Chapter 1429: Devil Body

Chapter 1429: Devil Body

Origin Sea.

Qin Lie, wrapped in layers of deep purple light, was naked, his clothing having burned down.

Threads of deep purple light that seeped into the purple shield from the Origin Sea burrowed into his body like nimble purple snakes.

Within the purple shield, Qin Lie's naked body curled as though he was experiencing great pain.

Not long later, he could no longer suppress his screams, the maddened howls coming from the light shield.

Threads of purple light seemed to swim under his skin like earthworms.

His human fleshly body became a terrifying sight to behold, squirming and twisting, as if several monsters were moving through his flesh.

His wails became even louder.

Sticky liquid seeped out of his skin and covered his body.

Soon after, it became a purple-black armor.

The armor covered even his face, causing his facial features to change dramatically.

But the transformation didn’t stop, even more purple light flooding his body.

After a while, his body produce strange spikes.

Those spikes flashed with black light and appeared extremely sharp.

Next, his elbows and knees became sharp-edged spikes.

Finally, his two hands’ nails were reinforced and lengthened, resembling sharp swords.

Advanced devilization...

After sinking into the Origin Sea, he absorbed the abyss devil energy into his body, his Abyss Devil Race bloodline causing dramatic changes to occur.

The process continued for a long time.

Suddenly, when the abyss devil energy flooding his body almost reached the point of eruption, the devilization of his body stopped, and the purple light stopped entering his body.

His mind shifted. He suddenly flew out of the Origin Sea and floated about the surface.

He inhaled deeply. He saw the abyss devil energy around him enter his body with his breath.

At the same time, his Abyss Devil heart started to beat wildly.

Ancient characters of the Abyss flew out of the deep purple bloodline crystal chains and imprinted themselves on his mind and bloodline.

Rank eight bloodline latent ability—devil devouring!

After advanced devilization, a new bloodline latent ability awakened from his Abyss Devil Race bloodline.


He roared furiously, the sound waves rippling outwards.

Waves rose on the Origin Sea due to his shout.

After venting, he calmed slightly and looked at his body after devilization.

Compared to before, he had grown almost a meter taller, becoming as tall as high rank Abyss Devils at three meters.

His naked body was covered in a hard layer of purple-black armor. The armor that stuck to his skin seemed to have subdued golden patterns.

His thoughts changed and he suddenly thought the purple-black armor seemed to have a special connection with his previous bloodline latent ability—Golden Armor.

He casually took out a sword that an artificer of the Flaming Sun Island had made and stabbed his arm.


A clear metallic sound came from the arm. That Heaven Grade Two sword did not split his arm, and the blade almost cracked.

His eyes lit up.

A Heaven Grade sword was a relatively good artifact by the standards of Spirit Realm.

He was unharmed when a spirit artifact of this rank stabbed his arm, even when he was deliberately not using his bloodline power to defend.

The hardness of the armor caused his expression to turn to shock and joy.

He then continued to examined his body.

There were spikes on his shoulder, and also on his elbows and knees.

Even his fingers, after advanced devilization, became ten narrow swords.

Adding on his purple eyes and hair, his body that was a meter taller, and the thick Abyss Devil aura he was giving off, he was practically a combat type high rank Abyss Devil.

He used the sharp spikes on his elbows to cut at the Heaven Grade sword. The spirit artifact shattered into splinters.

He suddenly laughed.

"As expected of what is considered the strongest body of the transcendent bloodline races!" He couldn't help but praise.

The Abyss Devil Race boasted the strongest fleshly bodies out of all major races of the universe.

Even the God Race, which was famed for their physical strength, were inferior to Abyss Devils when it came to refining their fleshly bodies.

The Spirit Race could not compare to the God Race, let alone the Abyss Devils.

And the Soul Race was famed for having no body to speak of, only cultivating the soul.

Due to this, the Abyss Devils’ bodies were famed among the four transcendent bloodline races.

After he activated the Abyss Devil Race bloodline of his second heart and started the advanced devilization using the Origin Sea, his body was reborn anew.

After refinement, his Abyss Devil Race bloodline gained a new ability—devilization.

This was similar to the bloodline latent ability of the God Race—transformation.

He attempted to retract his Abyss Devil Race bloodline.

"Crack crack crack!"

The bones in his body gave off pops. Accompanied by stabbing pain in his flesh and bones, his stretched body shrank back.

The spikes coming out of his arms, elbows, and knees retracted back into his body.

His fingernails also moved back into his flesh.

His eyes and hair turned back to normal after he pulled back in his Abyss Devil Race bloodline.

The hard armor stuck to his skin mysteriously melted and seeped into his skin as liquid.

Seconds later, he recovered his original appearance. Black hair, black eyes, a normal body.

At this time, he did not look any different than before the advanced devilization.

His Abyss Devil Race bloodline was no longer restless.

His presence was ordinary. He looked like an ordinary human.

He waved his arms, exercising his joints and found this was the body he was familiar with.

"This is the Flaming Sun Abyss, and I... am its creator. Maybe I should attempt devilization."

After a while, he grinned, and activated his Abyss Devil Race bloodline again.

"Crack crack crack!"

As his bones popped, and he felt a great pain, his body grew taller and changed again.

Seconds later, he once again finished his devilization and became a high rank Abyss Devil.

It took about fifteen seconds to go from human to Abyss Devil, but thirty five seconds from Abyss Devil to human.

After devilization, his body was a meter taller. He had spikes on his shoulders, elbows, and knees. His fingernails were sharp blades.

This body was even more strange and vicious than his body after God Race’s transformation. He was not used to it.

If he wasn't careful, he could hurt himself with the sharp blades and spikes on his body.

He stood for a while in the sky about the Origin Sea before suddenly spinning and moving.

He went into several combat positions and attempted to familiarize himself with his Abyss Devil body.

He did not worry about the outsider coming to the Origin Sea.

Time passed. He flew from above the Origin Sea to the surroundings, attempting to master all the new fighting styles and comprehend the secrets of his new body.

After a while he found that in the devilization state, his Abyss Devil Race bloodline was unusually lively. He could freely absorb abyss devil energy at any time.

The abyss devil energy around the Origin Sea was always very dense. Whenever he was tired, he could just stay there and see the abyss devil energy burrowing into his body.

This energy would then become power that would bolster his Abyss Devil Race bloodline, and replenish the power he had used.

This process was like when he used the spirit sea in his dantian to absorb the spirit energy of the world in Spirit Realm.

However, the abyss devil energy did not gather in his spirit sea, but entered his Abyss Devil Race bloodline.

Actually, he didn’t even need to absorb it. His body would soak it up on its own.

This meant, after devilization, if he was in a place filled with abyss devil energy, he could increase his power even while sleeping or eating.

He suddenly understood why the Abyss Devils were so strong.

Each Abyss Devil, starting from birth, would be constantly absorbing abyss devil energy to increase their bloodline power all the time.

The human race, and the other races in Spirit Realm who used spirit energy to grow strong, needed to find a way to first absorb spirit energy—through cultivating spirit arts.

After obtaining that method, they needed to spend large amounts of time to focus and gather the spirit energy to cultivate.

Their efficiency could not compare to the Abyss Devils.

Also, compared to the races of Spirit Realm, the Abyss Devils were born stronger.

Not long after their birth, they had to adjust to the cruel and bloody environment of the Abyss. They needed to constantly fight, and use those battles to refine their bodies and strengthen their bloodlines.

They were born for battle.

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