Chapter 1430: Outsider

Chapter 1430: Outsider

Near the Origin Sea, Qin Lie moved in the Abyss Devil body to familiarize himself with the new style of combat.

During this time, demon insects and newborn little Abyss Devils came out of the Origin Sea.

Upon awakening the slightest bit of intelligence, the creatures would leave the Origin Sea and eat the energy-filled plants around.

As Qin Lie familiarized himself with his body, he could frequently see newborn beings fighting wildly.

The Abyss Devil that won would eat the loser, and use the other's body as food strengthen their own bloodline.

He could see some lifeforms seemingly develop into low rank Abyss Devils after winning numerous fights.

Survival of the fittest. The bloodiest rule of the Abyss was laid clear in front of him..

He saw those basic lifeforms fighting for their lives the moment they came to life.

Many Abyss Devils who just developed basic intelligence were targeted by stronger Abyss Devils just after leaving the Origin Sea, and were completely consumed.

More powerful Abyss Devils looked down on the newborn demon insects and went outwards to search for stronger prey.

As the creator of the Flaming Sun Abyss, he could feel the small Abyss Devils were like him. Even if they did nothing, they could replenish their bloodline power through the abyss devil energy.

He had a direct understanding of the birth of the Abyss Devil Race, their bloodline evolution method, and their bloody growth.

He finally understood why the Abyss Devils were one of the four transcendent bloodline races.

A race that fought from birth, was challenged at every instant, with death looming over them at every step was sure to become strong.

A little Abyss Devil looking like a bat flapped its wings as it came from afar.


A ray of light suddenly penetrated the little Abyss Devil.

In the next moment, a high rank Abyss Devil, tall and dressed in refined Abyss Devil armor, appeared in the distant sky.

"Whoosh woosh!"

He had an enormous pair of Abyss Devil wings on his back that suddenly spread.

From the appearnce, the wings of this high rank Abyss Devil were very similar to the little Abyss Devil who had just died.

"Strange, Abyss Devils that are just born and possess a pair of wings similar to mine should not have a bloodline rank so high," he muttered.

He grabbed. That little Abyss Devil corpse from the Flaming Sun Abyss flew into his hands before falling to the ground.

Devil blood flowed out of the corpse. He touched it with a fingertip.

Light flashed from his fingertip.

He analyzed the blood. After a while, he frowned and said in shock, "Very similar to my race's blood..."

"Whoosh whoosh!"

He flapped his Abyss Devil wings like an enormous bat and headed towards the Origin Sea.

"Not long ago, I killed someone like you. That person had rank nine bloodline and was near the black hole towards Spirit Realm..."

At this time, a disdainful laugh came from the dense Abyss plants below.

The bat-like high rank Abyss Devil suddenly looked down and then grinned. "The creator of the Flaming Sun Abyss?"

Qin Lie raised his head from the enormous Abyss plants and grinned as well. He said, "How did you know?"

"You might not know, but each Abyss Creator will give off clear presence." He flapped his wings and slowly descended. "That presence is the same as the scent the level gives off, the same as the Abyss. It will only occur on the creator. Each outsider who steps into this level will know from your presence."

Qin Lie stilled, nodded and said, "Is this so that you can kill me?"

"Yes." The Abyss Devil laughed. "Each Abyss Creator needs to accept challenges when the new Abyss level forms. This is an ancient rule of the Abyss. Only those who survive the challenge can become the Abyss Creator..."

He shook his head and said, "Right now, you are not a true creator."

"Because you can kill me, eat my heart, and replace me?" Qin Lie asked curiously.

"According to the information I obtained, it should be so." The high rank Abyss Devil snickered and said, "However, you seem to be the only rank eight Abyss Creator. Before you, no other rank eight Abyss Devil managed to turn an Origin World into a new Abyss level."

He paused and said, "I am not sure if I can replace you as the new master of the Flaming Sun Abyss after eating your heart, but I am sure that eating your heart will not be detrimental to me."

As he spoke, he said uncaringly, "The Abyss Devil you killed near that black hole should have been my uncle. I don't know how you killed him but I believe you did not use your own power."

"So confident?" Qin Lie was surprised.

"Alright, words stop here." He licked the corners of his lips. His deep purple eyes showing bloodthirst.

His wide wings suddenly cracked, its primaries releasing sharp bone blades.

The abyss devil energy formed streams that flooded into the Abyss Devil’s wings, causing them to grow to three times their original size.

The person's forehead was now adorned by two black horns.

Qin Lie looked at him, rubbed his chin and said curiously, "Where did you come from?"

"You have no need to know." The Abyss Devil who activated his bloodline power said.

Qin Lie could see the high rank Abyss Devil in front of him had completed devilization and the bone blades from his wings were as sharp as the spikes on his elbows.

The reason he asked this person's identity was he thought of another matter—one of the five Demon Gods of the Nether Realm.

Many years ago, he accidentally entered Nether Realm, and in the Horned Demon Race's Demon God Mountain Range, he saw a Demon God statue.

The statue had wings on his back and curved horns. It depicted one of the five Demon Gods of Nether Realm.

Gao Yu's Ogre-faced Rings were related to that Demon God. Subsequently, Gao Yu had used his status as the Son of the Demon God to obtain his inheritance.

By now, he knew that the bloodline relationship between the races of Nether Realm and the Abyss. He knew that the bloodline source of that Demon God should be a powerful Abyss Devil.

When he and the members of the Blaze Family had gone from the abyss passageway to the Darkness Abyss, he had seen a similar Abyss Devil.

The Abyss Devil in front of him now had a similar pair of wings and curved horns like the Demon God of the Demon God Mountain Range.

He was sure that the bloodline source of this Abyss Devil and that Demon God was the same.

"Whoosh whoosh whoosh!"

As he was lost in his thoughts, the high rank Abyss Devil charged at him.

TThe thick black energy spread, and the wings of the high rank Abyss Devils suddenly let out an ear-piercing shriek.

The shriek seemed to stab into his mind.

His armor which covered his body seemed to not have any immunity against the sound at all.

In an instant, blood came out of his ears.

The threads of blood moved through his flesh. Blade-like bloodline power entered his body through the sound and started to destroy his body.

He was immediately wounded.

But in an instant, he adjusted to the pain in his body and used his bloodline to fight.

Threads of purple light flew out of his second heart and immediately engaged the invading bloody threads.

He channeled bloodline power to his eardrums to form layers of purple light.

He used bloodline power to block the sound from entering his body.

Everything happened in a flash. When he finished resisting the sound, the high rank Abyss Devil was flapping his saw-like wings and cutting towards his waist.

"I told you you have no need to know where I come from," the outsider roared.

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