Chapter 1427: A Disaster Again

Chapter 1427: A Disaster Again

"What is going on? Why is this world turning hot?"

Oktan of the Satorius Family near the abyss passageway suddenly stopped in puzzlement.

"It seems you also feel it," Thamur said gravely.

He was next to Oktan, and looked like a high rank Abyss Devil with purple hair and purple eyes.

This was an Abyss Devil body he had just taken over.

The majority of Soul Race clansmen would choose a Soul Beast as their main physical body.

But Thamur was different.

He liked to be free. He would choose a physical body suited to whichever realm he was active in.

Right after entering the Flaming Sun Abyss, he took over a high rank Abyss Devil.

Unlike the other Abyss Devils, he and Oktan quickly got their bearings after coming through the abyss passageway and headed straight for the Origin Sea.

They had come to the Origin World before, fought in here for a while, and almost died here.

They were more familiar with the Origin World which had transformed into the Flaming Sun Abyss.

"I am a Spirit Race clansman, and you... are from the Soul Race. After you and I kill Qin Lie, can either of us really become the Abyss Creator of the Flaming Sun Abyss?" Oktan suddenly started to doubt.

Thamur snickered and said, "Qin Lie is not an Abyss Devil either."

Hearing these words, Oktan stilled and said in puzzlement," But the Origin World has already changed into the Flaming Sun Abyss. Since he is not an Abyss Devil, how could he make the Origin World transform?"

"He could do it, so can we. Do not forget what opportunity we once obtained," Thamur said gravely.

Oktan heard his words, nodded, and his gaze focused.

The two spoke no more. As the other Abyss Devils moved like headless flies, they got closer to the Origin Sea.

Over time, they could feel the Flaming Sun Abyss grow hotter, and discovered they understood this world less and less.

The world which had been shrouded by eternal darkness now was filled with light. Their soul consciousness which could not stretch back then could inspect their surroundings perfectly. The abyss devil energy filled every corner of the world...

They found it increasingly unfamiliar.


A high rank Abyss Devil in grand clothing and refined patterns on his face inhaled deeply.

"Such pure abyss devil energy." He couldn't help but praise. He said, "This is a new world, it should belong to me and change based on my bloodline."

Behind him were a dozen Abyss Devils wearing heavy armor, only their purple eyes visible from under it.

Their eyes shone with savage and bloodthirsty like like mad beasts.

A nauseating bloody presence came from these Abyss Devils. The strange bloody tang seemed to be absorbing the abyss devil energy of the Flaming Sun Abyss and caused the patterns on their armor to grow brighter.

There were a dozen Abyss Devils laying around them, all of them with rank eight bloodlines.

There were also several high rank Abyss Devils, their grand and noble outfits covered in blood.

They were looking with terror at the Abyss Devil with the strange patterns on his face. They unconsciously retreated.

"Eight Purgatories! The Abyss Devils of the Sacrificial Ghost Purgatory!"

"He is the son of the Sacrificial Ghost Monarch!"

"He came to the Flaming Sun Abyss!"

The Abyss Devils that were retreating clearly recognized the identity of the high rank Abyss Devil with the patterns on his face. They seemed to know they were not a match and were retreating in the direction of the abyss passageway.

They clearly were preparing to leave the battle over the Flaming Sun Abyss.

"Kill them, and pile their corpses by the abyss passageway." The high rank Abyss Devil from the Sacrificial Ghost Purgatory snickered and said, "Use their blood to leave my name and tell all newcomers I am in the Flaming Sun Abyss."

The rank eight Abyss Devils who were clearly his subordinates roared and charged towards the fleeing Abyss Devils.

They were like purple whirlpools that drowned the escapees and quickly killed them.

After a while, a pile of corpses of Abyss Devils and some other foreign races appeared by the abyss passageway entrance.

A small text was written in the blood of the Abyss Devils in front of the pile of corpses.

After doing all this, the high rank Abyss Devil with a pattern on his face led his subordinates to leave the abyss passageway.

After they left, new rank eight Abyss Devils continued to arrive.

The newcomers saw the piles of corpses upon arrival.

Their attention was drawn to the bloody text in front.

Most of the Abyss Devils stared at the text for a while before leaving dispiritedly.

They seemed to know they would not get anything in the Flaming Sun Abyss. Since they were warned, if they dared to stay, they would be abandoning their lives.

For every ten Abyss Devils that entered, nine would turn back upon seeing the pile of corpses and the text beneath.

Only a few people chose to ignore the warning and entered the Flaming Sun Abyss.


A figure appeared from the abyss passageway.

When she appeared in the Flaming Sun Abyss, Qin Lie, who was in the Origin Sea, and felt the changes in the world with his soul was startled awake.


Qin Lie stilled, and instinctively sent a thread of his soul consciousness towards the abyss passageway.

Just as his soul consciousness was about to arrive, another figure appeared from the abyss passageway.

That was another Spirit Race female.

"Ah, Little Sister Indigo, you came here again," the beautiful Spirit Race woman giggled and said, "You want to fight for the Origin Crystal again?"

"No, I only know that Oktan has returned. I came back to kill Oktan." Indigo's expression was aloof. She suddenly said, "Sister Betty, did you come for me? You and Oktan are both Spirit Seeds of this generation. You both have three bloodline attributes. After Oktan's failure, do you... also want to try?"

The beautiful Spirit Race woman in front of her was also a Spirit Seed like Oktan. If not for Indigo's appearance, she and Oktan would be the next leaders of the Spirit Race.

Not long ago, Oktan sneaked to the Origin World attempting to kill Indigo. But he failed, and the Satorius Family suffered with him.

This meant that Oktan lost the right to compete.

The next Spirit Race leader could only be one of the two females. Indigo held an absolute advantage.

Only after Indigo’s death would Betty have chance to become the matriarch.

"I have no interest in becoming the leader." Betty shook her head and said, "I came for that Qin Lie."

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