss Devil Race. Abyss devil energy around him began to gather into purple clouds. The clouds moved under control of surging bloodline power and according to some law of the Abyss, ultimately shooting at Qin Lie.

Potent corrosive power was hidden within. With a single breath, the enemy would feel their organs rotting. 

Qin Lie's flying Abyss Devil body was covered in layers of purple light, creating something akin to an umbrella over his head.

The clouds collided with it. They were truly corrosive. They began to melt the layers of purple bloodline power Qin Lie had employed.

His defenses were dissolved before he could reach the Abyss Devil. A drop of purple filth fell from one of the clouds onto his back.

"Sst sst!"

After being touched by the corrosive droplet, the thick purple-black armor covering his body immediately dissolved, leaving a small hole., had a small hole as though it had been dissolved by a powerful acid.

Qin Lie frowned slightly. He used his sharp fingernails to cut off the rotten meat from his back.

His body suddenly stopped moving upwards. He looked seriously at those clouds of abyss devil energy.

At this time, the high rank Abyss Devil higher up in the air had steadied himself, and the wound in his wing having healed.

The opponent’s terrifying regenerative abilities were clear to see.

"I come from the Black Bog Abyss, my father is the Great Lord of the Black Bog Abyss, Aschnaz. I am Cohen. Two centuries ago, my bloodline reached rank eight."

The high rank Abyss Devil with his saw-like wings was not in a hurry to fight Qin Lie again. He introduced himself gravely.

"Black Bog Abyss..." Qin Lie had an ugly expression.

Recently, he and Enos had gotten pretty close. He gained a deeper understanding of the Abyss through their talks.

Among the many Abyss levels, some never produced a true master while others had been conquered by powerful Abyss Devils a long time ago.

In the Abyss, among the Lords of the Abyss, there was only endless fighting and killing.

In the humongous Abyss, there were some special places that Abyss Devils of other levels were not willing to step into.

The Black Bog Abyss was one such place.

According to Enos, the Black Bog Abyss was filled with all kind of toxic bogs. The Abyss Devils of the Black Bog Abyss all had bloodlines filled with potent toxin.

The Abyss Devils produced by the Black Bog Abyss were innately suited to the poisonous environment there. The abyss devil energy there was corrosive.

The Abyss Devils of other levels did not want to go to the Black Bog Abyss because they could not adjust to the cruel environment.

If they were really forced to the Black Bog Abyss, they had to filter the abyss devil energy they absorbed. Otherwise, they would be forced to expend their bloodline power to prevent their bodies from corroding from inside.

Therefore, foreign Abyss Devils were greatly weakened in the Black Bog Abyss. They were at an even greater disadvantage when fighting the natives.

It could be said the races living in the Black Bog Abyss almost didn't have to worry about outsiders’ invasion.

No invader could last long in their home turf.

In the long history of the Abyss, the other three transcendent races invaded the Abyss countless times, but never dared to go to the Black Bog Abyss.

From this, it could be seen how terrifying this particular Abyss level was.

Only some special races would go there due to some special items the level produced.

Those races that dared to go usually had something in common—they were naturally immune to the bog poisons.

For example, the Bone Race...

Without any flesh, the Bone Race was made completely of bones and neither the poisons in the bogs nor the poisonous abyss devil energy.

Only special races like them dared to move in the Black Bog Abyss and did not have to worry they would be torn into pieces by the local Abyss Devils.

Cohen didn't just come from the Black Bog Abyss, he was also the son of its Great Lord, Aschnaz. Qin Lie felt he would be troublesome.

What was Aschnaz's status in the Black Bog Abyss? He was like Dawson in the Frost Desolation Abyss, a top tier Great Lord of the Abyss.

Among the many Abyss levels and hundreds of Great Lords of the Abyss, Aschnaz of the Black Bog Abyss was famed for being difficult.

"As expected of a person who is able to create a new level. I can see your bloodline has just reached rank eight and you are able to fight me head on. You win my respect." Cohen looked up slightly and said, "As you desire, I have told you my identity. You know my name. Now, even if I kill you, you should have no regrets."

As he spoke, Cohen's wings slowly secreted sticky purple fluid.

The fluid was like dirty purple blood. At first appearance, it gave off a noxious odor.

"Oh? It's started?" Suddenly, another voice came from the distance. "I clearly left my name in the abyss passageway, but someone still dared to come. It appears someone is not afraid of dying."

A high rank Abyss Devil, dressed finely and with a face full of Abyss Devil patterns, walked through the air.

Behind him were Abyss Devils in heavy purple-black armor that covered all but their bloodthirsty eyes.

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